Twice The Joy Twice The Pain

What if 5 of the Gods had all fallen for the same woman? What it she was already pregnant wit Percy Jackson. Percy had a twin sister. What no one knew was how powerful she was. Persia was the child of five gods. She was separated from Percy at age 5 but they never stopped looking for each other.


1. A Sister?

Annabeth couldn't sleep. Why would she be able to sleep? She had just fought Gaia and finally had time to reflect on how many times she and her friends were almost killed. She had been to Tartarus. She had been separated from the love of her life. Yet, she had won. Except for the nightmares. She could never escape the nightmares unless she was in Percy's arms. She decided that after a week of not sleeping, it would probably be a good idea to go to cabin three to at least check on Percy. Annabeth grabbed her coat and slipped out the door, careful not to wake her siblings. It was a good thing she chose tonight. Percy apparently hadn't been getting enough sleep either. She was about to open the door to the cabin when she heard Percy screaming. " No! Don't touch her! Persia!" Percy stopped screaming and was now sobbing. Annabeth ran through the door and started shaking Percy trying to wake him. " Percy, shhh its ok. Percy, wake up its just a nightmare." Percy jolted up and looked at Annabeth. "Oh gods, its just top real!'' Percy started crying again and Annabeth just curled up into his side. " Its ok, its ok. It was just a dream." Annabeth was trying to recall the name Percy had screamed. Persia? Who was Persia? Annabeth trusted Percy completely , but who was Persia? It was clear Percy wasn't going to get much more sleep so Annabeth decided this was as good as any to ask Percy who Persia was. "Um... Percy? Who is Persia? I.... If its something you want to talk about." Percy looked absolutely shocked. "What? How... Why do you ask? Annabeth was starting to catch on. ' He must not have realized he was screaming for her.' " Just tell me who she is, Percy. Its not that big of a deal. Its ok if shes your ex or something....." Percy took in a deep breath " Annabeth, just don't be upset that I never told you, ok. Annabeth nodded her head and prepared herself o hear the story of a beautiful girl Percy used to date. Se was shocked by what came out of his mouth next. "Persia is, m-my twin sister.... We were inseparable. One never went anywhere without the other. Then, when we were five, she was taken away. Mom let some man take her. I didn't know why. I guess its because we would be to powerful to live together but I still don't understand why I still haven't seen her. She should be here. She is all alone out here with no training and she is child of one f the big three. But, I WILL NOT even tolerate the thought that she may be dead. She knew how to take care of herself. She is a fighter and shes good at it too. But hat I can see is her getting thrown in jail for stealing or for something that came out of her big mouth....." Percy started feeling his eye lids get heavy and he gladly welcomed the sleep. " Goodnight seaweed brain" Annabeth whispered and fell asleep. Before drifting of he could remember thinking. ' Persia, wow. A sister....' and she was out like a light.

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