Once Upon A Kik | Phan

Dan didn't know what the heck possessed him to download kik onto his phone that day - nor did he know that downloading that app would do so much more than take up space on his phone. | Book One in the "YOU HAVE A MESSAGE" series.


25. Ni-juu-ni

A/N: Over a week late, I am so sorry XD
Special thanks to Pink and her song "Bad Influence" (Funhouse, 2008) for helping me to write this chapter~ I almost had a fluff attack writing the ending of this chapter, oh my Chuck.

I'm reading the original ACD Sherlock Holmes and holy shit this is amazing.
My brother and I also spent a lot of time last week fangirling over Ryatt cause o h m y g o d one of my OTPs finally did a thing. ASDFGHJKL
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When Dan and Chris returned to the table, Phil had his head in his hands and from what Dan could see, was adorably blushing red.

Dan then looked at PJ, who was just smiling at Chris. Looking between the two, Dan could see an entire conversation silently happening between the them, but couldn't for the life of him figure out what it was. As Chris took his seat, Dan carefully retook his. Phil was fiddling with his fringe, brushing it back and then pulling it over his eye again. The sunlight was streaming through the glass walls and hit Phil in such a way that it seemed to make his skin sparkle, his hair shimmer and his eyes shine. Up close, Dan could see that Phil's eyes had a touch of yellow in the blue and green, almost gold, and it reminded Dan of the ocean. He could truly go swimming in those eyes.

Before he was required to say something, Chris piped up. "So what'd we miss?" he asked. "What's got Philly over here blushing so much?"

That just made Phil go even redder, and Dan felt the corner of his mouth turning up.

"It's, uh, it's um," Phil stuttered, "nothing really..."

Chris linked his fingers together and leaned on the table, smirking at the blushing Phil. "Oh, really?" he asked smugly. "Well, I bet I can venture a guess that-"

PJ's hand flew up to cover Chris's mouth, turning his speech into muffled sounds. "That's quite enough from you, Chris," he said, and Chris raised an eyebrow. Phil shot PJ what looked like a grateful glance before looking down at his drink again.

Chris must have licked PJ's hand, because PJ suddenly pulled it sway with a disgusted look and rubbed it on Chris's cheek. Chris just grinned and batted his hand away. All four of them broke down into laughter.

"What are you, ten?" Dan asked, giggling.

"Probably," Chris replied, shrugging. "Maybe a little younger. I didn't have to worry about anything then..."

"Those were the good days," PJ agreed.

"Hey!" Phil said. "Be more positive, guys!"

"Impossible," Dan and Chris managed to say in unison, making them laugh again.

"Please don't go all existential crisis-y on us, Dan," Phil sighed, but Dan heard the giggle.

"I will try my best," Dan replied, "but no promises."

Chris sighed in mock disappointment, shaking his head. "Our Dannyboy is being sucked down the rabbit hole again," he said dramatically.

Dan snorted. "You have no idea," he replied, leaning his head on his hand.

PJ whacked his boyfriend over the head, and Chris let out a loud "Ow! Peej, what the fuck was that for?"

PJ rolled his eyes, but he had a small smile on his face and his eyes (god, how many shades of green can one pair of eyes have?) were sparkling with silent laughter. "Don't even start," he said. "You are a bad influence on people."

Chris waggled his eyebrows at him. "Damn right," he replied, grinning widely. "People love me!"

"I beg to differ," PJ mumbled and Chris's mouth dropped open.

"Excuse me mister," he said, "what did you say?"

PJ shrugged. "For the greater good," he said (how did that explain anything? Dan wondered).

Chris glared at him. "I am your boyfriend!" he shot back. "I am the greatest good you're ever gonna get!"

"And here we interrupt this bickering like an old married couple to quote The Incredibles!" Phil said dramatically, doing jazz hands with a grin.

Dan put his head in his hands, shoulders shaking with silent laughter. "I'm crying," he said weakly, wiping at his eyes. "Bloody hell!"

Chris and PJ laughed, and Phil giggled. "Don't cry, Dan," Phil said.

Dan looked up at Phil and his laughing blue eyes. "And what do you suggest I do instead?"

Phil faltered. "Um, craft?" he said uncertainly.

There was silence for a few seconds, before Chris burst out into laughter. Dan followed suit, and PJ afterwards.

"Oh my god, Phil," Dan said. "I can't breathe."

"I'm sorry!" Phil said, holding his hands up. "It was the first thing that came to mind!"

"That was bloody incredible," Chris said weakly, laughing. PJ looked like he was about to add something, but decided against it and kept laughing.

Dan grinned at Phil, who looked so adorably awkward that Dan's heart skipped a beat, and said, "Oh Jesus, Phil, you'll be the death of all of us."

Phil buried his head in his hands and groaned.

After that they kept laughing and teasing Phil, who sometimes looked like he wanted to die.

But eventually, all good things must come to an end.

Fuck that quote and whoever bloody said it, Jesus fucking Christ, Dan thought angrily when PJ sadly announced the time.

They all paid for their drinks and walked outside. The station was the opposite direction of Dan's house, so that left them to (awkward and awful and even some words that don't start with 'A') goodbyes outside the cafe.

Chris pulled Dan into a one-armed hug before he ruffled Dan's hair. "It was good to finally meet ya, Danny," he said.

Dan knocked his hand away. "Just because I am younger than you does not mean you get to treat me like a five-year-old," he retorted.

Chris looked deadly serious as he replied, "Oh, but it does." PJ lightly hit him on the head and Chris whirled to him. "Will you stop doing that?!"

As the old married couple started bickering again, Phil was looking at Dan, and Dan at Phil. Dan really wished he knew what Phil was thinking. He wished he could figure out the emotions swirling in his beautiful eyes.

"I guess it's goodbye for today, huh Dan?" Phil said sadly, and Dan suddenly wanted to cry.

"I guess so," Dan replied, hooking his thumbs into his pockets.

Phil suddenly brightened up. "But hey, we are so doing this again sometime soon, okay? I promise!"

Dan smiled. "Absolutely," he replied. He barely had time to think before Phil was pulling him into a hug. He was so warm, and Dan suddenly felt so safe in those arms.

But it was over all too soon.

"Bye, Dan!" Phil said brightly, walking over to Chris and PJ.

"Seeya, Dan!" PJ smiled at him, taking Chris's hand again.

"Catchya Danny!" Chris called.

The three of them turned and began walking away, and Dan watched them go. Chris had his fingers linker through PJ's and their hands were swinging between them, and Phil put his hands in his pockets. But Phil looked over his shoulder one more time, and caught Dan's gaze. They just looked at each other and smiled for a second before Phil looked away, and the trio was swallowed up by the crowd.

Dan shoved his hands in his pockets and sighed happily as his mother and Adrian came up to him.

"You're so whipped," Adrian said, and Dan rolled his eyes.

"Did you have fun, Dan?" Ann asked him, and Dan looked up at her and suddenly remembered the end of his very first kik conversation with Phil. He didn't say anything, but Ann knew. She smiled. "Come on, then," she said. "Let's go."

They all piled into Ann's car and began the drive home. Dan didn't even pull out his phone for the drive home, just looked out the window.

danisnotonfire: this was the most fun I've ever had.

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