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Dan didn't know what the heck possessed him to download kik onto his phone that day - nor did he know that downloading that app would do so much more than take up space on his phone. | Book One in the "YOU HAVE A MESSAGE" series.


19. Q&A + Q&A ANSWERS!

A/N: So I did a little Q&A over on Wattpad for a belated 15K Reads celebration, so here are the two parts to it!! :D



G'day guys, Willow here!

So, I was thinking. This story just hit 16.3 fucking thousand reads (what the actual fuck, thank you guys so much), and these Q and A things seem pretty popular, so why not do one ourselves? :D

I really want to involve you guys some more because y'all are the absolute BEST, so I figure as a late 15k reads special, ask people your questions and us people behind the screen will answer!! :D

The people (I know these aren't their actual names IRL, but hey, whatever) you can ask are:

Phil Lester

Martyn Lester (Phil's older bro)

Mr Lester (Phil's father)

Mrs Lester (Phil's mother)

Dan Howell

Adrian Howell (Dan's little bro)

Anne Howell (Dan's mother)

Desmond Howell (Dan's father)

Chris Kendall

PJ Ligouri


Willow Angel (MEEEEE, woohoo!)

So, ask away! As the characters questions about what's happened so far, ask me about my non-existent upload schedule, ask whatever you like!! If you don't mind, please check that your questions haven't already been asked before asking yourself. That's all I ask of you guys :D

Well, we look forward to answering your questions :)

Peace! :D

~~Willow :)




Sup guys!

So it's been a week, I've collected your questions/comments, so here are the answers you've been waiting for :)

Welp, that's enough of that. Onto the answers!


Chat with AmazingPhil (Phil Lester)

DeathByPhandom: Hey you huge piece of sunshine, how are you doing, also do you have a crush if so who is it?

AmazingPhil: Sunshine? Chris is the only one that's ever called me that, thank you! And I'm doing wonderfully, I hope you are too! Crush? Um... yeah... it's this guy that I've been talking to for a couple of weeks. We've been talking and Skyping and all that, and I really want to meet him. And yes, I say "him". His name is Dan.

Luvbug264: Why are you so freaking adorable?

AmazingPhil: I'm adorable? Thanks, but I... um... I don't even know what to say, thank you!

hslesinski16: would you rather have Dan as your boyfriend or as your friend?

AmazingPhil: Well, I'd like to have Dan as my boyfriend and some stage, I'll admit that. But I don't know if he wants to same thing. So, I'll wait and whatever happens happens, I guess.

DAN_PHILTRASHFOREVER: Can you and Dan just like date already!?!???

AmazingPhil: Please, calm down! I... I haven't even met him in real life yet. I want to, though. I'm going to ask him out if we click in real life. Promise!

ProPhangirl21p: Do you like Dan?? Ps you're adorable :3

AmazingPhil: Of course I like Dan! And thank you :D

gardeninglester: is dan squishy yes or no

AmazingPhil: uhh....

fantacygirl2004: if you change one thing about Dan, anything, what would it be?

AmazingPhil: I would NEVER want to change ANYTHING about Dan. Ever. He's perfect the way he is. Although, I do want to change the fact that he doesn't live closer to me, but that's it. Dan is perfect and I wouldn't change him for the world :)


Chat with mookentooken (Martyn Lester - Phil's older bro)

willow0angel: It seems that people don't want to talk to you, mate.

mookentooken: So it would seem... I don't bite, promise!


Chat with JJ_Lester (Mr Lester - Phil's father)

willow0angel: Yo JJ, how you holding up?

JJ_Lester: ...bored over here in my little corner... I can answer questions too!


Chat with Amelia02 (Mrs Lester - Phil's mother)

willow0angel: Hey Amelia, you got any questions yet?

