Lies, Music, and Monsters Book 3

Sequel to Music and Monsters
5SOS are the last band members demigods that Ben needs. They get found by Ben and are told lies. This takes place a few months after Ben wanted to steal the Book of Hecate. The Wanted, One Direction, and 5SOS-Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Heroes of Olympus Crossover

Previous story We’re just a band not demigods and Music and Monsters

I don't own Percy Jackson Rick Riordan does.
I also don't own The Wanted, 5SOS, or One Direction.
I only own my ideas.
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also some of the scenes are from the books.
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11. Nike's Chariot

~3rd POV~
Ezekiel was in his room looking up at his ceiling thinking about how he and the 5SOS boys were going to get off the Chimera alive. In the room front of his was the 5SOS were together messing around with the new phones that Ezekiel had gotten them.

Elsewhere Ben, Kelly, Katie, and Justin were planning on how to delay the demigods from rescuing the three reincarnated demigods.

"What if we destroy the train  they're on?" Kelly asked

"We could, but it cause unwanted attention from the other demigods." Ben said

"We can let them get the demigods and then we can stop them afterwards." Justin said

"We can open a gate to Tartarus sending one of them into it." Katie said

"No because they have Sam and the other children of Hades on their side. Well except of Michael." Kelly said blushing lightly at the last sentence

"Either way we have to stop them one way or another. People are going to die in this war either way. Plan or no plan." Ben said

"Let's just go to bed, and come up with something tomorrow. Katie go back to camp and just gaining information." Kelly said before everyone walked off going to do their own thing.
~Timeskip brought to you by Damon Salvatore and Klaus Mikaelson Killing Everyone~
Ben called forward Ezekiel and the 5SOS guys into the grand ballroom where in the center was a large golden coffin. Even though Kronos’ essence was scattered in Tartarus once more he still wanted to destroy the Gods. Ben smirked evilly as he the boys stare at the coffin walking into the room. 

"Boys I want you to meet Kronos." Ben said motioning to the coffin

The boys stayed silent and just looked at the coffin before shivering as the room temperature dropped a few degrees.

"I know you've been training and all, but it's time for a quest that I want you to do for us." Ben said walking in front of us   

"Okay what do we have to do then?" Ezekiel asked

"Prove yourself with this quest. Easy just retrieve Nike's Chariot before our enemies retrieve it first." Ben said like it was the simplest thing in the world 

"They don't have enough training for a quest that big." Ezekiel exclaimed

"That's why you're going with them." Ben said as if it was obvious

Ezekiel stared at him hardly as the four other guys tensed up.

 "If I were you I would get your things ready, and leave on your quest." Ben said before turning away from them

The guys all stared at Ben before walking away to their rooms to get their things and leave for their quests.

~Timeskip brought to you by Grell Chasing Bassy Around~
"So where do we go?" Michael asked as the guys sat in the car that they borrowed going to the place closest with a competition or event going on

"Anywhere where there is competition. Nike is the Goddess of Victory." Ashton said

"So why did Ben send us?" Calum asked from the passenger seat

"Because he wants to see if you're valuable to him." Ezekiel said darkly from the driver's seat

"So what happens in a quest?" Luke asked sitting next to Ashton in the backseat

"It's an honor, but every quest has dangers, monsters, and death usually depending on what the prophecy said." Ezekiel said keeping his eyes on the road

"I'm sorry did you say death?" Michael questioned from beside Ashton 

"Yes death. That's the part of being a demigod. Monsters are always going to be after you no matter what." Ezekiel explained

"Let's just get this over with and not die while at it." Calum said 

"What events are there going on?" Luke asked 

"The VMAs." Ashton said looking through his phone

 "Does that mean we go to the award show?" Michael asked

"If the trail leads there then yes. If not we go from there to where ever the trail leads." Ezekiel said

"Do you think we'll survive?" Calum asked quietly

This caused a silence in the car before Ezekiel broke it. 

"Yes. Just use the training you got and we work together to make sure no one dues, but I can't guarantee no injuries." Ezekiel said flashing them all a small smile before turning the radio on and focusing on the road.

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