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Dominique Weasley isn't the typical Weasley. She hates her family, breaks the rules, gets into trouble and doesn't care of the outcomes. What happens when she gets kicked out of Beauxbatons and forced to attend Hogwarts? What happens when she learns the brother she despises, needs her help? What happens when the rebel-Weasley, meets the rebel-Malfoy? This is the story about Dominique Weasley Néé Delacour.


9. Chapter 9

Disclaimer - I do not own Harry Potter


Scorpius went to meet his father, but I didn't see him after that, or Rose or Albus so I couldn't ask them about it. I was too busy trying to avoid my Dad and sister, which wasn't easy considering our house was tiny, but it happened. I only had to do it for a day because we were going to school on the third, so staying in my bedroom for a day was bearable.

What wasn't bearable was telling Louis I didn't want to practice with him because it was both Dad and Victoire's day off and they'd decided to sit in the living room all day. Of course I didn't tell Louis this, I just told him I didn't want to.

I felt so guilty when I heard him play off-key all morning.

If I wasn't so bloody hungry, I wouldn't have went downstairs fur lunch, but after skipping breakfast because Mum had to leave early. Stupid Weasley appetite rules over everything else. When I walked into the kitchen, Victoire and Dad both stopped talking and Louis never looked up from his piano book.

"We didn't know whether you were eating with us or not, it's on the side." Dad told me with a small smile when I went to sit down, I didn't say anything just nodded once and got my plate, sat back at the table and started to eat.

"Dom? Please just give me one more lesson? I'm sure I -" Louis started begging before Victoire interrupted him.

"Louis, I used to play, I'll teach you if you like." She offered, I never looked up from my plate but I knew she was staring at me.

"Victoire, you haven't played since you were twelve. Besides Dominique is the best player ever, please? Just for an hour? I'll do your homework for you!" He offered me desperately. I didn't look up from my plate though and just shook my head.

"Louis, she doesn't want too. So," Dad cleared his throat and shut Louis up. "What are you doing up there Dominique? Haven't heard a peep all morning, except when you went in the shower. Almost got worried." He tried to make a joke, I was finished with my food so I took it to the sink and walked out, not even thinking of answering him.

I was just doing mindless things to pass the time, re-packing my trunk, skimming through some text books, I even completely emptied the box of belongings Grandfather sent from France. I was looking at some old photographs of me and my old friends when I heard somebody clear their throat at the top of my staircase.

"What do you want?" I snapped at Dad.

"To talk to my daughter." He sighed.

"Well she's downstairs." I shrugged, turning my back on him and throwing the photographs into a draw and slamming it shut. I didn't want to look at him so I opened my wardrobe doors and tried to find something to wear for tomorrow.

"I also have another one up here, segregating herself away from her family. You do realise you aren't going to see us until April, that's if you come home for Easter?" He asked me, sitting on my bed. I had half a mind to tell him what happened in that bed just two nights ago.

"You do realise that one, I don't care and two, I've went years without seeing you and still not cared." I shrugged, looking at his reflection in the mirror. He just nodded his head and looked around my room.

"It's changed, I remember when you begged me to charm the ponies to run around your walls. You cried when I said no." He laughed.

"No, that was Victoire who wanted damn ponies. I wanted clowns." I corrected him. "But I stole your wand and changed them to clowns anyway." I shrugged, holding a pink shirt up against me before throwing it on the floor.

"Ah, I remember now. It's hard to keep track sometimes, goodness knows how my parents managed with seven." He chuckled with a shake of his head. I didn't laugh or even smile at him, I just picked something else from the wardrobe.

"Why don't you ask Victoire for her opinion? I'm sure she'd love to help you." Dad suggested.

"I'd rather walk the halls of Hogwarts naked than get holier than thou's opinion." I snapped, not caring if he was making an effort to talk to me. I'm allowed to be snappy after what he did.

"Look, what do you want? You think you can come up here start a conversation and I'll be Daddy's Little Girl again? Think a little laughter about something Victoire did as a child will make everything better?" I yelled, sick of him being in my room. "Well it won't, you can't take back what you said!" I shouted, without giving him a chance to defend himself.

