A ray full of sunshine ~Twilight Story~

When Jacob's 4 year old niece comes to visit, she becomes friends with a strange little boy that the Cullens have taken in. The two children struggle to remain friends, despite their families protest. Can the two be friends without causing a war?
OcXOc love story

sadly i dont own anything except my ideas and characters.
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1. Chapter 1

Bella was practically skipping as she and Edward walked towards Edward's car. Their date had been absolutely perfect. They didn't argue about anything and Edward had given Bella his jacket because she was cold.
"Somebody help!"
Edward frowned and gave Bella an authoritative glare. "Stay by the car."
Bella shook her head. "I want to go with you."
Edward growled and reluctantly allowed Bella to follow him. Edward followed the scent of blood to one of the small, unlit side streets. He kept Bella behind him and cautiously looked down the street.
A young woman was curled up on the ground, clutching a small boy to her chest. Both she and the boy were bleeding badly. The woman weakly looked up at Bella and Edward. "Please help my baby."
Bella ran over and took the small boy from the woman. She could feel the boy's shallow breathing and whimpers of pain. She looked helplessly at Edward.
Edward knelt beside the woman, trying to ignore the strong smell of blood. "We'll call an ambulance."
The woman shook her head furiously. "No. If we go to the hospital, he'll find us. He'll hurt my baby again." She grabbed Edward's arm and looked at him pleadingly. "Please save my son. I don't care what you have to do; just save him."
Edward frowned. "You might want to choose your words more carefully, Samantha."
Samantha laughed weakly. "I meant it exactly as I said it, Edward." She nodded towards her son. "He just turned six yesterday." She attempted to sit up and collapsed to the ground.
Edward helped her sit up and leaned her against the wall behind her. "We can save you too. Carlisle and Esme miss talking to you so I'm sure they'd be thrilled."
Samantha shook her head. "I won't make it to your house. He still has a chance though. Please, hurry and get him out of here."
Edward stood up. "Bella, wrap the kid up in the jacket." He looked down at Samantha. "I'm going to call an ambulance for you."
Samantha smiled at him. "You better take care of him."
Knowing Samantha only had a few minutes to live, Edward called an ambulance. He hung up and quickly walked out of the side street, not even looking behind him. "Hurry, Bella."
Bella scurried after Edward, holding the boy close to her. "We can't just leave her!"
"She wanted us to save the kid." He opened the car door and ushered Bella in. "We need to hurry and get him to Carlisle."
Bella sat down and held the boy close to her. She watched Edward get in and winced as he sped away from Port Angeles. "How did you know that woman?"
Edward hesitated. "She has an…interesting history with my family. We haven't seen or heard from her in a few years."
The little boy whimpered and slowly opened his pain-filled blue eyes. He looked up at Bella. "Mommy?"
Bella smiled warmly at the small boy. She smoothed his wild red hair down. "I'm Bella Swan. What's your name?" The boy was whimpering.
 “ Ethan Alexander Jackson." He began crying. "My stomach hurts. Where's my mommy?"
"You got hurt very badly." Edward said. "Your mother is being taken to a hospital as we speak. She wanted me to take you to my house. Your mother is a friend of my family."
Ethan buried his face in Bella's chest, crying for the rest of the ride. He cried out in pain when Bella stood up and carried him into the large house. He heard muffled voices as he faded in and out of consciousness.
Ethan felt a cold hand on his forehead and he tried to pull away from it. "Cold…"
"Ethan," a soothing male voice said somewhere above him. "I'm going to help you. You're going to be in a lot of pain for the next few days. I need you to be strong, okay?"
Ethan nodded sleepily, not really sure what the man had said. He woke up quickly though when he felt a sharp pain in his wrist. He began thrashing wildly, screaming weakly.
"Esme, hold him down!"
Ethan struggled against the arms that held him down, but it was useless. After a few minutes, the pain overwhelmed him and he fell into a deep sleep. The last thing he heard was the man's voice.
"Hopefully he'll sleep through the change."

