Brightest Stars (Final Book)

"Even the brightest of stars fade to gray at some point."

Book 3/3

{Book One - High Up}
{Book Two - Lilac Sky}
{[Book Three - Brightest Stars]}


1. One - Come Back To Me

Mark was sitting in his recording room. The time on his computer read 4:16am. Why was he still up? He should be sleeping. Tears flooded his eyes as he sat there, camera on and video game up... Though, he just couldn't bring himself to fake his smile any longer. His real smile had gone with Jack... Mark couldn't bring himself to believe the words that he'd been told, it may have been months ago but Jack was the love of his life and Signe had stolen that from him. Jack was better now, he was able to be happy on his own again. But now, depression gnawed at his barely alive soul.

"Goddamn it." He cried, his fingers running through his hair absentmindedly. Jacks last words to him still were prominent in his mind;

"Please, Mark... Don't- Don't contact me, don't talk to me anymore, I couldn't take seeing you in pain. I'm... I'm sorry, Mark."

Mark moaned softly, the gentle ring of his doorbell echoing through his empty and silent house. Slowly he forced his aching body up, shutting off the camera and wandering off down the stairs of his house. They moaned in agony beneath Mark, the old stairs were ridden with arthritis and worn beneath many trips up and down them. That's how Mark felt, he felt old and cripple. The ache of his chest without Jack was unbearable, he needed his smile, his happiness, his remedy, his heart, his soul and his cure back. He needed his Jack. They were known as Mark and Jack. Mark without his Jack was like, Rhett without his Link, like Dan without his Phil and like Scott without his Mitch.

A knock on the door snapped Mark from his thoughts, finding himself crying again, his hand holding onto the doorknob with such force that the cool metal left markings in his pale skin which was even paler at the knuckles now. He sucked in a deep breath, not giving a shit who saw him as fragile as he was at this point. He tugged the door open with all of his strength, his eyes falling upon a pair of broken, blue eyes.



"Felix! Felix!" Ryan called excitedly through the house. The nervous male jumped, dashing out to meet his lover.

"What is it!? Are you okay?!" Felix hurried, seeing as Ryan couldn't do much, he could barely hold a spoon to feed himself. When he was shot, the bullets hit major nerves in several parts of his body, one even went into his head, thankfully not hitting anything too vital, it just affected him so he couldn't walk or move well at all.

Of course Felix would panic when he heard his lover yelling his name.

"Look!" Ryan cried out happily as Felix entered the room to find him sitting on the edge of their bed holding a book with very little effort, "Look! I can do it again!" He smiled excitedly and Felix couldn't help but smile as well as he kneeled down in front of his lover, placing his head in Ryan's lap.

"I'm so proud of you..." Felix mumbled into his love, "I really am, Ry." Felix looked up at the younger, who's fingers were now intertwined in Felix's hair.

"I love you, Felix. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me." He mumbled, leaning down and kissing the top of Felix's head.

"I love you too, Ryan... You're the best thing that has and will ever happen to me. You saved me." Felix spoke softly, tiredness laced in his slightly slurred words, "Oh!" His head shot up and he stood up leaving the room for several moments before returning to the pair's shared bedroom. 

Felix returned to where he'd been moments earlier, kneeling down in front of his love and handing him a small velvet box. Ryan instantly knew what it was and couldn't hide the smile that formed across his lips.

"Ryan, Will you marry me?" Felix giggled sleepily.

"I dunno, I'll have to think it through." Joked Ryan as he slipped the ring onto his finger, smiling happily. He then noticed that Felix had a matching ring on his own hand. 

"I'm so glad I have you."


Ross sighed has he sat on the bed of his and Barry's shared room, it was pouring rain outside and Ross just wished to watch it. The curtains hung in front of the windows of the room blocking the outside room, making Ross unable to see the beautiful storm. He loved storms and just wanted to run around outside in it like he used to. The boy's brows furrowed and he looked around the room, his wheelchair nowhere to be seen.

