Small Town Miracles


3. 3.

 I looked at my watch and sighed.

 "Ian and I have to head home."

 "Okay. I'll talk to you guys later." Skylar smiled.

 After dinner, I laid in my bed and smiled at the ceiling. Ian was lying in his bed, across the room.

 "Why didn't you ask her out?" Ian asked suddenly.


 "Why didn't you?"

 "Ian, things are complicated."

 "How? If you like someone, you tell them. If you love someone, you kiss them. If you love them more than that, you marry them." Ian said.

 "Things don't always work out as planned." I sighed.

 "You know what I wish?"

 "What?" I asked.

 "I wish daddy was still here."

 "He'll come back, Ian. One day."

 "How long?"

 "I don't know, but he will."

 Ian sighed deeply.

 "Trust me, I want him back too."

 Loud shouting boomed.

 "They're back at it again." Ian cried.

 "Come here."

 Ian ran over to me. I held him and rocked him to sleep.

 After Ian was asleep, I stayed awake though the fight. I wanted to make sure Ian didn't wake up.

 A door slammed and the yelling stopped. I let out a sigh of relief and tucked Ian in my bed. I grabbed and extra blanket and slept on the floor. 

 As I opened my eyes the next morning, everyone was still asleep. I stood up and grabbed my jacket. I looked at Ian, who was still sleeping peacefully.

 "One day, everything will be okay again. And we'll leave this place. We'll be happy. Everything will be alright." I whispered and fixed the blankets.

 I walked out of the front door and walked back to the park.

 Skylar was swinging.

 "What are you doing here so early?" I laughed.

 "Who says I ever left?"

 "You stayed here all night?!"

 "Maybe I was waiting for a certain butthead to come back."

 "You're the butthead." I laughed.

 "I'm not talking about you, dimwit." 

 "WHO IS HE?!" I shouted.

 "I was just joking." She smirked.

 My face got red and I laughed nervously.

 "Gosh, you get so jealous."

 "I... uh-"

 "It's kind of cute." She laughed.

 I blushed and sat on the swing beside her.

 A few kids walked by and looked at us like we were crazy.

 "Nothing to see here. Just some older kids reliving their youth." Skylar laughed.

They walked away and I laughed.

 "Those little fetuses." I smirked.

 A month came and gone, and Skylar and I were close. Ian, Skylar and I were at the park again. Ian was climbing on the jungle gym and Skylar and I were talking on the bench. I stared out to the lake and when I looked at Skylar, she was staring at me.
"What?" I laughed.

 "Your hair..."

 "What?" I repeated.


 She leaned in and I did too. I felt her smack my head.

 "What was that for?!"

 "There was a bug in your hair." She laughed and looked at the lake.

 "Oh.. uh... yeah." I laughed.

 She looked at me and blushed. She quickly looked back to the lake and I blushed too.

 As the sun went down, all three of us watched from the bench. How beautiful it must have been but I had all the beauty I'll ever need sitting on the bench next to me. I stared at Skylar as she and Ian were watching the sunset.

 That night, I stood in my room, in front of the mirror I stole from one of my sisters.

 "Skylar, I like you. I know you probably have feelings toward someone else... No. Dammit." I said and slapped my face. Ian walked in.

 "What are you doing?"

 "Failing." I sighed and plopped on my bed.

 He looked at me, confusion smeared on his face.

 "I was thinking of a way to tell Skylar how I feel." 

 "Just tell her."

 "I can't do that, Ian. I told her I liked her a month ago, and it almost ruined out friendship. I was stuttering and slurring my words... I want to tell her... but I want to do it right."

 "Is there even a wrong way to tell someone you like them?" Ian asked.

 I laughed.

 "You're going to have a fun time in high school."

 "Just ask her out. I'll be your wingman." Ian said.

 "Ian, I will. I just need to practice more."

 "You've been in here for hours."

 "Skylar is so amazing. She deserves the best. I know a lot of guys are after her, Ian. Better looking guys, more charming guys. I can't lose her. I can't sit back and act like I don't have feelings for her while all of these other guys are drooling over her."

"Titus, just ask her."

 "Ian, no."

 The next day, at the park, Ian walked up to us.

 "I'm going to help mom clean. I'll see you later." Ian said.

 I glared at Ian and he smirked.

 "Have fun, you two."

 "Bye, Ian." Skylar smiled.

 He walked away and I stared at the lake.

 "Are you okay?" Skylar asked.

 "Yeah. Just tired."

 Skylar looked at the water and I stared at her. Her hair was blowing with the wind, and the words 'Will you take all my pain away' rolled around in my head.

 She caught me staring at her and I quickly looked back at the lake, my mind screaming.

 She grabbed my arm.

 "What are you doing?"

  "You haven't been yourself, and I'm making sure you didn't cut."

 She pushed up my sleeve and when she saw nothing, she rolled it back down.

"You're clean."

 I smirked and looked back at the water.

 "But I know something's wrong."

 I looked at my hands and stayed silent.

 "Titus, what is it?"

 "I'm just tired."

 "You use that excuse for everything. It's gotten to the point that tired means sad."

 "Well, I actually am tired of.... n-not sleeping." I stuttered.

 "Tell me."

 "What would you say if..."

 Her eyes stared into my soul.

 I stared into her eyes as well, not being able to get the words out.

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