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Dominique Weasley isn't the typical Weasley. She hates her family, breaks the rules, gets into trouble and doesn't care of the outcomes. What happens when she gets kicked out of Beauxbatons and forced to attend Hogwarts? What happens when she learns the brother she despises, needs her help? What happens when the rebel-Weasley, meets the rebel-Malfoy? This is the story about Dominique Weasley Néé Delacour.


7. Chapter 7

Disclaimer - I do not own Harry Potter.


Louis and I spent nearly every minute of every day for the next five days at that piano, I knew the piece of by heart but it was difficult trying to break it down so Louis could learn it. I tried suggesting that he learn something else but he was adamant that this is the one he had to learn.

"If you teach me it, I'll let you play it at the wedding!" He laughed three days after we tried.

"Aiming high aren't we? You just aim for a snog and a grope firstly kid." I winked at him.

We didn't even bother getting dressed, we just sat there in our pyjama's playing the piano. I didn't have homework to do and he did his on the train home the geek, so we had nothing to stop us from playing. Mum and Dad both went back to their jobs after Boxing Day so they didn't really mind, they both must have been happy though because Dad normally hated it when we lounged about in pyjama's yet he never said anything, and Mum usually didn't allow food in the living room but when she came home on her lunch break to check on us the day after Boxing Day, meaning she wanted to check if we'd killed each other yet, and saw us eating Lunch at the piano, she didn't mind. I think she was just happy we were in the same room as each other.

Victoire didn't comment on it though, all she talked about when I was around her, which wasn't much, was about plans for her wedding. I never really paid much attention, and since it was only at Dinner when I saw her I just focused one eating my food in peace. The one day she was off work after Christmas, Louis and I still played the piano and when she asked if he wanted to do something with her, my invitation wasn't voiced, he just said; "I'm busy Vic. Maybe tomorrow or something." I had to go to the bathroom so I didn't laugh smugly in her face.

Rose, Albus and Scorpius came over one day, though Scorpius seemed like he'd been forced to come. They invited me to hang out with them, but I just told them I was busy with Louis.

"Scorpius likes you." Louis told me after they apparated away.

"What? No he doesn't, we're not even friends." I shook my head at him in disbelief.

"Yeah he does, he told Albus and James he thinks your hot." Louis told me honestly. "He told them yesterday, Lily over heard and she came over when you were in the shower last night." He told me when I raised an eyebrow.

"Alright Mr. Know-it-all, if he likes me then why didn't he speak to me? And call me a tramp?" I shot at Louis who rolled his eyes.

"Because you're with Lorcan? Who you kissed literally hours after meeting. It was pretty tramp-ish." Louis shrugged, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"How many times? Lorcan and I are not together. Besides, you can find somebody hot and not like them. He's hot but I don't like him." I pointed out, again Louis just rolled his eyes and shrugged.

"Then why are you blushing?" He muttered, smirking smugly.

"Stop talking and start playing Lover-Boy." I slapped him over the head, to which he just chuckled but started playing the damn piano.

He was wrong, for the first time in his stupid life, Scorpius did not like me and I did not like Scorpius. I don't like boys, the last one I liked was Pete and that worked out fantastic.


The day before New Year's eve, Mum didn't have to work so she took me shopping, with several other Aunts and cousins, Scorpius got dragged by Aunt Ginny with Albus and Lily too.

"I don't see why you have to by my robes for me Ginny. I can pay for them myself." Scorpius protested when old Madam Malkin was measuring him up for new school robes.

"Because I just am, now shut up moaning and stand still before I get Madam Malkin to sew your lips together." Aunt Ginny told him as she browsed the dress robes. "And don't pull faces behind my back, it's rude." She added, not even having to look behind her as Scorpius pulled a face.

"Do you have eyes in the back of your head or something?" Scorpius asked her, shocked that she found him.

"No, I just grew up with six brothers, brought up three boys and Lily and know you better than you know yourself." Aunt Ginny turned and winked at Scorpius.

"Well that and there's a mirror in front of her." I pointed out, nodding towards the mirror directly in front of where she was standing, showing Scorpius' reflection.

"Come on you, you're next." Madam Malkin barked at me, pointing to the podium Lucy had just jumped from. Apparently a growth spurt had hit most of the cousins because Lucy, Molly, Fred, Rose, Hugo, Lily and Albus all needed new robes fitted, only Roxanne, Louis and James hadn't grown at all and were lucky enough to be allowed to stay home.