Amelia02: No, not yet, but I imagine people like Phil are more important than people like me. I don't mind :)


Chat with danisnotonfire (Dan Howell)

DeathByPhandom: On a scale of 1 to 10 how scared are you to come out to your father? (P.s. you'll be fine you have Philly)

danisnotonfire: well, on a scale of 1 to 10, I'm about a 10.5-infinity, but I guess I have to say it at some point. and I know (or I hope) I have Phil, I don't know what I'd do without him at this point, honestly

Luvbug264: How in love with Phil are you

danisnotonfire: hey now, let's not get ahead of ourselves. I really like Phil, sure. I've never exactly been "in love" before, so I wouldn't even know how to describe it. but yeah, I really like him

flaminpotatos: Why are you so adorable

danisnotonfire: "adorable" is not the word I would have used to describe myself, tbh

DAN_PHILTRASHFOREVER: Why are you not dating Phil rn?

danisnotonfire: maybe because we haven't actually MET yet? which is gradually killing me inside, but I'll last. kinda want to go on a date with him, though. AFTER we actually meet. whenever that's going to be, if it's ever going to be

ProPhangirl21p: Are you gonna ask Phil out?????? Love yooouuuuuu

danisnotonfire: ha hhaaaaaa, as if I have the confidence for that. and thanks, I guess?


Chat with AdyHow (Adrian Howell - Dan's little bro)

DeathByPhandom: You cool, also watch out for any flying sporks

AdyHow: Thanks! And I don't think cutlery can fly. Sorry. But hey, whatever...

Luvbug264: Do you like Phil?

AdyHow: Yeah! Phil's awesome! I can see why Dan keeps talking to him, he's pretty awesome. Dan's lucky to have a friend like that.

trashywriteromfg: what are your opinions on lgbt+ people? do you support/accept them? wait--oh my god are you lgbt+ bc that would be rlly cool and easier for Dan to come out to you

AdyHow: D ude, I don't even know what half of the letters STAND for - there's too many! But yeah, I accept them. It doesn't really change anything, in my opinion, it just changes which freaking gender they like. Am I LGBT? I haven't really thought about it all that much, but maybe... As for Dan coming out? If he ends up gay or bi or whatever else is in that stupidly long title, that's fine by me.

A/N: Dude, that is a good idea...


Chat with AnnHowell_ (Ann Howell - Dan's mother)

DeathByPhandom: You are just great and awesome, what is it like having Dan for a son?

AnnHowell_: Thank you so much, dear! You are very kind. And having Dan for a son is wonderful, I love him to bits (bisexual or no). He and Adrian make my world.

Luvbug264: Are you nervous about how your husband will react to Dan being gay af?

AnnHowell_: Please mind your language! And Dan said he is bisexual, there is a difference! And yes, I am a bit nervous, but if need be I am not afraid to give Desmond a piece of my mind because Dan is our son and the fact that he likes boys as well as girls should never change that! But thank you for your concern :)


Chat with Desmond-Howell (Desmond Howell - Dan's father)

Annabelle347: I hate you

Desmond-Howell: I beg your pardon, miss? That's a very rude thing to say. I don't even know who you are!

DeathByPhandom: How do you feel about gay people?

Desmond-Howell: This is a complicated subject for me, so please allow me to speak. I was born and raised in a time when being homosexual was frowned upon, and anybody that was openly gay was ridiculed and excluded, and was called a sinner. I believed that it was a sin. But recently, with being gay becoming more and more acceptable by the day (and my wife, Anne, being fully accepting of most people), I've come to understand that I, too, need to try and learn to accept it. It may take me longer than you would like, but I will try.

Luvbug264: Why are you such a homophobic prick?

Desmond-Howell: Excuse me, that's a very rude thing to say! And as I just mentioned to the last person, I am trying to accept homosexuality. I apologise if it takes longer than you would like, but my mother and father did a very good job of drilling into me that homosexuality was a sin. If if weren't for my wife, God bless her, I'm sure I'd still think that wholeheartedly. So please, I'm trying. And I think eventually, I will be as accepting as my Anne is.

ProPhangirl21p: What's your opinion on the lgbt+ community?

Desmond-Howell: For the LGBT+ community as a whole, my opinion is much the same as homosexuality. I don't want to repeat myself a third time, but as I've said, I am trying.

willow0angel: Yikes, you're getting some tough comments getting thrown your way, huh?

Desmond-Howell: Yes, and I don't really appreciate it. Still, I suppose it was coming.


Chat with crabstickz (Chris Kendall)

DeathByPhandom: You are a great, do you love Peej?

crabstickz: cheers, mate! you're pretty great too! and yeah, I love PJ. I have for a long time, it just took him ages to come around and love me back ;) but we're good now (bout fuckin' time, Peej...)

