We're Just A Band Not Demigods Series Behind the Scenes

Being a demigod isn't all about fighting bad guys, monsters, and going on quests. There are other problems to face, including each other. A look into our heroes lives as they experiences being a demigod more times than most.

We're Just A Band Not Demigods
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3. Finding Out About the Gods (Cecilia)

This drabble is set before the events of We're Just A Band Not Demigods, featuring Ceci and Giselle.

~Ceci's POV~
At the moment I was stuck in a yellow bus filled with 20 or so kids, heading towards the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan to look at Greek and Roman stuff. It didn't sound like it would be interesting or fun but my Latin teacher Mr. David was leading the trip, so I had hopes.

Mr. David didn't look like someone you would call cool. But his lessons were the only ones in the school whose lesson didn't put me asleep. He had us running up to the board to write as many Greek and Roman names we could think of, while he swung up a sword around his head like a mad man, threatening to use it on us if we got anything wrong. So I was actually looking forward to the trip.

But the one thing I was dreading was the fact that my math's teacher Mrs. Perez would be joining us to help Mr. David look after us kids. Well that's what she claimed at least. Mrs. Perez was the worst teacher I have ever had. She had her hair up in a tight bun that seemed glued to her head, and permanently wore a leather jacket with matching trousers that looked like second skin to her. She had instantly fallen in love with the school's freckled faced, red haired kleptomaniac Casey Flores when she had tried to stick chewing gum to the back of my friend Giselle's coat. Instead of yelling at Casey like any other sane teacher would, she found a way to blame me instead. This kinda explains why I hate her so much.

Casey and I on the other hand, had been enemies since the first time we met. I'm not exactly sure what I did to her, but it was enough for her to hate my guts. Anyway back to my friend, Giselle. She was a bit smaller than me, standing at 4'9"and a half, lightly tanned skin, and large doe brown eyes. But this unfortunately made her a target for Casey's bullying.

That brings us back to the bus, where I had to watch Casey try and hit Giselle with chunks of her peanut butter sandwiches.

"I'm going kill her!" I growled, already halfway out of my seat, ready to punch Casey into tomorrow morning.

"Don't Ceci." Giselle said, grabbing onto my arm trying to pull me back onto my seat. "You're already in enough trouble with the teacher as it is. Besides I like peanut butter." She started to move out way as pieces of the sandwich came her way. I didn't like it, but I did whats he wanted me to do, and sat as quietly and as calmly as a kid with ADHD could. All the while trying not to attack the red haired girl.

Mr. David rolled at a leisurely pace through the museum as we followed him, listening as he talked with enthusiasm about all the artifacts. I found it really interesting to learn about all of these things, but it was getting harder to understand what he was saying from the amount of giggling coming from Casey and her idiot friends. I tried to ignore them out, but it was becoming an impossible task.

"There are twelve Olympian Gods. The big three are the brother's Zeus, Poseidon and Hades." Mr. David pointed to each statue that was supposedly meant to be the Grecian Gods, "While the gods were know for their incredible power, they were also know for their rivalry. They were said to always be fighting, always threatening war."

The rest of Mr. David's speech was drowned out, by the annoying, nasally laugh of Casey Flores and her friends. I tried to ignore them and try to listen to Mr. David, but Casey's jabbering seemed to be getting louder with every second.

"Will you shut up?" All eyes turned to me as I shouted at Casey, something I hadn't really meant to do.

"Miss. Acosta, I'm sure if you have your own opinion, the class will be glad to hear it." I turned around to face Mr. David. I'm pretty sure my face resembled a tomato at the moment.

"Sorry sir. I hadn't meant to shout." He nodded at me before moving away to face an old picture of a man eating babies.

"Well in that case, do you mind telling us what this picture represents?" He indicated to the painting, which I was lucky enough to be able to recognize it.

"That's Kronos, the king god-"

"God?" I thought for a second before remembering the right word.

"Sorry, Titan, and he's eating his kids because of a prophecy that was told. He would have eaten all his kids, if his wife hadn't caught on to what he was doing and hid baby Zeus, and gave him a rock instead, before hiding Zeus in the hills. When Zeus was old enough he caused his father to barf up his brothers and sisters," Collective groans came from most of the girls in the class while the boys starting whispering to their friends about how 'wicked' or 'cool' it must have been to see something like that.

"Quite everyone, Miss. Acosta  please continue." I nodded to Mr. David in thanks.

"Then this huge war broke out between the gods and the Titans, which the gods ended up winning and ruled the earth from that moment on wards. That's the story anyway."

"Well done, Miss. Acosta," Mr. David was about to continue speaking when Casey whispered, or tried to anyway, to her friends

"Why do we have to learn this? It's not like when we go for a job interview they'll ask 'Please explain why Kronos eat his children'."

