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Dominique Weasley isn't the typical Weasley. She hates her family, breaks the rules, gets into trouble and doesn't care of the outcomes. What happens when she gets kicked out of Beauxbatons and forced to attend Hogwarts? What happens when she learns the brother she despises, needs her help? What happens when the rebel-Weasley, meets the rebel-Malfoy? This is the story about Dominique Weasley Néé Delacour.


6. Chapter 6

Disclaimer - I do not own Harry Potter.


Being the first child up, fully dressed, packed and ready to leave the Burrow had it's drawbacks. For example, sitting with a bunch of adults who all had hangovers and decided to tease me about Lorcan Scamander.

If only my Aunt Ginny learned to keep her mouth shut.

"Dominique! Good morning, you're up early aren't you? Don't worry, Lorcan and his family aren't leaving for a couple of hours." She winked at me when I walked into the kitchen, dragging my suitcases with me.

"What's the got to do with me?" I asked her, pouring myself a coffee and sitting at the table.

"Well, just with the two of you snogging all last night. I wasn't sure if you wanted to say goodbye to your new boyfriend." She grinned, thinking she was funny.

"Lorcan isn't my boyfriend, we kissed that's it." I shrugged and rolled my eyes at her. I saw Dad look angry and had to bite a grin back.

"Although, we might see each other again. I don't know, we never really spoke much, at all really. He just asked me if I was alright and then kissed me." I smirked into my cup, knowing that my Dad was probably having images on how he could kill Lorcan with his bare hands.

"Even though hearing about my Granddaughter kissing a boy thrills me, I have to go to work. Bye kids, see you at Bill and Fleurs for New Year's eve?" Grandpa Arthur stood up and kissed Grandma on the cheek.

"We're having a party?" I looked at Mum who nodded. "Cool, who's coming?"

"Nearly everybody we know, so I'm begging you to be on your best behavior." Dad told me before Mum had a chance to answer. I just shrugged and rolled my eyes. If he was nice to me before the party and stopped jumping down my throat then I'd behave myself, or at least try.


"So what happened with you and Lorcan? One minute you two were talking and then the next you were sticking your tongue down his neck?" Rose asked me as I sat on my bed, waiting for her to get enough energy to get dressed. Scorpius and Albus were still asleep so we had to speak quietly.

"Just that, we were talking. I said how shit my life is and mentioned that Lily was getting more action than I was so he kissed me. I saw Virgin Vicky watching so I kissed him back, rather forcefully." I laughed, remembering when I practically pounced on him, which made him knock his head on the wall.

"I feel sorry for him, he's hardly a virgin himself but he at least normally takes control of a situation." Rose giggled, she'd woken up minutes before and her eyes were still practically closed.

"Really? How do you know? Rosie Weasley! You haven't?" I gasped, Rose and Lorcan? Bloody hell she gets about.

"It was just one kiss our Fourth year, one hell of a kiss though." Rose grinned, sitting up in bed and yawning. "He's a much better kisser than Lysander, don't tell Lily or she'll kill me, but he is so much better." Rose winked at me as she got out of bed, throwing a pillow at both Albus and Scorpius.

"Hang on, both Scamander twins? Jeez Rosie how experienced are you?" I laughed, nudging Scorpius with my foot, and by that I meant kicking him, when he just threw the pillow back at Rose.

"Come on you two, I want to hear how much of a tramp my cousin is." I yelled, causing an extremely hung-over Albus to wince and pull the duvet over his head.

"Rose is a tramp, been all around Hogwarts. There, let me go to sleep." Albus mumbled from under his duvet.

"You're Dad's waiting to take you two to the Quidditch match. James and Teddy are waiting with Hugo, Fred, Louis, Lucy and Lily." I told him, Scorpius got up straight away when I told them Uncle Harry was waiting.

"Come on Albus, Cory's up." I giggled.

"Don't call me that. I'm going for a shower, when I get back can we please move on from discussing who you two tramps have kissed?" Scorpius snapped, grabbing a bag from his trunk and storming from the room.

"Ignore him, he's hung over." Rose muttered, frowning at the door.

"Whatever, so come on then Rosie. Who's a better kisser? Lorcan or Scorpius?" I grinned. Albus got up out of bed and rolled his eyes before grabbing his own wash bag and leaving the room.

"Scorpius definetly." Rose smirked.