A small girl stood nervously in front of the baggage claim at the local airport. Her short black hair was disheveled from the long flight and her chocolate brown eyes drooped with exhaustion. She wore a blue sweater and a little jean skirt. She looked around anxiously for any recognizable faces. When she saw none, she began to cry.
Juliet immediately stopped crying and ran towards the voice. She squealed with joy when the owner of the voice picked her up and spun her in the air. "Uncle Jacob!"
Jacob smiled and held Juliet close to him. "How was your flight?"
Juliet blew a stray strand of hair from her face. "Really long and boring! I got stuck next to this really mean old lady that kept yelling at the airplane people."
"I'm sorry we were late, Juliet." Billy was now beside Jacob. He reached up and took Juliet from Jacob, sitting her in his lap. "How's Rebecca doing?"
"Mommy got mad at Daddy again and threw my bike at him!" Juliet said indignantly. "She broke it but promised to get me a new one."
Jacob laughed. "Are you excited to stay with us?"
Juliet frowned. "I guess. There aren't any kids to play with though! I'm going to be so bored 'cause Uncle Jacob never lets me play with him and his friends!"
Billy ruffled Juliet's hair. "That's because I told him not to. They're much bigger than you and you could get hurt."
Juliet huffed. "It's not fair! I hate being a little kid."
"I'll get her bags, Dad." Jacob walked over to the baggage claim.
Billy put Juliet on the ground, giving her a serious look. "Now, we don't know how long you're going to be staying with us so I enrolled you at school. You need to be on your best behavior and listen to your teacher, okay?"
"Yes sir." She smiled at Jacob as he walked over and held her hand out, waiting expectantly. She grinned when he took her hand. "Guess what, Uncle Jacob."
"I'm gonna be five in four more months!"
Billy laughed. "Don't worry, Juliet. We'll do something fun for your birthday."
"Can all of Uncle Jacob's friends come? I like Mr. Sam. He's nice to me."
"We'll see." Billy replied, leading the way to the car.
Juliet was restless the entire ride. She looked out the window and frowned. "When is the sun gonna come out, Grandpa?"
"Well, the sun doesn't come out very often here. It mostly rains." Billy answered.
Juliet puffed her cheeks out. "So it's nothing like Hawaii?"
"I'm afraid not, Julie."
Once they finally pulled up to the house, Juliet jumped out and ran inside. She ran around the house, looking in all the rooms. "Which one is mine, Grandpa?"
Billy located the four year old and ushered her out of Jacob's room. He led her down the hallway to a door with a pink sign on it that said 'Juliet's Room'. He opened the door and watched his granddaughter run excitedly around the room. He and Jacob had spent almost a week decorating the room. They had painted the walls a light green and had even found a bed set with light greens and pinks in it. Jacob had repainted his old dresser pink and it was now against the far left wall of Juliet's room. Her closet was filled with clothes appropriate for the climate.
"Do you like it?" Billy asked.
Juliet climbed up into his lap, hugged him tightly around the neck, and kissed his cheek. "Thank you so much, Grandpa!" She hopped out of his lap. "I'm going to go thank Uncle Jacob!"
Billy laughed as he heard a loud thump and Jacob's shout of surprise. He went into the living room and found Juliet attached to Jacob's leg. "We need to go over to Charlie's house. The game is on tonight."
Juliet blinked. "Who's Charlie?"
"An old friend."
Juliet reluctantly climbed back into the car. Soon, they pulled up to a house that had a cop cruiser in the driveway as well as an old red truck and a Volvo parked on the side.
"What's wrong, Grandpa?" Juliet asked curiously when she saw Billy's frown.
Billy smiled. "Nothing. Let's go inside."
Just as they were getting out of the car, a small boy came running out of the house. He had unbelievably pale skin, even for someone that lived in Forks. His red hair was askew and his ochre eyes were obviously upset. He was glaring at the teenage boy standing in the doorway to the house. "Why do we have to go home now? I want to stay and play with Bella."
The teenage boy frowned when he saw Billy, Jacob, and Juliet approaching. "It's time to go home."
"Hey, Grandpa, there's a boy my age!" Juliet said excitedly.
The little boy turned around and looked at her curiously. He tensed slightly when Juliet skipped up to him. He stared uncertainly when she held her hand out to him. "Who are you?"
Juliet frowned. "You're supposed to shake my hand and then I tell you my name."
The boy took her hand and shook it. He quickly let go when he saw her wince. "Sorry."
Juliet shook her hand that the boy had squeezed a little too tightly. "It's okay. I'm Juliet Catherine Black. What's your name?"
"Ethan Alexander Cullen-Hale." Matthew replied.
Juliet blinked. "You've got a really long name and your hand was really cold too."
Ethan smiled nervously. "Yeah…"
"Do you wanna be my friend, Ethan?"
Ethan thought for a second, then smiled. "Yeah."
"Yay!" Juliet grinned and hugged Ethan tightly. "I'm glad I have a friend my age now!" She released him after a few seconds and continued grinning. "Do you wanna come to my house and play sometime?"
"No!" Both Edward and Billy shouted at the same time.
Bella walked outside, rolling her eyes. She frowned when she saw the upset looks on both Juliet and Ethan's faces. She walked over and knelt beside the two children. "How about I baby-sit the two of you sometime and you can play together then?" She glared over at Edward and then frowned at Billy. "That shouldn't be a problem, should it?"
Edward crossed his arms, almost looking like he was pouting. "I'll talk to Carlisle about it."
Billy was about to flat out say no until he saw Juliet's upset face. He knew exactly what Ethan was and he didn't want his only granddaughter anywhere near him. He also didn't want her pouting for her entire stay. Reluctantly, he sighed. "I suppose it would be okay for a couple of hours."
Juliet jumped up and down happily while Ethan simply smiled. Juliet once again hugged Ethan. "I'm so glad I made a new friend!"
Ethan shyly returned the hug. "Me too."
Edward gently grabbed Ethan's arm and led him to the car. "It's time to go home."
Ethan looked over his shoulder and waved. "Bye, Juliet."
Juliet waved back excitedly. "Bye bye, Ethan!"
Bella sighed. She knew Edward and Billy were mad at her for her suggestion but the two children looked so adorable together! She hoped Carlisle would agree to the arrangement so the two could play together. She smiled to herself as she took Juliet's hand and led her, Billy, and Jacob into the house. She had a feeling that things were going to get even more interesting in Forks.

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