Twice The Joy Twice The Pain

What if 5 of the Gods had all fallen for the same woman? What it she was already pregnant wit Percy Jackson. Percy had a twin sister. What no one knew was how powerful she was. Persia was the child of five gods. She was separated from Percy at age 5 but they never stopped looking for each other.


6. Reunited

Percy and Jason finally showed up. Hazel and Frank ran out to greet them. " Where have you two been?! We have been waiting for hours!" hazel screeched. Frank put his hand on her shoulder to calm her a little. Frank spoke. " Everyone's waiting. You're needed in the infirmary. Do you want me and Hazel to go with you?", Frank asked giving Percy a worried glance. " Uh. Yeah I guess if you want to?" Percy said it like a question. He didn't like the vibes coming from Frank and Hazel. Something big had to be going on. Chiron wouldn't call him back from a quest for nothing. But, whatever it was, he knew Annabeth was ok so it cant be too bad. The four of them walked towards the infirmary. Nico , Will, Reyna, and Chiron were sitting around a bed. Alarm bells were going off in Percy's head. Why was Chiron here? He cares very deeply for everyone at the camp but rarely visits them personally. Nico had his arm slung around Wills shoulders and Will was holding the girl on the beds hand. What was he doing. He looked like he was concentrating  very hard and he looked almost.... pained? Nico was talking to him. " Its ok will. Its ok. Shes stable for now. She doesn't have long but she at least has tonight. That's right. Just a little more. Come on Will. Just hold out for a little longer ok." Will closed his eyes. " Nico, I just don't know. I cant let her die but this isn't working. What are we gonna do?" This is when Percy spoke up. "What the Hades is going on? Who's the girl and what in the name of Olympus happened to her?" The girl was on her stomach so Percy couldn't see her face. Chiron answered as everyone gave him a worried look. They had found out from Annabeth that Persia was the name of Percy's twin sister. This had to be her. But she was dying. How were they suppose to explain that to Percy? " This Percy, is Persia Jackson." Percy couldn't believe his ears. Persia? What happened to her? " W-what happened is she ok?" Percy walked over to Persia and combed her hair to the side and started French braiding it. Everyone was silent. They couldn't tell if Percy was handling this well or not. Percy was the one to break the silence. " Reyna? Do you have a hair tie I can borrow?'' Reyna handed Percy her extra hair tie. Percy finished braiding Persia's hair and tied it off. Everyone was still silent. " She always wear her hair like that", Percy explained. No one wanted to tell him that she was dying. That she only had a day at the most. That she may never wake up. Percy again was the only one to speak. But this time he had tear and anger in his eyes. " What happened to her!? Who did this!? W-what did this!?" Percy broke down and sunk to the floor holding Persia's hand. " There was a hydra at the bottom of the hill. She fought it more or less on her own. She won. She defeated a hydra all alone." Chiron said. Then Percy did something un expected. He laughed. Everyone was staring at him in shock. After he pulled himself together more or les, he explained. " When we were younger mom would read to us about the monsters of ancient Greece. When we read about the Hydra, Persia got really mad and said that she would 'love to kick that son of a bitch's ass one day" Everyone was laughing at this. Beat his ass she had. After everyone settled down, they fell into a tense silence. They all knew that she might not make it. But they still hoped. Percy and Persia both deserved a little happiness. But that's when the reality of all of it hit Percy like he had just got hit by a train. And that's when he blacked out.

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