We're Just A Band Not Demigods Series Behind the Scenes

Being a demigod isn't all about fighting bad guys, monsters, and going on quests. There are other problems to face, including each other. A look into our heroes lives as they experiences being a demigod more times than most.

We're Just A Band Not Demigods
Music and Monsters
Lies, Music, and Monsters

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2. Luke And The First Date (Luke)

This drabble is set during the events of Chapter 11 of Music and Monsters, featuring Luke Castellan and Giselle, and Chiron.

~Giselle's POV~
"Do you remember our first date?" He asked me 

Of course I remember we were grounded by Chiron when we got back." I told him laughing slightly

"It was worth it though." He told me laughing also

"I never knew you were such a romantic." I told him smiling

"Well at that time you didn't know about my boyfriend side beautiful." Luke said tapping my cheek

"You didn't have to go all out you know." I said

"I had to sweep you off your feet." He pointed out

"Yes but Chiron didn't trust after that." I said laughing

"Well my dad wasn't happy to find out a credit card of his was missing." Luke said frowning

"Well you did go all out for our first date." I said tapping his nose

"Well I did take you to a fancy restaurant and we did go star gazing." He said smiling widely "And then we kissed and your aunt didn't kill me for kissing you."

"Of course." I said blushing 

~Flashback Starts 3rd POV~ 

It was normal sunny at Camp Half-Blood demigods were training, Nymphs and Naiads were dancing and talking with each other, and Satyrs were playing their reed pipes making strawberries grow. 
The Apollo children were in the archery range practicing their target practice not that many of them needed it. Luke was leaning against a tree watching as Annabeth was sword fighting with a child of Ares before walking towards the archery range to see his favorite Apollo child. Annabeth and Grover could see how he looked at her and with their careful planning (all on Annabeth's part and Grover wanting to be a love master) they wanted to help Luke ask her out.  

After praying to her mother Annabeth was able to help Luke steal receive a credit card from Hermes. After making reservations at Joe's Stone Crab Annabeth got the help of Silena Beauregard to make this date perfect.
As Luke got to the archery range he found the girl he was looking for standing next to Will who was watching David Sole another child of Apollo aim an arrow at the target. 

Luke took a deep breath before walking towards her and Will "Hey Will can I borrow your sister for a moment?"

Will nodded before walking away leaving the two alone to talk. Luke to a breath before speaking "Are you lost? Cause heaven's a long way from here."

Giselle blushed "Is that your way of asking me on a date?"

Luke smiled and nodded "Tonight and don't worry about the harpies or getting caught. I'm a child of Hermes I know how sneak out."

Giselle rolled her eyes playfully "Whatever see you tonight." She said before walking back to train with her siblings

Luke smiled before walking back to Annabeth and to see Silena and Grover there also.

"You're smiling so she said yes." Silena squealed

"Yeah she said yes." Luke said

"We have to go." Silena said before grabbing Annabeth and dragged her way 

-Timeskip brought to you by Aphrodite Squealing About A New Couple Giselle's POV-

Later that day, after lunch and everything, I went back to my cabin and relaxed...Maybe he would forget and everything would be okay and I wont have to embarrass myself since I'm so nervous! As I was laying down I heard a knock on my door of my cabin since everyone was out playing volleyball and basketball leaving me alone since I didn't want to play. I groaned and stood up, Walking over  to the door, I opened it and was instantly attacked by a two certain Athena and Aphrodite Kids! My hair was being pulled, My clothes taken off, And something was powdering my face.. I think I may have passed out sometime during that, Who knew Silena and Annabeth were so terrifying? Not Me! Especially when it came to a date!

-Mini Timeskip brought to you by Sam and Dean Winchester-

Annabeth and Silena were finally done with my torture getting me ready. 

"There you're ready." Silena said putting down a hair brush

"Luke's outside waiting for you." Annabeth said smiling 

"Thanks." I said hugging them 

They smiled before leading me outside where Luke was waiting.

"Have fun you too." Annabeth said as we walked away

"But not too much fun." Silena said giggling before walking away with Annabeth

"Let's go m'lady." Luke said holding his arm out for me to take

I looped my arm through his before he led us out of camp without being noticed.

-Another Timeskip brought to you by Crowley-

Before we knew it we were at Joe's Stone Crab sitting at a table waiting for our food to arrive.

Luke was telling me about one of his siblings making a paint bomb exploding in their cabin. I was laughing because let's face it Hermes kids are a bit crazy.

As the waiter brought our food we continued to talk and eat before Luke paid before leading me back to camp where Silena, Annabeth, and Grover had laid out a blanket surrounded by candles.

"Stargazing?" I questioned laying down on the blanket with Luke following my lead

"Yeah." Luke said intertwining our hands together 

"There's Cancer, and Sagittarius." I said pointing out the constellations 

"And Leo and Libra." Luke said 

We stayed like that before Luke sat up and looked at me before kissing me with the moonlight shining a bit brighter. 

"Be my girlfriend?" He asked pulling away

"Yes." I said 

Luke pulled me into his arms before we fell asleep under my aunt's watchful gaze of the moon.

-Timeskip to the Morning brought to you by Me because I can and because of Aphrodite's Squealing-

Luke and I woke up from my dad making the sunlight shine on us.

"We stayed here last night." I said slowly 

"Chiron." We both said before rushing  back to camp where Chiron was waiting for us with an unhappy expression on his face

"To the Big House." He said before leading us there 

Once inside his office he asked us to sit down "Explain."

We both explained before it got quite.

"You both are grounded. Go clean yourselves up then go to breakfast with your siblings." He said finally breaking the awkward silence 

We both got up and left before leaving Chiron said something to us.

"Oh and congratulations on your relationship." He said smiling as we both blushed walking out of the Big House smiling holding each other's hands

Annabeth, Silena, and Grover were waiting for us outside. Silena and Annabeth squealed while Grover smiled.

"Congrats you two." Silena said

We just smiled at them before hugging them saying a soft thank you.
~Flashback Ends~

"So you didn't tell your friends about me." He said frowning
"The pain about bringing you up. Luke it would kill me." I told him
"So does he know?" He asked me
"Of course not. I told the senior campers and Silena made sure that none of her siblings found out." I replied
"Whatever happened to..." He trailed off
I pulled something out of my pocket.
"You mean this." I said showing him the ring
"You still have it." He said shocked looking at the ring
"Of course I still have it." I said looking at the ring
He smiled sadly at me then opened his mouth to say something but he stopped and quickly disappeared. And I put the ring away quickly. 
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