"Which house are you in dear?" She asked me as she walked over to a rail of black robes, I saw robes with different colored details; green and silver, black and yellow, bronze and blue and red and gold. I hope I wouldn't have to wear the yellow or blue robes, I hate those colors.

"I haven't been sorted just yet." I looked at Mum who was talking to Aunt Angelina at the front of the store.

"I got kicked out of Beauxbatons." I told her with a sigh, I rolled my eyes when she gasped and nodded. She excused herself and went out to the back of the store.

"I bet you anything she's writing a list of all her valuables so she knows if I've stole anything." I whispered to Scorpius who chuckled.

"Cory?" I whispered again, checking to see if any other relatives were looking at us. "What exactly is it about me that you find hot?" I winked at him, smiling when he actually blushed.

"I am going to murder Lily in her sleep tonight." He hissed, glaring at the red-head who was begging her mother to buy her some new dress robes.

"Come on, tell me." I teased him. He blushed again and glared at Lily who didn't even realise. After a couple minutes of him thinking things over he finally looked away from my cousin.

"I like the way you act about everything. How you seem to be mature over everything, you knew you'd end up arguing and fighting with your family, so you left for a couple of hours. You went to go stand in the middle of a snowstorm to have a smoke so Albus and Rose didn't get cold. I also like how you don't give a fuck what anybody thinks, you're not the typical Weasley. That's hot." He told me seriously, I was only messing around. I wasn't expecting him to give me an answer like that. "Oh yeah, you've got an amazing body too, that little tattoo on the back of your shoulder? So hot." He added with a wink.

"But you're with Lorcan, so tattoo or not I'm not going to do anything." Scorpius shrugged before I had a chance to say anything.

"Whoa, for one; I am not 'with' Lorcan. We kissed a week ago, get over it. Two, if you mention that tattoo again I will rip your teeth out and three, who says I'd have let you do anything?" I raised my eyebrows at him, he couldn't answer me though because Madam Malkin came back with a pile of black robes for me to try on.

We kept looking at each other, trying to catch the other staring mainly, for the rest of the day. When we were in Uncle George's shop, taking advantage of his rule that family don't pay, somehow we ended up stood right beside each other.

"So you don't find me attractive?" He asked me quietly. His voice made me jump and I dropped the bottle of color changing ink I was holding. Luckily for me, he caught it before multi-colored ink splattered all over the pair of us.

"I never said that." I pointed out, not looking at him and focusing on the display in front of me.

"So you do find me attractive?" He grinned, standing so that he had his back to the display and was looking at me with that stupid smirk.

"I never said that." I repeated, turning round and walking over to the Pygmy Puff cages. I heard him following after me but I pretended not to care and picked a Pygmy up and started to stroke it.

"Do you find Lorcan attractive?" Scorpius asked me, stroking the Pygmy with a long finger.

"I suppose so yes. I think I might keep him." I grinned at the little ball of purple fur and tickled its stomach.

"Who? Lorcan or the thing?" Scorpius asked with a cocky look on his face to match his tone.

"Jealous?" I grinned at Scorpius, picking a smaller cage up and putting my new pet inside. "Come on buddy, let's get you some toys." I raised the cage up so it was in front of Scorpius' face and made sure I had eye contact with him through the bars of the cage. "Although we might need another shop for some toys." I winked, laughing inside when I saw Scorpius' smirk fall of his face.

"Seen anything you like kids?" Uncle George's voice boomed from behind Scorpius, making us both jump.

"These are so cute Uncle George! I want one!" I giggled as the Pygmy tickled the finger I poked through the cage bars.

"Take one; Lily, Lucy, Rosie and Molly have all had them and Roxanne has at least ten. Here, help yourself to food and toys for it." He told me, picking up a box from under the table. "New range of toys I've just produced." He winked at me before throwing the box, which I caught easily. I smiled in thanks for him and he nodded and walked away.

"Come on Little Cory, Big Cory's just standing around catching flies." I giggled to my new pet, which squealed and jumped when he heard his new name. Scorpius seemed to snap out of his train of thought because he followed after me.

"What did you mean? Different shop for different toys?" He whispered, leaning in close, pretending to take a look at Little Cory.

