Every single love story is romantic. Some unique, others very similar. GOTTA love what the mind can think of. However, mine will be unique... Abnormal infact... Paranormal?


2. Chapter One: You can see me?

I walked up the stairs, my golden hair flowing down my back as I paced on the landing. I felt like I was being watched, I felt... Very exposed and Vulnerable. Recently, I had got into the Paranormal. I quite enjoyed it- the mystery,suspense and the tension. However, that doesn't mean it still doesn't wrack up a nerve or two... Or one hundred... Or a million. You get the point.

I heard a creak from ahead of me, the floorboards echoing around the house with each footstep; heavy or gentle. Somehow, I was in a odd mood, every single little thing had made me shriek in fear. When you see a fifteen year old girl screaming at a pencil moving you know they are probably crazy. Pretty much the whole YouTube community when that dumb challenge came along. Go away 'Charlie Charlie Challenge'. Nobody actually cares.

Suddenly, my bedroom door slammed shut due to a heavy force. Making me shriek in fright. I dusted myself off and headed towards the door. My hand brushing against the cold brass knob. It creaked as I opened it slowly, walking in with pure confidence and determination, unlike ten seconds ago. An Ominous blue glow rocketing across the room, making it look scarily similar to a Sci-Fi movie scene when the aliens appear. I face palmed. I need to stop making stupid references.

The source was from my closet door, the blue glue escaping the cracks at the bottom. Hastily, I pulled the doors open forcefully, stronger than I should of done. My gaze fell to the bottom of the closet. Slim, abnormal, pale...Ghost? It looked up at me with huge eyes, total surprise to see me. "S-Sorry for intruding, Yasmin! I won't do it ever again I promise, I promise, I promise. I'm sorry for startling you also. Plus, don't be creeped out, but I have been watching you. Don't be mad..." It rambled on, stating worthless apologies. I took a step back from the closet with a frustrated groan. "Whatever... I was expecting company anyway. You little stalker, since when were ghosts like that? You should be ashamed, Joe." I gave him a harsh and cold reply, all emotion non existent in my non-enthusiastic tone of voice. We exchanged evil glares, both wondering how we knew each other's names. "How did you know my name, Joe?" I interrogated Joe, circling around him, my hands behind my back. "Did you not just hear me there? I have been watching you... Duh." I could already tell this ghost would be dead by the end of the day. "How do you know my name, Yasmin?" Joe asked me, expecting a reasonable explanation which I'll never give him. "I never give away my secrets, that's my number one rule and priority." I tap my nose and give Joe a smug grin. His face turning a dark Crimson red.

I can tell this is going to be fun...


Word Count: 496 words.

Hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of the book I'm currently producing. The end result will be much more promising, I can promise that. It's probably written in the starts somewhere, I don't know....

Anyway, the inspiration for this story was actually a RolePlay I saw. Sad I know, don't judge me. Remember people, equality.

So, I'll try and update this story daily. Probably a failed pinky promise made to be broken. Let's just say, I'm not very punctual when it comes to updating. I'll probably be lost watching Dan and Phil. Phan is real, okay? Sshhhh, your opinion is irrelevant right now.

See you in the next chapter, my beautiful little bookworms. ❤️

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