"I know I can't and you have no idea how much I regret it -" Dad started before I shrugged and turned my back on him.

"No I don't because you haven't even apologized. Just get out and leave me alone." I told him coldly, glaring at his reflection through the mirror again.

"I'm sorry. I am so sorry." He told me in a strong voice. I just glared at him again.

"Get. Out." I repeated slowly and quietly, trying really hard to control my temper.

"I love you Dominique." He sighed, he paused when he reached the staircase and turned to look at me. I just stared at his reflection until he finally left my room.


The legendary Platform Nine and Three Quarters isn't as magnificent as people described. A train? Really, the founders of Hogwarts couldn't think of a better, more magical method of getting their students to school than a train ride which took all damn day? What about the students who actually live in Scotland? Or Hogsmeade? Wouldn't it be a whole lot easier for people to make their own way to the school and have a pick-up service for the Muggle-borns? Beauxbatons did.

I'm not even in the bloody school yet and I already hate it.

"I miss France." I sighed, coughing at the smoke the bloody train was suffocating everybody with.

"Are you riding the train?" Lily asked me. Another downside about having a bloody train station, all the Weasley's and Potter's decided to stand together.

"No, I have to be escorted on to the premises." I shrugged. "Which reminds me, why on earth am I here? I'll see this lot every damn day, I don't need to stay at home. I could still be in bed." I asked Mum who just rolled her eyes. She dragged me from bed this morning just so I could wave Louis and my cousins off.

"Stop complaining Dominique. You'll enjoy the train to and from school." Aunt Audrey promised me with a smile.

I was saved from having to answer the dullest woman in my family by the train whistling. The parents started pushing their children on to the train before it took off.

"Can we go now?" I turned to Mum who shook her head and waved to Louis.

They stood there waving like lunatics until the train was out of sight, I was stood at the back of the group extremely bored.

"Would anybody like to come for a coffee? Mum and Charlie are already at my house" Aunt Ginny offered; Mum, Dad, Aunt Angelina, Uncle George, and Aunt Audrey nodded as the others shook their heads and returned to work. Mum took my hand and apparated me to Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny's house, Phoenix Cottage.

"We have to be at Hogwarts for two o'clock." Dad reminded Mum when we walking in the back door to the kitchen.

"Er, we? You aren't coming!" That was the first thing I'd said to Dad since yesterday afternoon.

"Darling, I have to go. You're mother and I both need to sign forms." Dad told me gently, his attitude towards me had completely changed, he even smiled at me now. I scowled and practically threw myself into a chair, between Uncle George and Uncle Charlie.

"So how is that going to work? Her getting sorted I mean?" Uncle George asked my parents who shrugged. "I don't ever recall of getting a new student halfway through the year."

"Because it's never happened before. Normally when students get expelled they either get their wands snapped in half or their parents home-school them." Dad shrugged, I bit my lip to keep myself from making another sarcastic comment.

The next couple of hours were like that, except when Uncle Harry and Uncle Ron came home on their lunch break. I sat in silence, imagining what my old friends would be up to now.

No doubt they'd be walking the grounds, waiting until it's dark before they could sneak off and go find a party or break into a shop to steal some alcohol. Then towards midnight or the early hours of the morning they'd sneak back onto campus and steal foods from the kitchens before crashing out for the rest of the night and the majority of the next day, not bothering to turn up to their lessons. I wonder if they miss me, not a single one of them has wrote to me and it's been nearly three weeks since the incident.

Three weeks feels like a lifetime. I've never gone three weeks without hearing from any of my friends before, certainly not Charlotte.

Charlotte Parker, my all time best friend. Or partner in crime as some of the teachers in school used to call us. We shared a dormitory for five and a half years and never separated, if one of us skived of lessons the other did, if she got detention, I tagged along. If I went on a date, she went to the same place with a date of her own. I never got a chance to see her after what happened, I got escorted into a segregated dormitory, far away from everybody else and had my meals brought to me by an house-elf, who also brought me all of my belongings in school. I had a private bathroom in there so I couldn't leave at all, apart to go to the Headmistresses office whenever I needed to be questioned, even then I was took by a teacher during lesson time. I never saw any of my friends, apart from Miquel at our Grandparents house, I told him what his best friend did but he refused to believe me.

