A ray full of sunshine ~Twilight Story~

When Jacob's 4 year old niece comes to visit, she becomes friends with a strange little boy that the Cullens have taken in. The two children struggle to remain friends, despite their families protest. Can the two be friends without causing a war?
OcXOc love story

sadly i dont own anything except my ideas and characters.
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6. Chapter 6

Ethan shifted nervously in the back of Edward's Volvo. "Where're we going, Edward?"

Edward sighed. "Bella called. Apparently, she got stuck babysitting the mini-mutt again. She thought you might want to play with her. We can always go back home if you don't want to."

Ethan frowned at the hopeful note in Edward's voice. "No. I wanna see Juliet. Why don't you like her anyways? What's she ever done to you?"

"Forget it, Ethan. And don't try and read my mind. I'll think of something else if you try to." Edward glanced in his rearview mirror. "Would you stop pouting?"

"I'll stop pouting if you stop being a Meanie Head." Ethan crossed his arms over his chest and huffed.

Edward rolled his eyes but said nothing. The two pulled up into Bella's driveway. Edward got out of the car and walked up to the porch, not bothering to check whether Ethan was behind him or not. He rang the doorbell and smiled when Charlie answered. "Hello, Chief Swan. Bella called and asked if Ethan could come over."


Ethan tensed as Juliet once again flung herself into his arms. He smiled tightly as he got a strong whiff of her scent. "Hi, Juliet."

Juliet grinned at her friend, oblivious to how tense he was. "Guess what! I get to spend the night at Bella's again 'cause Uncle Jacob is a meanie and won't let me hang out with him and his friends. And Grandpa Billy has to go to some stupid elder's meeting and I can't go." She pouted.

Edward watched as Ethan and Juliet disappeared out into the backyard. "Oh, where is the off button on that child?"

Bella grabbed his hand and gave him a reprimanding look. "Leave her alone, Edward. She's only four. Four-year-olds are usually hyper…I think."

Out in the backyard, Ethan and Juliet were climbing up a tree. Ethan had to be very careful to hold back and not sprint up the tree like he usually could. The two sat on one of the highest branches.

"Hey, Ethan, you wanna know a secret?" Juliet grinned.

Ethan tilted his head to the side. "Sure."

"I'm gonna turn five in the summer!"

Ethan grinned. "That's cool."

"Yup," Juliet said proudly. "And when I do, Grandpa Billy is gonna let me take ballet lessons. And then, I'll get to start Kindergarten in the fall!" She looked at Ethan. "What grade are you gonna be in?"

"Uh…I'll be in first. But Esme might homeschool me." Ethan shifted nervously on the branch.

Juliet tilted her head to the side curiously. "Why do you call your mommy by her name? And why is she gonna home school you? Do you not like school?"

"I just get nervous around lots of people so Esme said she'd home school me if I wanted her to. And…I call her Esme 'cause she's not my mommy. My mommy was…she died a couple months ago." Ethan sniffled.

Juliet's eyes widened. She immediately wrapped her arms around Ethan's neck and hugged him tightly. "I'm sorry Ethan."

Ethan returned the hug. "It's okay. She told me not to be sad."

Juliet pulled away from Ethan. "You wanna go see what Edward and Bella are doing?"

"Yeah," Ethan said.

Juliet began to climb down but she lost her footing. She fell a couple of feet to the wet grassy ground. She cried as she fell on her bottom.

Ethan leaped from the tree and landed beside Juliet. "Are you okay, Ju—"He froze as the smell of blood filled his nostrils.

Juliet sniffled as she lifted her arm up to inspect her bleeding elbow. "Y-yeah. I just scraped my elbow." She blinked as Ethan roughly grabbed her arm. "Ethan?"

"Ethan, no!" Edward bolted into the backyard and yanked Matthew away a few seconds before the young vampire sank his teeth into Juliet's bleeding arm. He held onto Matthew tightly. "Ethan, calm down!"

Bella ran over to Juliet and scooped the trembling child up into her arms. "I'll take her inside and get her cleaned up."

"I'll take Ethan home," Edward said through clenched teeth as he restrained Ethan. "Damn it, Ethan, stop it! You almost bit Juliet! Remember you said you didn't want to hurt her?"

Ethan froze and went limp in Edward's arms. He barely registered Edward carrying him into the car or when they peeled out of Bella's driveway. He looked up at Edward. "I almost bit her. I…I could've killed her."

"See? This is why I said from the start it wasn't a good idea for you two to play together." Edward ranted more to himself than the small child in the backseat. "But no, everyone thought it was cute. God, I hope Billy doesn't find out about this."

Ethan whimpered in the back seat. "I could've killed her!"

Edward had to carry Ethan from the Volvo and into the house. "I told you it was a bad idea!"

Esme ran downstairs and quickly took the distraught Ethan from Edward. "What happened?" She cooed softly to the wailing child.

"He almost bit Juliet," Edward said as the rest of the family came down.

"I almost hurt my friend!" Ethan cried.

Rosalie took Ethan from Esme and sat down on the couch with him. She rocked back and forth with him in her lap. "There, there. You're okay Ethan."

"I know I am but what about Juliet!" Ethan whimpered. "She looked so scared when Bella was carrying her into the house. She was scared of me!"

Carlisle sighed. "Perhaps it would be better if the two of you didn't see each other anymore. We avoided a very dangerous situation today. If you had bit her…well…I think it best you two not see each other anymore."

Ethan clutched tightly to Rosalie's shirt. "So, I can never see Juliet again?"

"I'm afraid so," Carlisle answered.

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