Runaway- Michael Clifford story

Glisten is a runaway, her family did not seem to wish or bother to search for her, she was invariably alone ever so since she was 9 years old.

One day she found a home somewhere and decided to go in and simply lurk around, but what she did not notice was that somebody was living there. What would happen if that special soul finds her? What would the person consider or do?

Find out in Runaway.


5. Chapter 6: Runaway Name

"My name is,uh..." Crap I meed to think of something... And fast!

"My name is: G-glisten! Yeah Glisten." Whoa, that was close

Calum just stood their thinking of a response, "Glisten" he repeats softly, "that is a unique and interesting name" Thank God he bought it, I don't even think I even had a name in the first place I was always called other names that was hurtful.

"Hey, you okay?" Calum ask seeing I was starting to get upset.

"Huh?" I said back to reality. "I asked if you were okay, you look like you were about to tear up?" Calum ask concerned.

"Yeah I was-"

"Guys can we eat now I'm hungry?" Michael came back, I didn't even realize he left.

"Where were you?" Calum ask, he probably didn't realize Michael left.

"Somewhere" He mysteriously spoke

"Do I even want to know?" Calum ask-mostly himself

"Yes and no"

"Why-never mind- are you hungry?" He turned around and asked me.

I nod a 'yes' I didn't feel like talking right now. "

"Okay let's roll"


Sorry this is short, I made this a filler, the next chapter will be longer!

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