For the Invent your own kick ass heroine competition.

Meet Blade, a deadly girl on a deadly mission. Plagued with the horrific nightmares of her past, and a cruel taste for revenge. She's out on a kill.


1. Ruined Faces, Ruined Girls

When Blade was just a little girl, she learnt how corrupted and horrible the world was, and how trusting someone could end up being the thing that gets you killed. Being the daughter of a well-known businessman and his model girlfriend, she had been brought into a world of money. All her needs and wants were met, and she had lived a pretty happy life. But, that was all before her life changed, her parents split up, her well known businessman father had a dark side, and it was soon before that dark side began to chase him. Various men would come into their house and threaten her father, her mother pregnant at this time with her sister started to argue with her husband.


At the age of eight, Blade’s life had changed; she had been playing with her five year old brother Kyle, and her two year old sister Mia in her parents’ bedroom, when she had heard the sound of a gunshot firing. Little Blade only eight years old at that time, had no idea what was going on. Suddenly, her mother stumbled in, panting deeply out of breathe, and told Blade that something bad had happened, and she needed them to be very quiet. Her mother had quickly looked around at the room, and told them she was going to hide them, and that it was going to be a game of hide and seek. But, Blade knew that this was no ordinary game, by the way her mother, kept looking back, and told them to be quiet. She hid Kyle in one closet, and was going to hide both Blade and Mia in separate closets. But Mia, started to cry since she was afraid of the dark, so Blade told her mother that she would stay with Mia, with no time to argue, both Mia and Blade were shoved into another closet. Mia’s hand clenched tightly in hers, and Blade hugged her sister protectively. It had only been moments later, when the door slammed open and she heard footsteps approaching the closet. Knowing that she had to protect Mia, Blade, shoved her sister even further into the closet, while she stood in front of her, all she knew was that she had to protect Mia. Suddenly, the door was open, and Blade felt a pair of hands pull her out of the closet, all she could do was hope that Mia wouldn’t make her sound. She found herself surrounded by three men, two of which carried a knife, they circled around her, and watched her with predatory eyes.

Blade wanted to cry, but she had learnt from a young age that tears were a weakness. One of the men, with the hook nose, grasped Blade’s hair tightly, and pulled her hair back, tears began to brim in her eyes, and she felt the pain of her hair being ripped out.

“Aww, look at that guys, she’s going to cry,” the men with the hook nose cried out, smirking with satisfaction.

One of the other men with the golden tooth grinned and laughed, “Let’s kill her,” he said meekly, from the way he seemed to bow down to the hook nose, Blade assumed that hook nose was the boss.

“No, let’s ruin her pretty little face, I want her to live, with the knowledge of knowing that every time she looks in the mirror, she will always remember me,” hook nose ordered, pulling out a knife out.

Blade shook in fear, as the two men held her down, while hook nose brought the knife closer to her face. It was if time had stood still, as hook men dragged the knife from her left forehead all the way down her left cheek. Blade cried out in fear, as she wished for someone to save her.  She could feel the blood trickling down her cheek, and the pain of the knife digging into her skin. Sometimes she wondered what had given her brother the courage to do so, but he sprang out of the closet and jumped onto hook man’s arm and bit into his arm. She heard hook nose man groan in anger, as he shoved Blade out of the way, causing her to hit her head against the bedpost. She lay on the floor, her head paining, she could see her brother struggling with hook man, who had gotten his two other men to grab hold of Kyle, and flung him onto the wall. Blade watched her brother’s small body hit the strong wall at full speed, blood pooling from his head.

“That wasn’t the plan,” hook man told off his two other men, as he looked around in anger and confusion.


He pulled his men out of the room, and Blade watched them disappear out of the room. All Blade could think about was her brother lying on ground still. Blade struggled to get up, using all the strength in her arms to get into the sitting position. She waited for ten minutes to go past, to make sure that the men were gone. As much as her cheek hurt and tinged in pain, she had to think about her sister. She looked around for her sister Mia, not knowing where she was.

“Mia,” Blade cried out in hopelessness, it was only after little Mia toddled out that she started to breathe again. Mia hugged Blade tightly, and she rubbed her sister’s hair, as her eyes fell on her brother’s still form.

“Brother,” Mia whispered, pointing at Kyle before beginning to cry.

Blade eyes were glued to her brother’s still form, as she slowly crawled towards her brother who lay there, it would almost look like he was sleeping, except he was pale and the blood surrounding him proved that he wasn’t just sleeping. Blade wanted to cry, she desperately did, but all she felt was anger and rage. Why had her brother tried to save her? Why had those men destroyed her life? Mia sobbed hardly against her chest, and she rubbed her little sister’s back as she thought about what had happened to her parents. She didn’t even know if they were still alive, all she could think about was her little brother dead on the floor, lying dead because she had failed to protect him. The pain on her face burned, and it made her want to scream and cry, but the death of her brother clouded the pain. She didn’t know if it was just instinct, but her hands slowly found her brother’s hair, and she brushed his hair affectionately, mourning the loss of her brother.

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