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Dominique Weasley isn't the typical Weasley. She hates her family, breaks the rules, gets into trouble and doesn't care of the outcomes. What happens when she gets kicked out of Beauxbatons and forced to attend Hogwarts? What happens when she learns the brother she despises, needs her help? What happens when the rebel-Weasley, meets the rebel-Malfoy? This is the story about Dominique Weasley Néé Delacour.


4. Chapter 4

A/N – Disclaimer – I do not own Harry Potter.

"You know, everybody is going to be worried. It's pretty late." Rose muttered, checking her watch for the tenth time. "And it's getting dark."

"Stop worrying, we told them we were going out and we'd be back early. They'll be fine." I shrugged. We'd walked round London all day, stopping in Diagon Alley so we could all exchange some money over, and were quite cold, bored and tipsy. Well Albus and I were, Rose and Scorpius were boring and wouldn't drink, insisting that half of us needed to be sober and responsible.

"Yeah Rosie, stop being such a worry and have some fun!" Albus laughed, swigging from the bottle of muggle alcohol in his hand. "Oh look, a park!" He shouted, running across the road and into a little park.

Considering we were all sixteen and seventeen year old, freezing cold and half of us were quite tipsy, we had a laugh in that park. Mainly because Albus kept trying to crawl up one of the slides, which resulted in him falling on his bottom, which in turn made us three howl with laughter. We were having that much fun that we didn't notice another group of people enter the park.

"What do you think you're doing here? This is our park." A voice shouted from the group of five people, they were all wearing dark colored hooded tops, which were pulled over their face.

"We should go. Come on Albus." Rose muttered, going to grab Albus' hand. Scorpius moved closer to me, reaching out to take my hand.

"Hey, don't worry guys. We won't steal your girls." One of them, clearly a boy, jeered as he walked quickly up to where Scorpius and I stood. "We'll give you them back." He laughed, making his friends laugh. He stepped up to me and put his palm on my face.

"Don't touch me." I snarled at him, slapping his hand away.

"Daft bitch shouldn't have done that -" He laughed, grabbing my hair. He called me a daft bitch, which made me snap. When he grabbed my hair I put both my hands on his shoulders and threw my knee into his groin as hard as I could, ignoring the pain on my head because he dragged my head down when he doubled over. Fortunately for me, he let go off my hair and put both hands to his crotch.

"Don't fucking call me that!" I spat at him, not noticing that two his friends were coming rushing over.

"You really shouldn't have done that." One of them shouted, the next couple of seconds were comical; one of them slapped me across the face, I felt my lip pop and tasted blood in my mouth straight away, and the other punched Scorpius. At the same time Scorpius and I hit them both back, me sending mine back a couple of steps and Scorpius actually knocking his to the floor. Before the other two had a chance to hit us though, Scorpius literally picked the first guy up and threw him at the ones who weren't hit.

"Let's go." Rose barked, practically dragging me away from the park, I looked back to see a sober Albus and Scorpius hurrying after us. Albus took my arm the same time Scorpius took Rose's, sending us through the tube feeling and slamming our feet onto the ground.

"I think I'm going to be sick." Albus groaned, putting a hand over his mouth and running through the back door to the Burrow. Once again the kitchen seemed to be full of Weasley's. Rose followed after Albus, Scorpius seconds after her and after letting out a deep sigh I followed. I regretted it immediately though when I saw Aunt Ginny looking at Scorpius' face, or rather his bruise forming on his jaw line.

"Who were you fighting with? What's wrong with Albus?" She asked, looking from Scorpius to Rose, before gasping when she saw me. "Dominique! You're covered in blood!"

I rolled my eyes but walked over to the mirror hanging on the wall. Blood was covering my chin and my lip has swollen on one side.

"Huh." I shrugged and poured myself a glass of water, rinsed my mouth out for blood and spat the red-stained water in the sink, ignoring the groans of several relatives.

"Come here Dominique, I'll heal it." Mum told me, holding her hand out. Aunt Ginny had already heeled Scorpius' bruise and was now upstairs fussing over Albus. "Have you been drinking?"

"Only a little bit. At least I can handle my drink!" I called up the stairs when we all heard a splash hit the toilet bowl and Aunt Ginny groan. "Lightweight." I muttered to myself as Mum rubbed something on my lip.

"Anywhere else hurting?" She asked me softly, I glanced at me hand, my knuckles were a bit red but they weren't throbbing.

"No, thanks. Any dinner? I'm hungry." I asked her, looking up to Gran who smiled and shook her head.

"Dinner's nearly ready dinner." She laughed. "You're the fifth person to ask in the last ten minutes.

"Aren't you three going to tell us why two of you are covered in blood? Why is your hand red Dominique? Who were you fighting with?" Aunt Hermione asked us when she saw my hand on the table.

"We were in a park messing around and having a laugh when this group of people came in and told us we were in their park." Rose explained quickly after Scorpius and I shrugged. "One of them came up to those two and called Dominique something and grabbed hold of her face. They were just defending themselves." She continued.

"Quite cool actually; Dom smashed some guy's thing back into himself and then decked the other one. Scorp knocked one to the ground in one clean hit and then picked one up to throw at the others." Albus sniggered, walking down the stairs. I rolled my eyes at his immaturity and scoffed when James and Fred laughed and cheered.

"Dom where'd you learn to fight like that?" Rose asked me, arching an eyebrow when I shrugged.