Maybe Charlotte would?

"Aunt Ginny? Could I borrow some parchment and a quill?" I asked my Aunt politely who nodded and pointed to a draw behind me. I went to go sit in the sitting room, away from nosey relatives.

It took me several tries to get the letter out but by the time my Mum shouted be to go, I'd finished.

Dear Lottie,

I'm sorry. I'm sorry it's taken this long to write to you, but during school I wasn't allowed contact with anybody but that stupid elf and the teachers and once I got to my Grandparents' I barely had time to speak to Miquel before Grandfather took me to England. Even here I've not had time for anything, I've already had several huge arguments with my Dad. Good to be back, not!

I miss you, I miss all of you, but I can't believe I'm not going to be in the same school as you anymore. I suppose I'll be sharing a dorm with strangers now, or Rose if I'm put into her house, it won't be the same though Lottie.

How's Maggie? I hope she doesn't stay with him after everything, please tell me she saw sense and dumped him? If he was going to do it with me he'd do it with anybody! If she hasn't you have to help her Lottie! Peter is dangerous! Please help her, for me?

Look, I have a feeling that everybody, like my own fucking cousin, believes Peter and his version - where he knocked me back? Please come on - I just hope you realise that you've known me longer and better than anybody else in that place and I will admit we were going to sleep together, but I KNOCKED HIM BACK I SWEAR TO YOU, and it was him that turned violent, not me. I was telling the truth when I said I was defending myself. You have to believe me Lottie, we're best friends.

I have to go, my mother and father are taking me to enroll at Hogwarts with the rest of my stupid family. I love you Lottie, please believe me?


P.S. - I don't really know how long this will take but if I were you I'd warn your owl that I'm in Scotland now.

I was happy with what I wrote, I only hope Charlotte was too.


Hogwarts was pretty impressive I forced myself to admit, it was massive, twice the size of Beauxbatons but nowhere near as beautiful or elegant. Since my father used to go here, he led us through the grounds and up to the castle, my luggage floating in front of him.

The inside of the castle was just as impressive, with plenty of portraits, dozens of staircases and even ghosts floating about. Beauxbatons never had ghosts.

"Mr. Weasley, Mrs. Weasley." An old man welcomed us in the entrance hall, he looked like a miserable old man and never smiled just snarled and muttered about 'another student coming'

"Mr. Filch, this is my daughter Dominique. What shall we do with her luggage?" Dad asked Filch who just sighed and glared at my trunk and bags.

"Leave it there, I'll see to it with the others when the rest of the monsters arrive." He growled. "Follow me."

Dad nodded, took Mum's hand and followed after him, considering he looked so old he could move quite fast. I followed after my parents, not wanting to get lost just yet.

I saw a couple of students, all clearly either my age or a couple of years younger, no first year in sight, walk around the castle; they frowned, whispered and pointed when they saw my plain black uniform, no House colors just yet.

"Tartan." Filch barked at a statue, I was about to ask if he was feeling alright when the statue moved and revealed a spiraling staircase. Dad and Mum never looked surprised and just walked up the staircase as if it had always been there. Dad knocked on a door when the staircase stopped and we'd all stepped off it, the door opened itself and revealed a magnificent room. It was lined with portraits of old wizards and witches, who were all sat looking alert. Albus told me about these, all the old Head's who liked to listen in and occasionally scold a student. I saw quite a few of them glare at me when I walked past.

"Ah, Bill, Fleur! Glad to see you!" An old witch, severely old, exclaimed happily from behind a desk. Seven chairs were sat in front of the desk, four of them occupied.

"Headmistress McGonogall, thank you for doing this." Dad smiled and thanked her straight away. She just smiled and then turned to me, smile and positive attitude vanishing straight away. She looked stern and quite intimidating.

"Dominique? Sit girl." She barked at me, pointing to the chair right in the middle.

"Now, you need to be sorted into your house where you will spend the rest of the academic year and the one following that. These are the heads of houses; Professor Chang of Ravenclaw teaches Transfiguration, Professor Smail of Slytherin teaches Potions, Professor Longbottom of Gryffindor teaches Herbology and Professor Picton of Hufflepuff teaches Muggle Studies." She pointed to each Professor who smiled or nodded at me, Longbottom looked really familiar. I realised after a few seconds, Lily's godfather and friend of the family, he was even at the party a few days ago. Smail was looking me up and down, already looking for things to judge me on.