Ross let out a breath as he tossed his legs over the bed, "Please, just once, please..." He practically begged, just above a whisper as he slowly pushed himself up from the bed, carefully putting pressure on his legs as he did so, knowing this would end the same way as it always did. Him on the floor having to wait for Barry to come save him.

His eyes closed tightly and his bottom lip clenched between his teeth. He waited to feel the familiar hard slamming of his body against the floor, though he didn't, opening his eyes he was stood beside his bed.

Now the hard part, moving his legs.

"Barry!" He called out in excitement, "Barry, come here! Come look!" He cried out.

"What!? I'm cooking!" Barry called back.

"Come here damnit! It's important! Hurry up!" Ross yelled out to his lover who huffed, turning the stove temperature down so his food wouldn't burn.

"What is it this time, Ross...?" His voice trailed seeing Ross standing with a huge grin on his face, "What...? How?" Barry shook his head in disbelief.

"I dunno... I'm afraid to take a step... I don't know if I can move my legs." Ross admitted, his smile dropping slightly. He chuckled nervously as Barry extended his arms towards the older who took his lover's hands.

"Just move towards me." Barry encouraged.

"I-I can't." Ross looked up at Barry in fear. The smaller sighed and stepped up to Ross, placing his arm's around the Aussie's small waist to which Ross' arms went around the other in return.

"I won't let you fall, okay? I'll take a step back and you'll follow after, sound good?" Barry spoke, getting a hesitant nod from Ross, "Okay, now step forward a bit, love." Barry spoke watching as Ross moved closer.

"I did it!" Ross cheered, it may have been a small space to move but it was more than he'd done in months.

"See, that's good, I know you can do it." Barry spoke moving back again. This time Ross tried and his legs gave out on him, making him drop but Barry caught him quickly, "We'll keep trying, alright? I have to finish cooking first." Chuckled Barry as Ross nodded and smiled.

"I love you."


"Jack... You left me... You just fucking left. And now you want to come back." Mark's voice cracked.

"I'm sorry, Mark... You don't have to forgive me, you don't even have to get back together with me, all I'm asking is if I can stay here for a while." Jack pleaded

"Why? Can't you just go fucking find a place yourself!?"

"I could but I can't afford it, Mark!" Jack shouted, "My cancer never really left..." His voice fell to be just above a whisper

"I-..." Mark started, wanting to fight back, "Oh... Jack, I-"

"Cut the shit. Don't give me your pity, I don't need, or want it." Jack cut him off, "I just need your help for a little while."

"Sorry." Mark rubbed at the back of his neck, "So, you-you want to stay here?" Mark tried hard to sound mad.

"I said you don't have to forgive me, Mark, I'm just begging for your help... You are the only person that will help." Jack's eyes pleaded with him, "I'll even pay rent, I'm begging you."

"Okay... You don't have to pay rent, I just want you to get better." Mark melted, he was so in love with Jack.

"Thank you so much, Mark." Jack held back tears.

"Are you okay?" Mark asked, bringing Jack into the dimly lit house.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Jack mumbled.

"No, I mean are you okay, Sean." That's when Jack begun crying. Mark gently hugged Jack, who buried his face into Mark's strong chest. The half American stroked his love's hair and gripped him tightly, hearing soft, muffled sobs pour from the small boy's lips.

"No, Mark! No! I'm not okay! I'm not... okay..." The small Irish lad seemed so much smaller in Mark's arms, more than normal.

"Come on, lets get you calmed down and settled." Mark ushered the man he loved more than life into what was once their shared home.


"The show's gone to shit..." Dan whispered to Barry, "We're gonna lose our jobs." He sighed, little did he know that Arin was listening in on the conversation fully, feeling like shit. He knew this was his fault but he couldn't help it. Something snapped in him that night, something that scared him so badly that he just couldn't open up again. He couldn't even speak.

Tears threatened to fall yet again. Arin wished that he could just feel better. He hasn't even let Dan touch him since they were free'd. He'd be better off dead at this point...