Shell Cottage was just the same, only the photograph's on the main wall in the sitting room had changed. There was only a few of me though, one from before I went to France, with the family, one in my Beauxbatons' uniform holding my wand up smugly and one taken during the visit my parents made when I was thirteen, it was took about an hour before I changed my hair. Looking at that picture of me and Victoire, both smiling awkwardly for the camera, you'd have thought I was a younger version of my brilliant sister. There wasn't any striking differences, my face was a little rounder, her nose a little longer but other than that we looked the same. Until I changed as much as I could, my hair, my style, getting as many piercings as I could, all the things Victoire wouldn't do I did. There was loads of photographs of Victoire and Louis though, together, with their friends, with our parents, Victoire and Teddy, Louis and Lily, with our Grandparents and lots of individual shots.

"We'll have to update that wall. You've grown so much." I heard Mum say from behind me, Dad and Louis had gone to that Quidditch match with the other fanatics in the family, which only left a few people behind, and Victoire was at work so it was just Mum and me.

"As long as I don't have to pose with one of those, whatever." I shrugged, turning away from the wall. I grabbed one of my suitcases but Mum took my arm. She raised her wand and pointed at each of my cases and waved them in the direction of the stairs.

"You're room is still the same. Both Victoire and Louis wanted to move in but I wouldn't let them." Mum promised me, leading me up the stairs, towards the attic room I made Dad convert for me when I was nine. I used to share with Victoire, but after one of her collectable dolls 'accidently' fell out of the window we demanded to have our own rooms. Victoire was fifteen so she couldn't really share with seven year old Louis. I tried sharing with Louis, but I told him scary stories on purpose so he had nightmares, a week after Louis getting no sleep Dad converted the attic into a large bedroom for me.

"So it's still frilly and girly?" I groaned with a laugh. I missed my bedroom at my Grandparents house, it was probably already stripped to match the rest of the house now. I cringed when I followed Mum up the second flight of stairs from the landing; different shades of pink attacked me from everywhere. Carpet, walls, curtains, bedspread, furniture.

"Mum, tell me I can redecorate?" I practically begged her, eyeing the small bed with distaste.

"How about we have some lunch and then pick some new things out? That wardrobe won't fit anything in and you've outgrown this bed. You're not a little girl anymore." Mum told me, stroking the old curtains fondly.

"Alright, did Granddad send my things over?" I asked her, walking up to the wardrobe and trying to decide whether it was worth putting clothes inside.

"Yes." She waved her wand and a large parcel came zooming up the staircase, landing on the floor with a thump. I ripped the brown paper off, revealing a flat white box. I laughed when I took the lid off, it was practically a large trunk. Boxes of my belongings were piled up in it, all labeled and stacked neatly, I had four more suitcases for clothes, which Mum laughed at when she helped me get them out.

"Oh you're definetly going to need a new wardrobe for all of these." She sighed.

We both made some lunch and then spent an hour looking over a furniture magazine, deciding on what my new room should look like. It used to be a little girls dream come true, white furniture with flowers stenciled onto everything, doll's sat on shelves along the walls, moon shapes, stars and love hearts stuck on the ceiling, charmed so they lit up in the dark. Now, after Mum transfigured and charmed the old stuff, it was cool. All along one wall was a wardrobe, a massive one too. It was big enough that all of my clothes and shoes managed to fit inside it, with space for more. Another wall was a floor to ceiling mirror with a huge four-poster king sized bed against the middle of it. Instead of the pink carpet, I had wooden flooring. The walls that weren't covered by wardrobes or mirror's were painted a deep purple and I decided to keep the stars on the ceiling, but got rid of the moons and love hearts.

It came at a price though, Mum made me promise that because she did all of that for me, I'd have to answer some questions she had.

"So, what happened?" She asked me as she made my bed. I didn't look up from folding some clothes away. She didn't ask me to tell the truth.

"I had a crush on this guy, Pete. He was seeing my friend Maggie though so I didn't do anything, anyway, I was showering in the girls bathroom that night and he came to find me. We talked, he and Maggie were arguing, one thing led to another and we nearly slept together. Somehow we started arguing, I think I said something I don't know, and then we started fighting and I went a little too far." I wasn't lying really, I just shifted the truth so that it looked I started the fight, not him.

"I see." Mum took a deep breathe before she continued. "You said you were going to sleep with him. Have you...?" She trailed off, I glanced a look at her reflection through the mirror and saw her looking at her hands nervously.

"Slept with anybody before? Yeah I have." Not that it's any of your business.

"Right, where you -?" She was going to ask me if I was safe and what have you. I tried so hard not to roll my eyes and burst out laughing.

"Yeah Mum, I was perfectly safe." I bit my lip not to laugh, she looked so much like Gran when she asked me that question.

"Right, good. Let's just keep that little bit of information between the two of us." She laughed, looking up at me finally. I just smiled and nodded at her.