"In Beauxbatons they offered a class after somebody got attacked at a weekend. Had nothing better to do so I took it and loved it. Nothing better than the feeling of feeling somebodies nose crack under your knuckles." I laughed. "It was a joke." I sighed when nobody laughed.

"And the feeling of cracking someone's skull? The feeling of shattering their bones? How does that feel?" Dad asked me, which made quite a lot of my Aunts and Uncles either sigh or groan.

"When people deserve it, it feels pretty damn good." I shrugged, staring at the table doing everything Grandmother Appoline told me to calm my temper. Counting to ten, deep breathes, putting my feelings in an imaginary box and throwing the thing away.

"I always thought if people deserved to be hit, then nothing should happen to the person who hit them." Scorpius shrugged, meeting my eye. Like last night when I saw his eyes I calmed straight away.

"Keep out of this boy." Dad growled, noticing us two looking at each other. Scorpius just smirked and looked away.

"So Molly? Luna and Rolf coming tomorrow with the kids?" Aunt Angelina changed the subject.

"Yeah, they're coming over for about two thirty Luna told me last week at the market. They're bringing dessert." Gran nodded.

"Lorcan and Lysander? Haven't seen those two in years. They're in their fifth year now aren't they?" I asked the table, expecting one of the adults to answer.

"No, they're in their sixth year. Lorcan is a Hufflepuff and Lys is a Ravenclaw. Lorcan is the Hufflepuff Quidditch captain, he's a Keeper and Lys is the seeker for Ravenclaw." Lily gushed quickly, making several people snicker.

"Wow, someone got a little crush on one of the twins?" I teased her.

"Hardly a crush, Lysander and my sister have been dating for the past six months." Albus groaned, James scowled but nearly everybody else laughed but Lily just rolled her eyes.

"Excuse me, I have to put up with you and Selena shoving your tongues down each other's throats in the Common Room James and Albus don't even get me started on your love life. Not with certain people at the table." Lily giggled, looking over at Aunt Ginny and then, strangely, Victoire. I saw Albus blush and James just shrugged, most of the cousins laughed at Albus, except Roxanne who just frowned and shook her head.

"I'll tell you later." Rose grinned at me shaking her head.

"Might as well just tell everybody! The whole school knows anyway!" Albus snapped.

"Fine, Victoire? Albus slept with your best friend and then never even told her his name or age." Louis grinned before Albus had a chance to stop him. I don't know whose reaction was funniest; Teddy's grin with pride in his eyes, Harry spitting his coffee everywhere, Ginny gasping or Victoire looking murderous.

"Caroline? You slept with Caroline? You're the reason she spent the night crying on my shoulder?" Vic asked Albus calmly after taking a few deep breaths.

"Dude! I was kidding!" Albus yelled at Louis who just grinned.

"Enough! Dinner's ready." Gran stopped anybody saying anything else. The cousins stopped laughing and started eating their meals. Aunt Ginny was muttering to Uncle Harry about how he was going to "talk to your son!"

"Dom?" Lily asked me nervously, she clearly thought that because we spoke she could talk to me again. "Are you nervous about starting school?"

I saw some of the adults look away from me, except my parents. They were looking at me carefully; obviously they'd asked the cousins to talk to me, make me feel welcome.

"Not really. I'll miss my old school, my fault I got kicked out I know, but I'll still miss it." I shrugged. My Mum looked a little disappointed, which made me feel slightly guilty. "I wonder what House I'll be put in though. Where do you think I'll go?" I forced a question out, trying my hardest to sound interested.

"Well, maybe Ravenclaw with Lys and Louis because you're smart and clearly witty. Maybe Hufflepuff -" Lily thought hard before Lucy cut in.

"No, she's too ballsy to be a Hufflepuff, sorry Vic, perhaps Slytherin? She's cunning, devious but not very ambitious." Lucy shrugged, looking to Molly, James, Fred and Roxy for their opinions.

"I think you'll be a Gryffindor with the best of the family. You've got guts, you're not afraid to stand up for yourself and others and you're smart." James told me.

"You are pretty smart, I mean three months of studying and getting top marks on all your exams? You didn't cheat did you?" Molly asked me.

"Of course I didn't cheat! Those were serious exams -" I defended myself until Albus snorted.

"All end of year exams are serious but you cheated last year!" He reminded me with a laugh.

"That was different, one exam! I didn't cheat this time, pure talent." I beamed.

"She's got the ego of Slytherins." Roxy laughed.

"Nah, she's a Gryffindor that one. The Slytherins' bite isn't as bad as their bark, a Gryffindor doesn't just roar. They attack." Scorpius chuckled.

Nobody said anything about my House after that, the cousins just discussed the school itself. I noticed that the adults, even Dad, seemed happy that I was talking to them and not arguing or ignoring them like I used to when I see them. I saw Mum out the corner of my eye and her reaction made me happy. She was sat openly grinning like an idiot, watching me talk to cousins like Lucy and Fred, who I normally didn't get along with.

The only people who didn't have anything to say, and I'm sure I wasn't the only person who noticed, were Louis and Victoire. They just sat and ate their meal in silence, not even looking up. I tried to include them, I really did. I asked what the Hufflepuff common room was like, Molly answered me and then I asked what the Ravenclaw one was like, Lily answered me.

Dad noticed though, because when I met his eye his gaze flickered towards where Victoire and Louis sat, telling me to talk to them.

What was I going to do? Sit and talk to the children who can do nothing wrong, when they refused to look at me? I'll give the cousins a chance and they've just accepted it. I'll give my 'perfect' brother and sister a chance, and they just blew it.

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