Once Upon A Kik | Phan

Dan didn't know what the heck possessed him to download kik onto his phone that day - nor did he know that downloading that app would do so much more than take up space on his phone. | Book One in the "YOU HAVE A MESSAGE" series.


4. Shii


This one is dedicated to my best mate, Tayne, for his constant support, whether it be with my writing or my YouTube channel (*shameless self-promo: channel's called "Willow Angel"*) or just life in general.
You can find him on YouTube, his channel is called "magetime29 & co". He's an amazing guy.

I'm also really enjoying writing this story, and I hope you guys like it too!

Well, I hope you enjoy the chapter :)


For a while more, this random conversation kept up, with Phil picking new conversations whenever Dan couldn't pick one. He picked the randomest topics ever, and he always seemed to know what to say. He always knew what topics to pick that would make Dan laugh and make him feel better. 

Dan was starting to think that Phil was the human embodiment of sunshine, which greatly contrasted Dan, who considered himself the human embodiment of Winnie the Pooh.

Definitely not as good as sunshine; who would ever like a guy like Dan?

Phil, apparently. Which was new.

Who wouldn't ever like a guy like Phil?

Nobody. Because Phil somehow knew exactly how to make people feel good about themselves.

And Dan loved that feeling.

AmazingPhil: I'll be right back, PJ's messaging me.

danisnotonfire: cool :)

And so he waited. And he couldn't help but stare at the chat, reading the last few messages.

Then he tapped onto Phil's profile picture. It was just one of him grinning at the camera, his tongue slightly poking out of the side of his mouth. It was, quite frankly, absolutely freaking adorable.

Now that Dan looked closely, he could see that Phil's skin was really pale, contrasting to Dan's slightly more tanned skin. His eyes were very, very blue, whilst Dan's were a murky sort of brown. Phil's hair was jet black, and styled in a side fringe to the right side of his face; Dan's hair was brown, ever so slightly lighter than his eyes, and he had a side fringe to the left.

In other words, Dan was a cool-kid wannabe and Phil was absolutely gorgeous.

Then his phone vibrated, pulling him down to Earth with a start.

AmazingPhil: Well, Chris isn't any better, but he's playing Mario Kart, so apparently he's not too bad. PJ refuses to leave.

danisnotonfire: aww XD

AmazingPhil: And now he's asking me who the heck I'm talking to. I usually reply to people right away.

danisnotonfire: that you do.

There was a pause for a few minutes.

AmazingPhil: He says he wants to talk to you. Is that okay?
Chris is apparently jumping up and down, too. Figuratively, as his headache is apparently huge.
Chris can be even more hyper than I an when talking to new people, so don't say I didn't warn you.

danisnotonfire: yeah, I'm here.

AmazingPhil: Do you want to talk to them? You can say no.

danisnotonfire: just let me process the fact that three people now want to actually talk to me.

AmazingPhil: Of course! Why wouldn't they?

danisnotonfire: ...because I'm the most ordinary and socially awkward person to ever walk the Earth?

AmazingPhil: How many times do I have to repeat myself...
So do you want to talk to them or not? Only a simple yes or no is required.

Dan bit his lip. Not only was Phil talking to him, but he was saying that two other people actually wanted to talk to him.

He was having a bit of trouble processing this one.

But he decided to go for it. He wouldn't be surprised if they decided to drop him, anyway.

danisnotonfire: sure. why not.

AmazingPhil: Yay~

He couldn't help it - he giggled at that one. Somehow, it warmed his heart to see that small text, showing that Phil was happy. It made him happy.

Just like the texts Phil sent that were directed at Dan, the ones that made him feel like he was worth something. That maybe his life wasn't just some big, long existential crisis after all.

His phone vibrated with a new chat.

AmazingPhil: Dan, meet Chris and PJ. Chris, PJ, meet Dan.

danisnotonfire: uh, hi?


KickThePj: Chris Kendall I swear to god.

AmazingPhil: Please calm down, Chris.

crabstickz: sorry
(not really)

KickThePj: Please excuse Chris, Dan. He's a bit hyper.

crabstickz: you love me, Peej.

KickThePj: I do, but that doesn't change the fact that you're hyper.

crabstickz: true.

Dan couldn't help but grin at the two new people. This was three more people than the amount that would normally talk to him, and he was still computing that.

But it felt nice.

danisnotonfire: I am just a little bit overwhelmed.

AmazingPhil: Sorry about that.

danisnotonfire: nah, it's fine.
still having a bit of trouble processing this one, though.

