Once Upon A Kik | Phan

Dan didn't know what the heck possessed him to download kik onto his phone that day - nor did he know that downloading that app would do so much more than take up space on his phone. | Book One in the "YOU HAVE A MESSAGE" series.


16. Juu-go

A/N: Lololol as I'm cross-posting this I'm reading over the A/N's on Wattpad and thinking "WTF was I on that weekend?" haha XD
Welp, I hope you enjoy the chapter :D


Why would PJ be messaging him? Well, Dan had an idea, but he wasn't too sure. It could be anything, right...?

Yeah, right, Dan thought sarcastically, wanting to roll his eyes at himself. As if it'd be anything else.

He typed a quick message to Phil.

danisnotonfire: hey, I'll be right back

Phil, as usual, answered almost immediately.

AmazingPhil: Okay :)

Dan took a deep breath to try and slow his racing heart and tapped into PJ's chat.

KickThePj: Hey, Dan, you online at the moment?
Well, I hope you're okay, in any case.
I can't see who's read messages or anything in the group chat, so there's no real way to tell if you'd read the whole thing, but I'm assuming you did, along with the messages that I sent you.
I hope Chris said something to you, too.
Hi! :)

danisnotonfire: hey PJ
and yeah, I read what happened in the group chat

KickThePj: Well, this is awkward.

danisnotonfire: tell me about it

KickThePj: Have you talked to Phil?

danisnotonfire: yeah, we've been talking for the past couple hours
was awkward af for a bit, but I think it's okay now?

KickThePj: Well, it's a start :)

danisnotonfire: I guess so

KickThePj: Has Chris messaged you?

danisnotonfire: yeah, he apologised

KickThePj: I don't know what he said exactly, but I hope he didn't offend you or anything.

danisnotonfire: nah, nothing like that, don't worry about it

KickThePj: But I do worry about Chris, it's my job as his boyfriend.
And I worry about you, because it's my job as a friend.

Dan blinked. Well, that was certainly unexpected.

PJ definitely had a way with words. What the heck, how in hell did he do that?

danisnotonfire: cheers :p

KickThePj: You should know that I saw Phil after school today, and he was so embarrassed. Seriously, it really got to him.
I hope he's doing okay, he hasn't messaged me or anything.

danisnotonfire: I think he's okay, he seems to be fine
but it's me who still feels awkward af

KickThePj: Well, it's not something you get over quickly, is it?

danisnotonfire: I guess not

PJ was silent for a moment. For some reason, Dan realised that he'd never looked at what PJ's profile picture was. Suddenly curious, he tapped onto it.

His profile picture was a selfie in front of a colourful wall, and Dan's first thought was that PJ was incredibly good-looking, pulling off the brown curly hair that Dan hated on himself, and his eyes were very green. The smile on his face looked genuinely kind, unlike most boys his age who tried to look like they were hitting on whoever was looking at the photo.

But however good-looking PJ was, it didn't give him the same heart-racing reaction that Phil gave him.

His heart did start racing when his phone vibrated with a message from PJ, scaring the absolute shit out of him.

KickThePj: Hey, Dan?

danisnotonfire: yeah?

KickThePj: Do you know about Phil?

Dan furrowed his eyebrows, confused.

danisnotonfire: what, that he's bi?

KickThePj: Oh, good, you do know.
I thought you might have been freaked out or something.

danisnotonfire: nah, he told me a little while before he introduced me to you guys
it was the official "is Dan a homophobe" test

KickThePj: Fair enough.
Was it to see your reaction to me and Chris being together?

danisnotonfire: yeah, actually, good job

KickThePj: It wasn't that hard to figure out.

danisnotonfire: well, please excuse me for being an idiot

KickThePj: Ha ha :P

danisnotonfire: shut up, I'm barely passing school as it is.

KickThePj: Come on, now, don't be a pessimist.

danisnotonfire: been one all my life, why stop now?

KickThePj: Because it's not healthy?

danisnotonfire: well, if it weren't for my double-storey house and the stairs at my school is probably weigh about 500 pounds.

KickThePj: For goodness sakes, you know what I mean.

danisnotonfire: yeah, I know, but hey, fuck it
I don't even know what I'm SAYING anymore

KickThePj: Why are you a pessimist?

danisnotonfire: eh. most things just go to shit around me. I dunno, but my utter awkwardness just seems to make everything fuck up.

KickThePj: Well, that's certainly a decent reason. But still, maybe you should try and make an attempt to lift yourself up. Be happy.

danisnotonfire: I feel like this is the right place to say "be like Phil"

KickThePj: Well, yes. Although finding someone as happy-go-lucky as that kid is going to be a challenge, let alone be like him.

danisnotonfire: too true
and you can't just tell me to be happy, it doesn't work like that

KickThePj: Yeah, I realised that as soon as I sent that. Sorry.
But maybe try and do things that make you happy more often. For example, for me it's photography, writing stories, and playing video games. For Chris it's video games and watching stupid tv shows.
What would it be for you?

Dan sar up as he thought about it. Video games were certainly one thing he enjoyed. Aimlessly browsing Tumblr was certainly another thing he did often but if he was honest with himself, it was more of a pastime than something he enjoyed. He cast his gaze around the room, looking for something, anything.

His eyes fell on the old piano sitting in the corner of the room, and remembered the song he learned to play for his mother. He smiled. He did enjoy playing the old, dusty piano, even if it was rather badly.

He looked back down at hos phone, where he could almost see PJ waiting patiently.

danisnotonfire: video games and playing the piano, I guess?

KickThePj: That sounds awesome! I didn't know you could play piano :)

danisnotonfire: I'm not very good at it, though

KickThePj: Good or no, it's still an awesome skill to have :)
And as for video games, maybe the four of us could have an online Mario Kart session sometime, who knows.

danisnotonfire: that'd ne cool :D
god dammit
hey, with the speed you would have to type to reply so quickly, don't you ever make typos?

KickThePj: I proofread. And autocorrect is nice to me on this phone, seeing as I've had it for a couple of years now.

danisnotonfire: fair enough

KickThePj: And I think I'm the only one of the four of us that both uses autocorrect and proofreads.

danisnotonfire: yeah, I think so
I just use my phone a lot so I'm well practiced
I say that, but I still make a shitload of typos :p

KickThePj: Oh well :)

And here was Dan's definition of a conversation end, and he was still shifty and coming up with new conversation topics, and so he just left it there for a bit, until he got one more message from PJ.

KickThePj: Sorry, I have to go.
Bye :)

danisnotonfire: ok, seeya :)

Dan locked his phone and lay back on the bed, going over his conversation with PJ in his head. He didn't message Phil back right away like he probably should have, but he needed the thinking time.

PJ definitely had a way with words. And as much as he normally would have just ignored the words PJ had said if anyone else had said them, but today he really thought about them. He certainly played a lot of video games in his spare time, but when was the last time he played the piano?

He realised that he didn't remember. He claimed to have liked playing it, but he couldn't even remember the last time he did.

Maybe he'd play it for Phil one day.

He smiled. He'd really like to play for Phil. Maybe it would be a thank-you to Phil for bringing a speck of happiness into his pessimistic life.

He got up off the bed, leaving his phone, and walked over to the piano. The top was covered with music sheets and books and quite a layer of dust. He was suddenly torn between the urge to brush it all off and play a song and to leave it for another time, a more special time than a Monday afternoon.

He decided to leave, and walked back to his bed. Pushing his phone aside, he flopped back down and moved into s comfortable position to keep thinking.

The conversation with PJ.


Group chat.

What Chris said.



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