"Mum? What are we going to do about my school robes?" I asked her several minutes later when I opened my Beauxbatons trunk, my folded school robes sat on top of everything. Mum walked up and picked the silk fabric up and smiled.

"We'll go shopping sometime this week. You'll need everything new, books, robes, supplies. You're on N.E.W.T. courses now." Mum told me, picking a pile of books up and putting them on one of the shelves she made appear.

"Do you think I'll find the work hard?" I asked her quietly, ripping my old pieces of homework up and putting them in the bin.

"Not really, you're a smart girl. Rosie, Al and Scorpius are in the same classes as you and according to Neville those three are the best in their year. I'm sure they'd be willing to help you catch up. Plus, Luna said Lorcan is quite the whiz in some subjects, I'm certain he'd let you compare notes or whatever you kids call it these days." She winked at me and giggled when I tutted.

"We're just friends. Didn't you ever have a friend that you occasionally snogged?" I snapped at her, not really knowing whether I wanted to know the answer to my question.

"Well not really no." Mum laughed, shaking her head.

"You missed out. Friends with benefits are the best." I laughed.

"Nice to know." Dad's voice made me jump.

"Just came up to tell you Louis and I are back." Dad told Mum who smiled and nodded. Dad just turned and walked down the stairs.

"Yeah, hi Dad." I muttered, more to myself than to Mum. "Aren't you going to go see what Saint Louis thought of his bonding day with Daddy dearest?" I asked Mum sourly.

"Louis will now be writing a review about the game for his own little journal. I'll read it later, I'd rather sit and get to know my little daughter more." Mum whispered softly, I hadn't realised that she'd come up behind me and jumped a little bit.

We spent the next twenty minutes just chatting in general, she asked me about what I liked to do for fun, how school went, about my friends and stuff like that. I answered honestly, or rather as honestly as any other teenage girl would with her mother.

"Darling, we love you just as much as Victoire and Louis. You know that don't you?" Mum asked me after we laughed over a memory I told her. I didn't answer her, just stared at my pillow intently.

"Dominique, why do you think we love you less?" Mum asked, getting up from where she was sitting at my new desk and chair, and coming to sit beside me on my bed.

"Because you do. I'll never be as brilliant as Victoire; as smart as Louis. Dad focuses on those things, do you think I like being known as 'Dominique, the bad one?' Victoire is the eldest, she's the fairest, the one everybody loves. Louis is the youngest and the smartest boy our family has ever fucking seen! I'm just a disappointment!" I snapped.

"Dominique, we love you just as much your brother and sister. You're a big girl now so I'm going to tell you the truth." Mum took a deep breath and took my hand before she spoke again. "Your father and I love you, your sister and your brother more than anything else in the entire world and are so proud of all of you. It's easier to show our pride in Victoire and Louis because they've done so much for us to be proud of; Victoire was the most popular girl in her year, prefect, Head Girl and now she's a Healer and getting married to Teddy. Louis is the brightest boy in the entire school, he's been the top student in his year since his first day at school. We're proud of you too honey, but getting expelled from school? Your Grandparents throwing you out?" Mum told me gently. "How can we be proud of those things? Are you proud of them? Honey I love you, more than you will ever know."

I didn't say anything, she was right. I wasn't proud of the fact I got thrown out of school, I wasn't happy that my Grandparents kicked me out. Deep down, I knew my mother loved me, but Dad? He didn't even seem to like me that much.

"Your Dad does too sweetie." Mum smiled.

"Can you read minds? I want that Veela power instead of this sucky temper." I rolled my eyes at her and scoffed.

"No, I just know my baby girl. You're brother and sister love you too. Louis just doesn't know how to act around you, he was only nine when you left and to be honest? You two were never really that close growing up. Victoire on the other hand, well she's half expecting you to leave again so she doesn't want to get close. That and she loves her family, she's seen how upset we all get over you and she doesn't like it." Mum sighed heavily. I looked at her, really looked at her; she looked tired, she had bags under her eyes and kept yawning. Mum normally looked beautiful, middle age suited her and what few wrinkles she had she made work around her natural beauty. But now she looked tired and stressed.

"I'm sorry Mum." I whispered. "Sorry for everything. Getting kicked out, leaving, doing everything that led up to me being kicked out..." She pulled me into a tight hug as I said all this and squeezed tight.

"Right there, that is the reason why I am so proud of you." She whispered before kissing my head. I could have sworn I felt something wet on my head.

"Right, I'm sure we're all hungry so I'll go make a start on Dinner. Your sister will be home soon and she'll be hungry too." Mum told me, standing up and walking away, after stroking my head softly for a brief second.