"Arin! Oh my-... Did you hear all of that?" Dan spoke apologetically, "I'm sorry, Arin, fuck... I am so-..." Dan stopped as Arin started to walk away, tears streaming down his face, "Babe..." Dan sighed, voice breaking as he followed after Arin, catching his arm just as they entered the Grump room.

"I'm sorry, Arin... I can't do this anymore..." Danny sighed, getting a wide-eyed look from Arin, "I just can't be with you anymore... I'm sorry, I really am. I'm still so in love with you but I can't even be around you anymore... You don't want me to be. I'm sorry, Arin." Dan spoke as tears rolled down his cheeks, stepping from the room, leaving Arin even more broken than he already had been.



Mark laid in his bed, him and Jack hadn't spoken to one-another since the day that he'd shown up at his doorstep a little more than three weeks prior. Mark had secretly hoped everything would go back to normal but it didn't, he wanted it to more than anything.

He was snapped out of thought by his phone ringing loudly in his silent room. He took the cool item within the much larger, palm of his hand, answering it without reading the name on the screen.

"Hello?" He yawned.

"Mark, I need to talk to you." The woman's voice spoke.

"Who is this? Sorry, I didn't check the ID." He mumbled, sitting up.

"It's Signe, remember me?" She asked.

"Yeah, what's up?" Mark replied in confusion.

"I need to meet with you, like now." She told him, "It's urgent."

"Uh, you can come over if you'd like, I have a friend of mine staying here for a while, he won't bother us though." Mark explained to her to which she agreed and said she'd be there soon.


"Hey!" Mark smiled at the girl stood before her, pulling her into a hug.

"Hey, Mark. Uh, is your roommate here?" She asked, looking beyond him.

"He's upstairs, why?" He narrowed his brow suspiciously.

"I just have to talk to you about something important." She said, stepping past Mark and going to sit on the couch. Mark followed suit, not liking the way Signe was acting.

"Alright, what is it?" He sighed.

"Well, um... I'm... uh... P-"

"S-Signe? What the fuck!? Why are you here!?" Jack shouted from the stairs.

"Jack what?" Mark turned to look at his former lover.

"You-You two know each other?" She gasped.

"Yeah, Jack and I are-... I mean, were together." Mark told her.

"What is she doing here, Mark!?" Jack snapped.

"Uh, well she said she had to tell me something so I invited her over? Why are you mad?" Mark was honestly so confused.

"Because Mark! She's just like you! She fucking left me when I needed her most, just like you!" He yelled, "When you love someone you're supposed to always be there for them!" He spoke, tears threatening to fall.

"Wait, you two...?" Mark looked between the pair.

"I was dating Jack, I broke up with him because I couldn't afford to be with him right now. I wanted to be with you, Mark." She spoke, going to kiss him, to which he jumped up off the couch, almost falling as he did so.

"Signe, no. I'm with Amy now." He told her.

"But, Mark! You can't do this to me!" She stood as well, Jack watching.

"Signe, I said no, you should leave now-"

"No! I'm not leaving, You can't abandon me and our child!" She shouted at him, both Jack and Mark growing wide-eye'd, jaws dropping.

"What...? I-I... We're not having a child together, what the fuck are you talking about?" Mark snapped.

"Six months ago, you and I had sex and you brought me out to breakfast! You and I fooled around for months! I found out four months ago, after you said we weren't doing this anymore. You are not leaving me, Mark." She told him, "This child is as much mine as it is yours! You can't just leave."

"Listen, I would love a child, just not with you! I'm sorry Signe, I'll pay child support, I'll help out, but I will not ever be with you. I'm... H-Happily with... Amy." Mark told her, "Now, I have to ask you to leave. It's unfair to both Jack and I that you are here wasting out time." He spoke firmly.

"You'll regret this, Mark." She hissed and stormed out, leaving only Jack and Mark.

"You fucking cheated on me... That's why you were never there for me..." Jack shook his head, "I'm going out." He said grabbing his keys off the table as he headed out the door, leaving Mark alone.

As always.

Mark was broken, letting the tears he'd been holding back for weeks, finally fall.

He still was in love with the man that he'd lost.

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