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Dominique Weasley isn't the typical Weasley. She hates her family, breaks the rules, gets into trouble and doesn't care of the outcomes. What happens when she gets kicked out of Beauxbatons and forced to attend Hogwarts? What happens when she learns the brother she despises, needs her help? What happens when the rebel-Weasley, meets the rebel-Malfoy? This is the story about Dominique Weasley Néé Delacour.


2. Chapter 2

For the rest of the meal I listened to everybody else's conversations, not wanting to talk to any of my relatives who I didn't really like. I was listening to Lily and Lucy discuss Quidditch when Uncle Percy spoke to me.

"So Dominique? What are you doing when you get to Hogwarts? You don't have a House nor have you sat any exams." He asked me, I rolled my eyes when everybody stopped talking and looked at me again.

"Get lives." I muttered to my cousins who either rolled their own eyes or scowled at me. "I don't know, and I sat my exams at school after they threw me out. I don't really care about a House; I'll be gone as soon as I turn seventeen anyway." I shrugged at him.

"You'll be where when you are seventeen?" Dad spluttered.

"Gone. From school, England, you." I told him with a raised eyebrow.

"And just where do you think you're going to go? Your Grandparents and Aunt Gabrielle won't have you, we're all you have left." He snapped at me.

"Damn, that's my plans ruined then. Guess I'll have to stay in this shitty country, with this crappy family." I scoffed with a shake of my head.

"Dominique! That is enough! I am sick of your attitude and the way you speak about everything. We are your family whether you like it or not and you can get that rubbish idea out of your head! You are not leaving school until you've sat your N.E.W.T.'s and got some qualifications under your belt. No daughter of mine is going to waste her life away because she doesn't like her family." Dad snarled, getting louder and louder with each word.

"Sick of me already Daddy? I've only been in the country for a couple of hours. You do realise this is the longest conversation we've had since...a really long time ago?" I reminded him, I never gave him chance to answer though I just carried on. "And I don't need any qualifications to do what I want to do so I really couldn't care less about Hogwarts, come May I'm gone." I warned him before standing up and walking into the living room where my suitcases where.

"Which room am I in? I'm tired and want to go to bed." I asked Mum, who was still in shock from what I just said.

"Uncle Ron's old room." Albus told me after a couple of second's silence, nodding once I tried to pick three suitcases up at once, but failed.

"Perfect." I scowled as one of them burst open, letting a bunch of my clothes and underwear spill all over. I heard a chair scrape across the floor when I bent down to pick them all up and saw somebody pick a bunch of my underwear up.

"Thanks pervert." I smirked at Scorpius when I took my underwear of him. "It's called a thong." I grinned when he picked the small garment and raised an eyebrow. He never replied, just picked two of my suitcases up and took them upstairs for me. I grabbed the other one and followed him up the stairs, choosing to ignore the whispers I heard from James and Fred. I followed him up all the flights of stairs, slightly tired from carrying the large suitcase, who knows how tired he is considering he left me the lightest one.

"You have a lot of clothes." He noted when he put the two suitcases in the corner of the room. I flung mine on one of the two double beds. Double beds? Are our parents trying to create teenage pregnancy?

"These are just my winter clothes, the necessities. Grandpa is sending my other clothes along once I get back to Shell Cottage. Sucks having no belongings and just clothes." I shrugged, opening my suitcase and trying to find some nightwear.

"Probably, we're sharing by the way. Rose and Albus sleep head and foot in that one so we'll be sharing this one. I am not sleeping with a dude and Rose kicks in her sleep so she'd probably crack a rib." Scorpius told me, sitting beside my suitcase and patting the bed with a wink.

"Really, well I have nightmares. What if I wake you up?" I asked him with a smirk. Flirting came naturally to me; Grandmother Appoline told me I had more Veela in me than Victoire, which is why I sometimes had problems controlling my temper.

"I'll give you a squeeze, it gets awfully cold in here on a night you know, and you might wanna wear some thermals." He grinned back and eyed one of my silk nightgowns that I'd thrown on my bed.

"Or, we both get naked and huddle together. After all, isn't sharing body heat the quickest way of getting warm?" I asked him, smiling when he cleared his throat and stood up, moving so he was stood behind me. "Don't worry Cory; I'm sure I'll be warm enough." I turned to look at him, holding my smallest pair of pyjama shorts up, smiling when I saw him gulp. I watched him walk out of the room and laughed to myself when he shut the door. Maybe Hogwarts wouldn't be so bad after all.