The smell of dinner brought me down from my bedroom, and the sound of the old piano being played made me curious. I played the piano, and the one downstairs was mine. Who was playing it?

Louis was sat at the piano, his head down so he never noticed me walk in the living room. He wasn't playing very well and it was clear he'd just took it up.

"If you break a string I'll kill you." I told him, smirking when he jumped up from the seat and stepped away from the piano. I heard Mum and Dad talking quietly in the kitchen, not wanting to talk to Dad I stepped closer into the room.

"Here, if you're going to play her, play her well." I told him, taking his hand and leading him over to the stool again. "Put your hands on mine." He put both of his hands on mine, allowing me to show him which keys to press.

"I didn't know you played piano." I commented as we played the tune Grandmother Appoline taught us when we were little.

"I don't normally, but during the Holidays I get bored so last Summer I started to teach myself. I'm not very good." Louis told me quietly, he looked up at the fireplace after the Grandfather clock chimed.

"Victoire won't mind us talking to each other you know." I scowled. "And you are good, you just need a proper teacher, not words from a book." I smiled at him, knowing full well that somewhere in his bedroom, which was practically a library, there would be a few books on teaching yourself how to play piano.

"Well nobody else plays piano at home and I only know one person at school and I don't really want to ask her, I mean them, for help." He blushed and looked away from me, his ears turning red. It was one of the only physical Weasley traits we inherited from Dad.

"What's her name?" I grinned, changing song mid-flow to try and cheer him up. This song was a creation of my own, more upbeat and lively. I hummed the words under my breath while Louis chose whether to tell me or not.

"She's just this girl in third year, a Slytherin. I like her that's all, there's a Piano in one of the Charms classrooms, apparently seventh years have to teach it to play itself, and I've seen her play sometimes. I don't play Quidditch and she doesn't read so it's the only thing we'd have in common. If I could play that is." Louis finally told me, he watched our hands move quickly along the keys, I watched him. I've played Piano since I was three so I didn't really need to look at the keys. He scowled at the last bit, making me laugh.

"If I remember correctly, Slytherin's are supposed to be the enemy? Looks like somebody else is going to be the bad child." I teased him before turning serious. "Does she know you like her?"

"She doesn't even know I exist, she doesn't ever look at me or anything and we have mutual friends." Louis muttered.

"That means she probably does know you exist and possibly likes you. Does she do anything else?" I asked him, quite shocked at how little he know about girls. What the hell where James, Fred and Albus doing at that school?

"Well why doesn't she talk to me? And what do you mean?" He asked me, looking up at me finally.

"Because she probably doesn't want you to notice, not if she doesn't think you like her back. Does she have any other interests? Fashion, gossiping, chess?" I asked him, changing the song again. He frowned and looked back at our hands.

"Not really, just piano and Quidditch." He shrugged after a while.

"Can't you take an interest in the sport? You're best friends with Lily and Lucy how do you not play?" I asked him in disbelief, he'd spent all day at the Quidditch match with Dad too!

"I don't mind the sport but I don't play it and honestly I only watch it to keep Dad and the others happy. He loves going to the matches with the Uncles and their kids, it makes him happy to be able to bring a kid. Vic doesn't do Quidditch and you haven't been here..." He trailed off, I froze momentarily but carried on playing. How old is this kid? He sacrifices his spare time to keep Dad happy? Bloody hell he is far too wise and generous for a fourteen year old.

"How gracious of you, he wouldn't mind if you didn't want to go though." I told him quietly, aware of how Mum and Dad liked to listen in on conversations. "But, if you like I'll teach you while we're off. I can't promise you'll learn anything though, but you probably will." I shrugged, I stopped playing and turned to look at him.

"Will you? Please Dominique? Thank you!" He grinned and turned back to the piano. "Dinner won't be ready for another hour or so. She likes Muggle stuff though, she dropped her sheet music before and I picked it up, Beethoven something Elise?" His face scrunched up in confusion and he looked lost.

"How is it you know nearly everything there is to know about the Goblin revolt of fifteen eighty three but you know nothing about anything." I asked him, I waved his hands of mine and played the tune he was talking about.

"Yeah." He stopped me halfway through. "She plays on Sundays, we go back on a Thursday, can you teach me to play that?" He looked like a little child begging for some sweets. Just as I was about to answer the fire in the fireplace turned green and Victoire walked gracefully out of it, looking surprised to see Louis and I together.

"Yeah of course bro. I'll teach you." I told Louis, looking at Victoire as I did though.

She looked speechless for a minute before walking out of the room, towards the kitchen.

I'm going to spend time with my brother even if it kills me, just to piss her off.

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