Found in an ally - Luke Hemmings

"There will be some rules and if you break them, you'll be punish."

In which a girl name Winter is faced with some that found her in an ally.


1. Chapter One

Winter Blue

"Mom do I have to wear this?" I disgustingly asked. My mom is making me wear this ugly green dress with hoop earrings, my mom knows how much I hate getting dressed up,especially if I'm forced to go somewhere.

"Yes. After you're done come here so I can do your makeup and shoes." My mom is a makeup artist and shoe designer and hair designer, she is like the boss of her company. She is also dragging me along to her company party, I'm not looking forward to this, I'm not interested in this and I'm certainly not interested in meeting nor talking to people.

In defeat, I walk towards- or stomp my way towards my mom. "Oh honey, don't act like a big baby, I don't see the problem of wearing a dress and "little" makeup." I quote little when my mom says little she means ALOT.

"Eww! Do I have to wear does ugly white shoes?" I nearly almost threw up.

"Oh for the love of God! Don't be so dramatic!" My mom rolled her eyes at me. "I'm not being dramatic, I'm being honest." I protest

"Whatever you say." My mom sighed."Can you skip the blush." I ask a bit rude, hoping she'll show a little sympathy.

"Fine," My mom says giving up."But I'm braiding your hair." Oh my god why?

"I need a barf bag," I said feeling utterly sick. "Here" my mom handed me a barf bag and I threw up a little in it.

"Okay now go brush your teeth, I don't want you to have barf breath." My mom shooed me away, I did as I was told and brush my teeth.

"HOLY HELL!" I screamed, seeing what my mom did. "MOM WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?" My mom put on green eye shadow on me and fake eyelashes, blush lipstick,well at least she gave me gray nail polish. My black and blue hair were all braided back in one.

My mom came rushing in to see what I was screaming about. "For the Love of God. Winter, we're gonna be late if you keep on wasting time." My mom impatiently told me.


"Why couldn't I just stay in the car?" I whined even more.

"Winter Ivy Blues, if you-" Thank God my Mom got cut off by greeting guests before she smacks the city light out of me. I decided to take that chance to sneak out of here, my mom wouldn't notice I'll be missing,she'll be too busy.

I look for a window and saw one and decided to climb up. "I really hope no one looks under my dress," I mumble to myself, as I was climbing I heard someone calling my name.

"WINTER!" Someone shouted my name from across. I stumble on the ladder and fell straight on my ass.

"Oww, mother of-"

"Winter get over here, now!" My sentence was cut off by my Mother shirk at me.

"Wh-I mean yes." I quickly change my tone of an answer.

"I see you finally came, you weren't trying to escape, were you?" My mom put up a brow.

"NO," I said in a very high pitch, I usually do that if I'm lying.

"Hmm," My mom bluntly says. "Okay, I'm gonna to the bathroom, then we are gonna to the ally, okay."

"Oh, thank-wait did you say we're going to an ally?" I ask choking on my own spit.

"No, I didn't," My mom says, sipping on her drink and walking away. Okay I know I'm not crazy, my mom literally said I quote, 'going to the ally'

Why the hell would my mom would go to an ally, to get kidnapped? I ask myself. "Better yet, why is she bring me along?" I ask the most important question.

I was about to freak out more when my mom came out. "Okay ready to go?" No, I'm not ready to get raped

"Uhmm" I swallow a big lump,"I'm ready." As usual, I was speaking in my high pitch voice.

"Don't be so nervous?" My mom patted my back. Is this woman mental?


I was sweating like crazy, I was so scared as into what was going to happen to me, we made to the ally. God, if you love me, you'll save me!

"Okay get out" My mom snapped me out of my thoughts. "A-are" I cleared my throat. "Are you coming with me?" I shakily asked.

"Uh yeah, just give me a minute." My mom chuckled a little. "Just get out I have to park the car" Its obvious Moms is lying to my face.

I hesitate before asking, "You're not lying to me, are you?"

"W-why would you think I will be lying?" My mom fake shock.

"You're mental, I am not getting out of this car unless we are home." I spat out

"Young lad-"

My mom stop her sentence," Jesus Christ, what was that?" I asked in horror, my mom didn't say anything.

"You need to get out."

"Mom are you-"

My mom gave me the cut eye. Hell no I am not getting out of this car I don't care if she smacks the living crap out of me.

I crossed my arms in stubbornness. I heard Moms phone ring. "Are you gonna answer it?" I rudely asked

"Not you in here." My mom coldly responded. I don't understand why my mother wanted me to get out, what the hell? Maybe she is drunk or something.

"Mom, can we go home?" I ask getting exhausted.

"No" My mom bluntly says

"Why not?" I squint my eyebrows together, still having my arms crossed.

"I need my money-" Did she say money?

"Shit" She mumbled. I was starting to get the feeling she-no she wouldn't she's my mother.

"Winter" My mom quietly says

"What?" I was on the verge to cry.

"I need you to get out the car before I make you get out!" She said getting louder.

"WHAT THE-" my eyes widen when I saw my mom had a gun in her hand. Why the fuck would she have a gun with her.

"I'm gonna give you one last time, get out." She seriously would shoot her own daughter, what kind of parent would do that.

I decided to get out, I unbuckled my seatbelt and got out, my mom got out too.

Thank God she didn't bring the gun. "So long and Goodnight" She evilly smirks.

"You're not allowed to say that, you bitch!" I spat out

"I can say what I want, now say your prayers." Next thing I know my mom knock me over and put a rag on me.

"Wh-" next thing I saw was darkness


I have no idea what dark mind came to me, but hey, it worked, I might change the title so...... Bye!

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