"Different shops sell different toys." I whispered back, getting right beside his ear so my breath would fan against it. "Like chains, whips. You know the things pets like to play with."

I pulled away and looked at his face, he had that stupid smirk on his face again.

"Don't get too excited will you? Little Cory would love to have something to play with." I winked, looking him up and down obviously. I'd leave him to work out which 'Little Cory' I was talking about.


"You're getting really good Louis. Only two mistakes that time." I grinned at Louis as we finished today's lesson. We weren't allowed to practice too long because we had to get ready for the party; Mum had been decorating the house all day, she even put up wards along the beach so that it would stay warm so people could go outside.

"Thanks." Louis smiled before he walked away quickly. "I call the shower first!" He grinned over his shoulder. I just shook my head at him and slammed the cover over the keys.

"That kid is so devious." I muttered to Mum when she walked in the living room. "Who's coming tonight? Anybody I know?" I asked her, following her into the kitchen where Victoire was sat making some food, as usual we ignored each other.

"Oh, well our work friends, Victoire's invited some work friends, some of Louis' friends from school are coming, the Longbottoms, Scamanders, I think Angelina invited the Woods, Percy has invited a few Ministry officials, help Fred and Molly make some contacts for when they leave this year." Mum counted off on her fingers.

"Mother? Isn't Aunt Gabby and Uncle John-Paul coming? They said they were." Victoire asked in an innocent tone. What a load of crap, I knew just as well as she did that she was stirring.

"Oh yes, Gabrielle and your cousins are coming. As for her husband I do not know." Mum hated John-Paul for reasons she wouldn't tell us, only her the Grandparents, Dad, Aunt Gabby and Uncle John-Paul knew but he wasn't very popular with the Grandparents either. It was probably because John-Paul was fifteen years older than Aunt Gabby.

"Miquel? He's coming here?" I asked Mum, hoping he'd stay home with Uncle John-Paul.

"Yes, and we know you two don't get on very well now -" Mum began to calm me down, but I blew up in her face.

"He hates me! He hates me for defending myself against him." I screamed, storming out of the kitchen and running upstairs. I didn't have a door so I couldn't slam it, I did however have several books and belongings scattered around my room, which I did slam around. Books got threw from my shelves, belongings got slammed against the walls, and for good measure I slammed my open window shut so forcefully, the glass wobbled a little bit.

"This party is going to be so much fun." I screamed at the top of my voice, so Victoire and Mum could hear me from three floors down.


This was the most boring party I've ever been too. Saying that, the majority of parties I've been to where more like backstreet raves, but this party was boring. The adults were talking business, work and bragging about how brilliant they're children were. The younger kids, Roxy and some of my parents' guests children, were playing on the beach. Louis and Lucy were sat with some of their friends looking bored. James, Molly and Fred were talking to people they're parents were introducing them too, making contacts for when they left school in June. I was sat in the living room with Albus, Rose, Scorpius, the Scamander twins and Lily. Lily was only there because Lysander was.

"This party is so boring, where's the music? Booze?" I sighed.

"We can go sneak some if you like?" Lorcan offered, nodding to Lysander who just rolled his eyes.

"My little sister is not getting drunk in the hands of her boyfriend. No, we'll drink when Lily goes to play with her friends." Albus snapped, glaring at where Lily sat on Lysanders lap.

"Oh Albus chill out, Lily's still a virgin." I muttered, rolling my eyes. Lily turned bright red and ran from the room, Lysander following her. "There, now we can drink." I grinned, Albus just shook his head while the other three laughed.

Scorpius and Rose ended up going to sneak some drinks from the kitchen, where Uncle Percy was trying to keep an eye on the underage kids from drinking.

"I just pointed out that since I'm of-age he legally can't stop me from doing anything." Scorpius grinned, handing glasses over and filling them with the clear liquid. "It's muggle-stuff, Teddy brought it.

We sat in the living room for the next hour, laughing and getting pretty drunk. Nobody came to check on us, not even Lysander and Lily came back, to which we teased Albus about. The party went downhill when the front door opened and several people walked in.

"Dominique! I hope you're not getting drunk?" Aunt Gabrielle's voice made me freeze, I was hoping she wouldn't be coming. "No hug for your Aunt?" She asked me when I just stared at her. I walked slowly over to her, looking at my cousin Miquel who was just a month older than me, over her shoulder.

