Twice The Joy Twice The Pain

What if 5 of the Gods had all fallen for the same woman? What it she was already pregnant wit Percy Jackson. Percy had a twin sister. What no one knew was how powerful she was. Persia was the child of five gods. She was separated from Percy at age 5 but they never stopped looking for each other.


2. The quest

*a few months later*

Percy, Jason, Annabeth, Nico, and Piper were selected to go out and help find more demigods. The camp was strangely empty and there had to be more demigods that needed help. Annabeth was making sure they had everything they would possibly need in almost any situation. Jason was working on means of transportation which basically meant that Nico was going to shadow travel Percy and Annabeth and Jason could fly with Piper. Then of course there was Percy , Stuffing himself with food. " What?", he asked Annabeth. "Its gonna be a long trip." Annabeth rolled her eyes and continued finalizing everything. A few hours later, the were ready to go. The five of them bid their goodbyes to everyone, and off they went. 


A few hours later, Percy and Annabeth were dragging a half conscious son of Hades to meet Piper and Jason at the school they were supposed to be ' exchange students' at. "Percy! What are we gonna do with Nico? I don't think any of us thought this part through." , Jason said. Annabeth rolled her eyes. " Who do you think I am? A daughter of Hera? Of course I thought this part out." Everyone stared at her expectantly waiting for her to continue. " I booked a hotel room not far from the school. We HAVE to stay somewhere don't we? What did you think we would do? Sleep on the streets? " Thank the gods for Annabeth or we'd all be screwed." , Piper said. This is when Percy piped up. " What would we do without you Wise Girl? But what we really need is to get Ghost King here to the room. He is actually heavier than he looks." Jason nodded and took Nico from Percy as he was asking Annabeth how to get to this place. " You just go up the street and take to lefts and when you see the school go to the right and then you keep going until you see a fork in the road and take the left one and you wont be able to miss it." Jason nodded and told them to just meet him there as soon as they could and kissed Piper goodbye and he flew off. " well", Percy said, " I guess we better hit the road."


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