"Professor Chang is also the Deputy Head." McGonogall continued. She waved her wand and a battered old hat came flying down from a shelf.

"You need to put this hat on your head to be sorted." She told me, handing the hat out to me. Everybody was watching me eagerly but I ignored me and took the hat, sliding it on to my head.

"This is earlier than usual. Hmm, I see why now. Another Weasley? Wait -, there's something about you that's different. Not different like your brother and sister, oh no you're more like them than you care to think, not just physically, but you girl could easily fit into all houses." The hat spoke into my ear, making me jump a little bit. "You're witty, smart, everything Ravenclaw asks for yet you can be fair and loyal too, so Hufflepuff could house you. No, you're not a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff. You're very cunning and devious aren't you? Certainly not afraid of much. It's obvious you're brave, but that could suit you well in Slytherin and Gryffindor." It was starting to annoy me now, if it didn't hurry up and choose I'd end up throwing the damn thing into the fireplace.

"You would too. I'm finished; you're smart yet loyal to those who deserve it, cunning and devious yet not very ambitious, you're brave and resourceful and severely protective. There's only one place to put you naturally it's; GRYFFINDOR!"

I felt the hat being slid of my head, Professor Chang was smiling kindly as she handed it back to McGonogall. Longbottom was smiling at me as where both my parents.

"Congratulations Miss. Weasley; you're joining your cousins in Gryffindor." McGonogall nodded once, she started scribbling on some parchment while Chang, Smail and Picton left the office.

"Neville, can you fill her in on the basics while Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and I fill in the paperwork?" McGonogall asked, Longbottom nodded and leaned in close to me.

"Like the Headmistress told you; I'm your Head of House, I'll be monitoring your behavior, making sure you attend all lessons and complete all work and just basically babysit you until you're trial is up." He told me honestly.

"What trial?" I asked him.

"You're on a two month trial here, if you're behavior has improved and we're happy with you, then you become a student. Moving on, Gryffindor has the head boy and girl, you're cousin Molly and my eldest son Harrison, the sixth year Prefects are your cousin Rose and Scorpius Malfoy as you know, the fifth year ones are Afia Thomas and David Peterson, I'll take you to the common room when we're finished but the password is 'Oakdale' and will be until probably the next half-term, don't worry a House prefect will tell you." He rambled on and on about all things Gryffindor for several minutes, not really caring what he was saying.

I'm a Gryffindor. Just like Rose, Albus, Molly, Fred, James, Lily, Lucy, Roxanne, my Dad. My Uncles. Scorpius.

Not like Victoire or Louis. It was no secret my Dad hoped his children would be Gryffindor's like he was, and it wasn't that he was disappointed when Victoire wrote home to say she was a Hufflepuff, but he did take a lot of time to come round to that fact and I wasn't there when Louis got sorted and only found out what house he was in not that long ago. I sneaked a glance at Dad and saw him smiling broadly as he read over a piece of parchment that McGonogall gave him; I bet he never smiled that much when Victoire told him she was a bloody badger lover.

"Dominique? Are you alright?" Mum asked me, bringing me back down to reality.

"I'm a Gryffindor." I muttered, smiling a little bit.

"Yes you are, now sorry to rain on your parade Miss. Weasley, but we need your signature." McGonogall told me, sliding a pile of parchment towards me. Paperwork, perfect.

"Right, well Professors Longbottom and Chang will be keeping an eye on you to make sure that the past five years at Beauxbatons are not repeated at this school, we are not as tolerant as your old school Miss. Weasley and as Professor Longbottom told you, you are on a trial basis here. You have three strikes, use them up and you're out." She warned me when I handed the signed parchment back over to her. "Do you understand?"

"Got three strikes and I'm out. I understand muggle metaphors." I smirked at the old witch who frowned and raised an eyebrow at me. "Ma'am." I added, raising my own eyebrow in a mocking way.

Hogwarts is going to be fun.

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