Luvbug264: How awesome is phan

crabstickz: AWESOME AWESOME TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME. #OTP, I SHIP IT WITH MY LIFE. Whether Dan and Phil admit it, they are a match made in Heaven!!! Official OTP (after Peej and I, of course, but that's a given)!!!


Chat with KickThePj (PJ Ligouri)

DeathByPhandom: You and Chris cute, also do you know if Phil likes Dan?

KickThePj: Thanks! I think we are too, Chris is adorable. And yeah, I thought it was kind of obvious that Phil likes Dan. It's always "Dan this" and "Dan that" and the like. So yep, whether Phil admits it or not, he likes Dan.

Luvbug264: Do you love Chris yet?

KickThePj: Of course! I'm kinda annoyed at myself that it took me so long to figure it out, but of course I love Chris.

hslesinski16: how much does Phil talk about Dan when you hang out with him?

KickThePj: Let's see... about every second to third sentence? Phil is infatuated with that guy, honestly.

trashywriteromfg: what do you think of a double date: kickthestickz & Phan?? hmm?

KickThePj: Sure, I'm in! I'm sure Chris would agree.


Chat with willow0angel (Willow Angel - Me!)

DeathByPhandom: Thank you for being so amazing and putting up with some of us crazy people you great and what inspired you to first start writing?

willow0angel: Thank you! Honestly, I don't think I'm all that amazing, but it really warms my heart to see that you think that I am. And of course I put up with y'all crazy shits, I love you all! And as for what inspired me to write this story, it was another Phan Kik story called "TEXT ME BACK" bymelodysplash . I loved that story and thought to myself, 'Self! Why don't I write a kik story, just for fun!' and here we are! I honestly never thought it would get to this point, thank you so much :)

Luvbug264: Do you enjoy writing?

willow0angel: Hells to the YEAH, mate! I love writing too much! I love the feeling of creating my own little universe where anything, anything, can happen! Even if some of my stories crash and burn or I forget about them or I just stop writing them because I have new ideas for new stories, I love each and every story that I begin to plan. Thank god (that may or may not exist) for websites like this, where I can share my love of writing with the world :)

Annabelle347: How old were you when you started writing? What are some tips on coming up with ideas?

willow0angel: Ooh, this is a tough one. I think I was... 7 when I finished my first short story, it was a writing piece for my Grade 2 class. Since then I've gotten into a lot more writing and I've had some writing and poetry published in an Australian Writer's magazine called OzKidsInPrint! As for coming up with ideas, I suggest you draw inspiration from real-life events, experiences and feelings. That's where a lot of my inspiration comes from. Real life can be a great place to start looking for ideas and inspiration. I hope this helped!

flaminpotatos: Will you be my friend?

willow0angel: Of course! I love making new friends! :D

DAN_PHILTRASHFOREVER: Can we be friends I don't have any dim I'm very lonely


macpie_fangirls_47: I've been trying to write a Phan story, but can't get started. Any advice?

willow0angel: First, find something to base your story around. Message apps? High school? Fantasy? YouTubers? Try to find something that's inspires you. Then, find a plot that's unique to you. Is one of them secretly a vampire, and the other a vampire hunter? Is one of them transgender? Is one of them a werewolf? Is it the zombie apocalypse? Is it set in 3045? Create your characters and the plotline, make a plan, as detailed as you need it, and then write. That's how I do it. I really hope this helps, and good luck with your story!

IHasUrSoul: Death Note or Black Butler

willow0angel: Bloody hell, you guys have hard questions. But I'm gonna go with Death Note. :D

ProPhangirl21p: Can you be my best friend plz?

willow0angel: Bro, in my opinion, ALL of you guys are my buddies already :D

_THE_FEELS_1016: When's your birthday?

willow0angel: 9th January :D

PROTIPS_2003: How are you so great at writing?

willow0angel: Aww, thank you <3 And practice, awesome writing teachers and lots of reading :D

0PhanAndLlamas0: Do you love me?

willow0angel: YES. I (platonically) LOVE YOU. I LOVE ALL OF YOU. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST <3



Thank you so much for all of your questions and comments!

You may notice that the format of this chapter is like the format of the kik conversations within the story...~ I wanted it to seem like you guys were in the story, too, and I hope you liked it! I might do another one of these later on :)

I hope you have a wonderful day :)

Catch you on the flip side! PEACE~

~~Willow :)

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