Sneaking back in the bedroom after going outside for a cigarette, I checked to see if I'd woken anybody up; Rose and Albus were both still snoring away and Scorpius was fast asleep, breathing slowly.

"Are you that stupid you couldn't just open the window?" I heard him ask me when I climbed into the bed, careful not to touch him with my practically blue, body.

"I actually like Albus and Rose, I don't want them to get cold and they don't like the smell." I whispered, turning to face him I saw that he was laid awake, but still sleepy.

"They don't mind the cold and they're used to the smell." He smirked, leaning over and opening the small window that was above our bed. I narrowed my eyes as he grabbed a box from under his pillow and stuck one in his mouth.

"You smoke? In here?" Even though I'd just had one I accepted the one he gave me and let him light it for me.

"Your Gran doesn't come up here, nobody but us four, now you, do and there's a charm on the room so the smell doesn't let out. Rosie came up with it in the summer at Harry's party, she smokes when she's drunk you know." He told me with a chuckle.

"Really? Little rebel never included that in her letters, didn't even know she had it in her to get drunk." I snorted, looking at Rose's sleeping form, I missed her so much when I was in France.

"She likes a drink does our Rosie. She's always trying to get us to sneak down to Hogsmeade." Scorpius laughed.

"Really? How do you sneak out of the place? What exactly is the building? Beauxbatons is a Palace. A Palace full of two faced, back stabbing bitches." I added under my breath, he either never heard me or ignored my comment.

"It's a castle in Scotland. There are a few secret passageways and Albus has a map of the place that tells us where everybody is so we know when to come and go. Can I ask you a question?" He looked at me, blowing his smoke in my face.

"Only if I get to ask you one in return." I shrugged, blowing smoke back in his face.

"Why did you get kicked out?" He asked me quietly, looking at my eyes. His were a strange grey colour but I liked them, they helped calm me down as soon as I got angry at his question, his eyes calmed me down.

"Why aren't you celebrating the Holiday with your own family?" I asked him straight away, I could tell it was a sensitive subject because the smirk left his face for a brief second and something flashed in his eyes, but then his eyes were clear and his smirk was back.

"My parents and I don't exactly see eye to eye, I turned seventeen in September and severed all ties with them." He told me, glancing at the other bed for a second before looking back into my eyes.

"I put a boy in hospital." I told him after a couple of seconds.

"Why? You got expelled for a fight? Pretty strict school isn't it?" He asked me with a snort.

"I was already on my final chance, probation you could say, and what I did to Peter just finalized it. The Governors wouldn't even listen to me when I tried to explain, not that I blame them. Why don't your parents and you get along?" I asked him, a question for a question. I ignored all the feelings that came up when I thought about Peter and why I put him in the hospital, if I ignored them they would go away and I wouldn't have to deal with it.

"Well, when I started Hogwarts I got sorted into Gryffindor and then became friends with Albus and Rose. The House and friendship my parents, and by that I mean my Dad, could handle. Visiting them over the holidays they could handle too and when they came to my house my Dad would leave. Me being Rose's boyfriend he couldn't handle and 'forbid' me to see her. He told me I had to choose, my friends, which isn't just those two but everybody; James, Lily, Fred, Hugo, or my family. This was last Christmas and I've lived with your Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny ever since. I turned seventeen in September and got my trust fund so I'm getting my own place in the summer, assuming your Aunt actually lets me leave. How bad did you beat him up?" We both finished our cigarettes so he flicked them out of the window, shut it and lay back down on his back, turning his head so we were facing each other.

"Wow, I take it you weren't supposed to be put into Gryffindor? You chose that bunch of idiots over your parents? Sounds stupid." I muttered before I took a deep breathe. "I fractured his skull, shattered the bones in his right knee and left hand, cracked a few ribs and broke his nose. He got a few bruises too." I muttered, looking in his eyes for his reaction; he was shocked at first but then he just accepted it.

"Something like that. This is going to sound totally vain and self-centred but, don't you know who I am?" He asked me, ignoring the part about me nearly killing that son of a bitch.

"Scorpius." I muttered.

"Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy." He whispered his name, a frown coming on his face.

"Dominique Ginny Weasley." I whispered back, scowling at my surname. I noticed his small smile when I never called him up on his family. I knew of the Malfoys, everybody did. Everybody knew how his father, Grandparents and Aunt were in Lord Voldemort's inner circle and had seen countless people murdered and tortured.

"Will you two shut up and go to sleep?" Albus shouted, making us both laugh, but close our eyes and turn away from each other.

"Night Weasley." He whispered, which earned him a kick from me.

"Night Malfoy." I giggled when I felt him kick me back.

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