"Excellent question Miss. Flores," I smirked slightly at Casey's expense, busted. "Miss. Acosta, would you please explain to Miss. Flores why you are expected to know this." I shook my head at Mr. David, completely clueless of the answer myself. I felt Giselle tense besides as she looked expectantly at me for my answer.

"I don't know sir" He looked as though he expected this answer and smiled warmly.

"Well, half credit Miss. Acosta. Yes, Zeus did in fact; feed his father a mixture of mustard and wine which caused him to throw up his children, who, being immortal ended up being fully grown. But enough about that for the time being, I suggest you all make your way back to the entrance to have your lunches. We will continue this in one hour."

Giselle and I followed the behind everyone else, making sure we wouldn't get in the way of the boys who kept trying to messing around with each other, pushing their friends into the way of anyone who was unlucky enough to be in the museum at the same time as us.

"Miss. Acosta stay behind please." I looked to Giselle with an apologetic look but she just shrugged it off.

"Don't worry about me. I'll save you a seat." I thanked her and turned around to face Mr. David.

"If this is about me shouting when you were speaking, I'm really sorry. Casey had -" Mr. David held up a hand to stop me from talking.

"I forgive you for that. But it wasn't the reason why I had called you back."

"Then what is it?"

He started going on about how I should start trying to improve my grades and concentrate harder in class. He said he would be disappointed to see me leave this year because of how bad my work was, which I think seemed a bit unfair. I was working hard, and I was getting help from my teachers, but it was really hard to concentrate during classes when you have ADHD and can't even read what's in front of you. But all the same I promised to try my hardest, even though I knew that my hardest, probably wasn't the best. Mr. David looked at the stele that was in the corner of the room with sad eyes, like he had been at the girl's funeral.

"Why don't you head outside and make the most of the hour. I'm sure Giselle is waiting for you. Besides, it looks like it's going to rain."

Mr. David's prediction about it going to rain looked as though it might come true. Dark clouds rolled over head, blocking out the sun that had been shining down on us for the entire morning. The funny thing was, no one seemed to notice, people kept walking through the busy streets as though the weather was perfectly fine.

Giselle and I were seated at the edge of the fountain that stood outside the museum, far away from the other kids, mainly because we wanted to seem a little bit normal to the passing tourists who were walking in and out of the museum. And compared to how everyone else was acting, that was pretty normal. Casey was trying to pickpocket an old lady's bag, and as usual Mrs. Perez turned a blind eye on what was happening.

When I had sat down, Giselle had turned to me immediately,


"From David? Na, I don't think I have ever seen him give detention to anyone, not even Casey."

"Lucky. What did he want to talk about then?"

"No much just asked me to work harder and improve my grades. Something about expecting great things from me," Giselle looked at me with a strange glint in her eyes as though he didn't expect anything less. Before I could question her about it she pushed her apple in front of my face.

"Do you want this? I'm not really hungry." I thanked her and took the apple away from her, not really bothering to think about the way he had looked at me. We sat in silence for a while and I stared down the busy streets of Manhattan, thinking about how far I was from home. It would be easy enough to grab a taxi and get away from here heading towards the airport. But then I realized two things. One, I didn't have enough money and two, I would miss Giselle. I was brought out of my thoughts by a red blur.

"Oops." Casey Flores smirked as she tipped the rest of her lunch onto Giselle's lap.

I tried to keep calm and do what the school's councilor had told me to do whenever I got mad, take deep breaths and think of something that made me smile. But I was so mad my mind was completely blank. I also didn't focus on Giselle's eyes flashing for a split second before it went away.

All I remembered, was that one minute Casey was in front of us smirking like crazy, then the next she was on her butt in the middle of the fountain screaming her head off with a bloody nose, something along the line of, 'Cecilia pushed me! She pushed me" But I could barely hear her. I was in shock, how could that have happened so fast? My ears started picking up bits of other conversations that the rest of the class were having as they stared at the fountain wide eyed.

"Did you see-"

"Her eyes flashed red for a second-"

"-Her punch was so fast it hit her"

Mrs. Perez went straight to see Casey, who was practically hysterical, and help her out of the fountain. Promising to get her a new pair of trousers from the museum gift shop, before she turned to me, her eyes narrowing dangerously.

"Cecilia Acosta," I nodded my head slowly before looking towards the ground, expecting the worst. "Follow me." Her sickly sweet voice commanded. Unfortunately for me, when she speaks like that to me, I know I'm in serious trouble.

With my still glued to the ground I got up slowly, only to be held back by a hand.