AmazingPhil: For goodness' sake, Dan.

KickThePj: I'm sorry about Chris. My name's PJ Ligouri, nice to meet you :)

danisnotonfire: no worries. I'm Dan Howell, btw. good to meet you, too.

crabstickz: Chris Kendall at your service *le bow*

AmazingPhil: Really, Chris?

crabstickz: yeup.

AmazingPhil: See what I mean, Dan?

danisnotonfire: not really just yet.

AmazingPhil: You will :)

crabstickz: oooooohhhh...


crabstickz: has Philly got an internet boyfriend??????? :D
'bout time, bro.

AmazingPhil: CHRIS

KickThePj: Chris, stop. Please.

Dan stared. He could feel the heat slowly rising into his face.

Internet... boyfriend?

So many things were happening at once, he could barely keep up.

crabstickz: Daaaaan D:

danisnotonfire: yeah?

crabsrickz: Peej just hit me over the head DX

AmazingPhil: PJ!!!

KickThePj: He had it coming.

danisnotonfire: I will decline to comment.

AmazingPhil: That's probably a good idea.

KickThePj: Definitely.

crabstickz: but Peej ily~ why'd you hit me??? ;-;

KickThePj: I love you too, but I hit you cause you were being a doof.

crabstickz: but that's exactly what you love about me.

KickThePj: That is true.

AmazingPhil: See, Dan?

danisnotonfire: yep.

KickThePj: See what?

crabstickz: see whAT???????

AmazingPhil: I told him already that you guys were dating.

crabstickz: GOOD cause ain't NOBODY stealin my Peej!!! >:(

KickThePj: Nobody is stealing me, Chris.

AmazingPhil: He's all yours ^-^

danisnotonfire: wouldn't dream of it.

crabstickz: good.

KickThePj: Now that that's settled...

crabstickz: so Danny, what's up with you and Philly over here? :3

AmazingPhil: Chris! D:

Dan's phone vibrated off the handle, and he noticed that there was a separate message from both Phil and PJ. He decided to go into Phil's first, in case he worried too much.

AmazingPhil: I'm really sorry about Chris, Dan. He's a good friend and he's really fun to be around, but sometimes he pushes unnecessarily. You really don't have to answer any weird questions.

Dan smiled. He couldn't help but feel happy that Phil was worried about him.

danisnotonfire: it's okay, but thanks :) I'm just not used to this, is all.

AmazingPhil: Don't worry, the three of us will fix that soon enough ^-^

danisnotonfire: I'm both worried and not worried.

AmazingPhil: Don't be :)

danisnotonfire: thanks :)

AmazingPhil: Anytime ^-^

Dan went into Pj's chat next, where there were a few messages waiting for him.

KickThePj: Hey Dan. I just wanted to apologise about Chris. I mean, he's normally hyper, but being sick has raised the bar a little. So sorry about that.
I'm also trusting Phil's word that you're not homophobic, because Chris and I have been dating for nearly four months now. Just wanted to get that out of the way.
But Phil seems to really like you, Dan, so I hope Chris doesn't scare you off or anything.
Phil also told me that you're not really good with conversation (sorry if that's wrong), but between him and Chris, we'd never run out of conversation, so I hope you stick around :)

danisnotonfire: thanks. let me try to reply appropriately.
Chris is fine, really, I'm just not used to people actually wanting to talk to me. I'm not a social person, is all.
and yeah, Phil told me that you guys are dating and that's perfectly fine. I'm bi myself, so of course I don't mind.
as for Phil "really liking me", well, I really like him too, and I'm really hoping that my awkwardness doesn't scare HIM off.

As soon as he pressed send on that last reply, he froze.

Shit shit shit shit shit...!

Did he really just say that?!?

KickThePj: Good thing about Chris, then.
And to be honest, I've never heard Phil talk as excitedly about anyone as he has about you in the past day. It's both comforting and strange.

danisnotonfire: how much did he talk about me? and strange how?

KickThePj: A lot. Definitely a lot. Every second sentence, a lot.
And strange because this is just different. Not because you're strange.
Phil's just never talked about someone this much before.

danisnotonfire: ...I don't even know what to say.

KickThePj: You don't have to say anything, I just wanted to let you know.
You seem like a nice enough person, Dan. I'm glad Phil's found you. I think he kinda needs you. Maybe in the way that I need Chris, or maybe not. I can't see the future. Just, thank you.

Dan definitely felt the blush on his face now. PJ certainly had a way with words.

danisnotonfire: that's good, I guess. because I think that I need Phil, too.

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