"Where's your mother?" Aunt Gabrielle asked me, not noticing the stare off me and her son were having.

"She's in the back showing off air-head and Louis." I muttered, glaring at Miquel when he scowled at me. Aunt Gabrielle nodded and left the room, her husband following her. Miquel and his two sisters, Cleo and Vanessa who were Louis age, stayed behind.

"Dom! I've missed you!" Cleo grinned, rushing up to hug me. "School won't be the same without you!" She whispered in my ear, her English perfect.

"I've missed you too, and you Vannie." I grinned at her twin who smiled nervously.

"No welcome for me?" Miquel asked, raising his eyebrow.

"Miquel, good to see you. How've you been?" I asked him, wondering how long until he brought Peter up.

"Pretty good, considering." He shrugged, Cleo glared at him and Vanessa just looked at the floor.

"He deserved it you know. I told you what he did." I told him softly, forgetting that the others were in the room.

"No, he didn't deserve that. He was in hospital for Christmas you know, he might not be able to go to school for a couple of weeks -" Miquel sneered.

"Stop! I told you, you are the only person who knows what he did!" I snapped, I remembered the others were there and looked over my shoulder, Lorcan looked confused and the others looked worried.

"No! What I know is that you are a lying piece of scum who decided to shag her best friends boyfriend and then when he refused you beat the crap out of him. If you were a guy, you'd go to prison for that." He shouted, Albus and Scorpius came to stand by my sides, that seemed to shut him up.

"It wasn't like that." I shook my head, biting my lip so I didn't cry in frustration.

"Cleo, go get your mother and Aunt." Albus told Cleo who nodded and ran out of the room.

"Wasn't like what? You two were going at it, he changed his mind and you wouldn't take no for an answer? Come off it Dominique! That's exactly what it was like. You are just a common little tart" He spat at me. I didn't get a chance to answer because our parents burst into the room, Uncle Harry and Uncle Ron with them.

"What's going on?" Dad asked, before he finished his question though, I'd snapped and threw myself at my cousin.

"Dominique!" Dad shouted, Scorpius and Albus pulled me off Miquel before I could do anything other than claw at his face. "What happened?" He asked, closing the living room door so the guests didn't see or hear anything.

I didn't say anything, just pushed Al and Scorpius' hands away from me. Miquel had a scratch running down his face, which was bleeding slightly.

"Nothing Uncle, we were discussing mutual friends." He sneered at me, which made me want to jump at him again.

"They were talking about Peter." Cleo told my Dad. He looked at Mum who sighed and looked at Aunt Gabrielle.

"It was a mistake us coming, we should have stayed in France." Aunt Gabby sighed after looking at her husband briefly.

"No, it's New Years Eve, time to be with family. Dominique, apologize to your cousin." Dad tried telling me calmly.

"Excuse me?" I turned my glare to him now, Mum and the others looked at him too. "You want me to apologize to him?"

"Yes, you attacked him. You apologize. Now." He tried to sound strict, and if it was Victoire or Louis they'd probably be shaking in their shoes but I just snorted and laughed.

"Don't hold your breath Bill." I snapped at him throwing him a dirty glare.

"Look, no arguments; Dominique go outside and cool off. Miquel stay away from her; Vanessa, Cleo, Louis is down at the beach with Lucy and Lily go join them while I get your parents a drink." Mum stopped a huge argument from kicking off between Dad and I. I never said anything, just waited for Dad to leave the room. Once he did, Uncle John-Paul had to practically drag Miquel outside, the twins followed and after checking if their children were alright, Uncle Harry and Uncle Ron left too.

"I need a drink." I muttered, grabbing the bottle from out of Lorcan's hand and taking a big swig from it.


"Dominique, you should probably stop drinking now." Rose sighed as she sat on the grass beside me. It was nearly midnight and I was pretty drunk, which was the plan.

"I should." I agreed, draining my glass and standing up, which was a huge success, and staggering towards the house. "But I'm not." I called over my shoulder. I walked into the kitchen where several people where stood talking, they didn't notice me though.

"I must say Bill, this is a charming little home you have." An extremely old wizard complimented my Dad. I was about to add a sarcastic remark and humiliate Dad when what looked like his wife began talking.

"Such a charming place to bring up a family. You have children don't you?" She asked. I stood still and focused on Dad's answer.