"I'm the one who pushed Casey, not Cecilia. Why would -"

"Enough!" I jumped in shock at the harshness of her words. Poor Giselle scratch that looked livid as she watched Perez. But either way, she still persisted,

"But she didn't-"

"You will stay here. Is that clear Ms. Amaro?" She nodded and sat back down. I smiled as best as I could at Giselle

"Giselle it's fine, really. Thanks for trying though." I whispered the last part to her. "And besides, the only thing she can do is give me detention." Giselle looked like she was about to protest, but couldn't say anything as Mrs. Perez shrieked, and I mean shrieked, it sounded like nails on a blackboard, I shuddered at the thought.

"Sometime today would be nice Miss. Acosta." I looked up expecting to see Miss. Perez a few feet away from me but found she was at the top of the stairs, near the museum entrance.

How had she gotten there so fast?

I walked as quickly as I could towards the entrance, fearing, in my haste, that if I ran I would end up tripping and falling onto my face.

Looking back at it, I now realize that it probably would have been better if I had fallen on my face instead.

Looking around I realized that she wasn't at the top of the stairs, like she had been moments before. Figuring she had already gone into the museum, I stepped inside. Not seeing her nearby I called out

"Mrs. Perez?"

"Did you really think you'd get away with it?" I looked around confused still no seeing her anywhere, so I figured it would probably be a good idea if I looked around the different rooms to see if I can find her.

"It was an accident; I don't even remember pus-"

"Don't play dumb with me honey," I followed her voice back to where the Greek and Roman artifacts were, she was standing in front of one of the statues, playing with the sleeves of her jacket, "That act you put on every day may fool everyone else, but it doesn't fool me."

"What act? Mrs. Perez, I don't know what you're talking about!" She spun around quickly to face me, her mouth turned up into a snarl.

"I wonder how your blood tastes like?" I shook my head confused,

"Wh-what are you talking about?"

"Tell me how it tastes and I'll make your death go by quicker. But if you don't," She looked at me with hunger. I started backing away from her.

"Death? Is this some kind of joke?" I looked around expecting people to jump out from behind corners laughing at how terrified I must look, only as I looked around I realized something, we were alone.

"Where is it?"

"I don't know what you are talking about!" Mrs. Perez crouched low into a predatory stance before jumping high into the air and flaming hair, white skin, red eyes, fangs, and one prosthetic bronze leg and one donkey leg landing a few feet front of me.

"Oh my," I turned around and started to run towards the exit, only to find my way blocked by the thing that used to be Mrs. Perez.

"Just leave me alone!" I turned around and started to make my way towards a fire escape that was luckily enough, close by. But once again, I found my way blocked.

"Giselle!" Both me and the thing looked behind me, surprised to see my Latin teacher wheeling himself into the room and Giselle running behind him with a bow and arrow drawn, when he saw that he had my attention he threw something into the air, and it was only as it got closer to me I realized it was a pen. By instinct, I raised my hands to catch it. But when I caught the pen, it changed into a three foot long bronze sword. Something I remembered Mr. David bringing into some of his lessons.

A loud growl came from behind me and I turned around fast enough to see that the thing that had been Mrs. Perez, had decided that enough was enough and charged me.

Something in me obviously knew what to do, so I swung the sword in front of me and watched as a huge gash appeared at her side. But instead of dropping dead like anything normal, she burst into dust.

I stood paralyzed for a few moments staring at where Mrs. Perez, now a pile of dust, once stood. I looked down at the sword in my hand, and was surprised to see that the sword was now once again a pen.

"This is too weird to real. It must be a dream," I nodded my head, believing what I had just said to myself. "Yeah, it was a dream. Just a dream."

But somehow, a part of me knew, that this was defiantly not a dream.

"What the hell was that?!" I yelled at them

"You're a demigod." Mr. David said

"You're insane." I said dropping the sword to the ground where it transformed back into a pen

"Tell me what you fought then if it isn't real?" Giselle questioned me putting the bow and arrow away

"A vampire." I said

"An Empousa." Mr.David said wheeling away after nodding to Giselle

"Come on it's time to go camp." She said leading me out of the museum after snapping her fingers letting us leave with no problem at all

~Timeskip brought to you by Sebastian's Love for Cats~
I looked at the Camp Half-Blood gate in awe. Giselle watched me with a smile.

"Welcome to your new home. Well your home away from home. And don't worry about your mortal family your mom knows you're here." She said grabbing my arm leading me inside where everything from kids training or riding pegasi.

"Home." I said smiling before I saw something flickering above my head. It was a red boar's head.

"Child of Ares. God of war." Giselle said before yelling to a camper "Hey Clarisse come here."

The girl came over and stared at me after greeting Giselle.

"Clarisse meet Cecilia Acosta your new sister." Giselle said before being pulled away by two blonde guys and a black haired guy

"So what weapon do you want?" Clarisse asked me

"Any weapon?" I asked slowly

She nodded and I smiled I was going to love this place.

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