"Yes I do. Victoire is my eldest, she works at St. Mungo's you know? Head girl and graduated in the top five percent of her year. There she is over there, talking with her groom-to-be, his godparents, godbrothers and sister and her her younger brother. Louis, my boy! Fine young man he is, couldn't be prouder of him, he is the highest achieving pupil Hogwarts has had since Hermione Weasley was a student." Dad bragged. The old couple smiled at him and began boasting about their own children's success but I just stood there and stared at him in disbelief.

He never mentioned me, he never even told them he had two daughters. Never even muttered my name, a simple 'I have another daughter, Dominique she's around here somewhere,' would have sufficed. But he never even mentioned my name.

I grabbed a bottle of Champagne that my parents were waiting to open at midnight so everybody could toast the new year and made my way out of the kitchen, towards the staircase.

I bumped into Lorcan as I passed the bathroom.

"Hey Lorcan, you want a repeat of Christmas Day?" I slurred at him, slinging an arm around his neck. I kissed him, forcing my tongue into his mouth.

"How about we take this upstairs?" I breathed in his ear, knowing full well if my Dad saw he would freak out.

I took his hand and stumbled up the stairs, giggling loudly when I tripped.

"Look Dominique, do you really want to do this?" Lorcan asked me, we where in my bedroom and I was kicking my shoes off at the same time I was unbuttoning his shirt.

"You going to say no?" I teased him, kissing his chest and looking into his eyes. He just shrugged and brought my head up with his hands to kiss my mouth. After a while we ended up on the bed and his shirt came off.

He began kissing my neck, unzipping the back of my dress at the same time. I managed to wiggle out of the dress and kicked it away, leaving me in my bra and knickers while he was still in his jeans. I began to unzip them but he got impatient and took over, quickly pulling them off.

My hands started roaming over him, over his chest, his abs, his arms, in his hair, his hands were doing the same to my body, as they reached the line of my bra though I took my hands off him to unclip it, he pulled it off and threw it over his shoulder.

I brought my hands down his back and took them under the elastic of his underwear, feeling him, he groaned when my hands touched it and I just grinned. Until he returned the favor by putting his own hand in my knickers. I bit into his shoulder as he did though and moaned a little. Without stopping to think of the fact I didn't have a door to give us some privacy, I pulled his boxers down so they were near his knee's and gently rubbed him, teasing him. He pulled at my knickers so I was exposed, he obviously had enough though because he moved both my hands so they were above my head, pinning them there. I smiled and started kissing his shoulders, neck while he started.

He wasn't the first person I'd slept with, but he was certainly one of the best and he knew what he was doing. It was disgusting I know, but I sort of hoped somebody would come in because I wanted Dad to know what I'd been upto, I wanted him to know just how much I didn't care anymore. We weren't exactly being quiet either.

When we finished he laid beside me, both of us catching our breath with daft smiles on our faces.

"Want a drink?" I asked him, leaning over him to pick the bottle up I dropped on the floor.

"Sure." He shrugged, pulling the duvet so it covered our naked selves.

I popped the bottle open and took a swig, then handed it to him.

"Dom? You up here?" I heard somebody shout, it wasn't my Dad though but before I could react, get dressed or hide Lorcan, Scorpius was in my room, staring at the clothes strewn all over my floor and bed. Lorcan and I both looked at him with wide eyes but he just turned and walked quickly down the stairs, not looking back.

"Well that was awkward." Lorcan chuckled, swigging from the bottle.

"Go. Get out, leave!" I snapped at him, rolling so that my back was to him, I pulled the duvet up over my head so he didn't see the tears on my face.

"What?" I ignored him and heard him get out of bed and get dressed, then leave.

What on earth have I done? Scorpius saw us, not at it, but it was pretty obvious what we'd just been doing.
Scorpius would never forgive me. I'd practically told him I liked him the other day and was obviously flirting with him. He did tell me he liked me, but I'd just threw all of that in his face. What sort of person am I?

"A horrible, dirty slut. That's what kind of girl you are Dominique." I muttered to myself. I cried myself to sleep that night, but it wasn't until about three o'clock when I drifted off, I heard Rose come looking for me and pretended to sleep, I did that when Mum came up to find me.

My Dad was ashamed of me, my cousin didn't believe what Peter did too me, my sister couldn't stand me and my own brother only spoke to me because I was doing him a favor.

And I don't blame a single one of them.

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