Once Upon A Kik | Phan

Dan didn't know what the heck possessed him to download kik onto his phone that day - nor did he know that downloading that app would do so much more than take up space on his phone. | Book One in the "YOU HAVE A MESSAGE" series.


8. Hachi

A/N: This one might be slightly shorter, but hey, what the hell.
I really hope I did okay on this one :/ I had a bit of trouble writing it. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy :D


Well, there went his plan to ask tomorrow. But as he stared at the message, something in the back of his head told him that whatever would make Phil happy, Dan would do. He knew that. Somehow, he trusted Phil more than he trusted anyone, and that both elated him and terrified him. He bit his lip as he replied.

danisnotonfire : sure.

AmazingPhil : Would it be alright if I call you?
Part of me just wants to make sure that you're actually real, as silly as that may sound.
I really hope that doesn't sound silly :/

Dan couldn't help but grin at that. It didn't really sound silly, seeing as he wanted to make sure that Phil was real, too.

danisnotonfire : absolutely. I kinda wanna make sure you're real too, so no worries :p

AmazingPhil : Well, that's good. I don't want to sound like a creep or anything.

danisnotonfire : if anyone's gonna sound like a creep, it'll probably be me.

AmazingPhil : No way, you're the opposite of a creep.
Now, what's your Skype name?

Dan picked up his phone and walked over to his desk, where his laptop sat. He opened it and turned it on, replying to Phil as it loaded.

danisnotonfire : you obviously haven't seen my Twitter stalking skills.
and my Skype is just my name, Dan Howell.
Has a picture of me, too, because I'm not sure how many Dan Howells there are on Skype :p

AmazingPhil : Somehow I believe you on that one XD
Awesome :D I'll add you :)
Mine is just Phil Lester, by the way :P

danisnotonfire : cool :) I'm just waiting for my laptop to boot up.

AmazingPhil : No worries ^-^ I can wait :)
I'm honestly not sure how long I can wait, but I can :)

Dan laughed, and realised that his laptop was at the login screen. He entered his password and sat back again to wait some more.

danisnotonfire : my laptop is so damn slow sometimes.
probably because I let it go flat by accident and it switched off.

AmazingPhil : Haha XD Somehow, my laptop always lasts. Don't know how, but it does :P
I just sent you a message, too :)
And scratch what I said earlier, I can't wait.

danisnotonfire : awesome :) let me load it up, and I'll be with you in a few.
and me neither :p

AmazingPhil : Awesome :D

Dan loaded up Skype and logged in, aware that his leg was bouncing up and down involuntarily. No matter what he did, he couldn't get it to stop.

Yeah, he was incredibly nervous. But excited at the same time. He bit his lip again as his stomach churned.

Even though it had been less than a day that the two had actually been talking, Dan felt like it had been ages, and he was finally going to get to talk to Phil after so long.

Dan Howell, he told himself. Pull yourself together or you are going to fuck this up. Badly.

He saw that he had a notification from Phil Lester, asking to be in his contacts list. He grinned as he accepted, and he waited.

His phone vibrated a few seconds later.

AmazingPhil: Yay~ :D
Can I call you now? :)
Sorry, I'm impatient sometimes :P

danisnotonfire: one sec, just let me grab my headphones.
and don't worry about it :)

AmazingPhil: Sure :)

After some hunting around on the ever-so-slightly messy desk - okay, it was a really messy desk - he found his ear buds under a book. Confused as to how they managed to get under the book in the first place, he plugged them in.

danisnotonfire: okay, all good :)

AmazingPhil: Awesome :D
Also, my internet isn't the best internet of all time, so sorry if it takes a little while to connect.

danisnotonfire: no worries :) I can wait.

Okay, that was a big fat lie, but he wasn't going to tell Phil that.

Phil didn't reply after that, and Dan was left with his leg still bouncing up and down, waiting for the Skype call. He subconsciously adjusted his hair in the reflection of his laptop, and made sure his eyes didn't show that he'd been crying earlier.

Hair was decent, and his eyes showed nothing. Good enough.

He jumped when the Skype call sound started playing. He tried - and failed - to calm his racing heart as he accepted the call.

And after a couple of seconds, the beautiful face of Phil Lester filled his screen.

"Hi," Dan said, slightly breathless.

"Hey!" Phil greeted, with a little wave.

Dan's face broke out into a grin. Phil's voice was amazing. It was definitely English, and had a bit of a northern tone to it. It was like music, and that was even through the crappy Skype audio.

"So, turns out I wasn't being trolled," Dan found himself saying, still grinning like an idiot.

Phil laughed, and Dan felt like melting, and not just from the heat. He also noticed that Phil's tongue stuck out of the side of his mouth a little.

"Same, to be honest," Phil replied. "I was a little worried, I'll admit."

"Me too," Dan said. Because if you weren't real I would have broken, he added in his head. Not that he'd ever have the guts to say that out loud.

"Well," Phil began. "Hi, I guess. It's good to finally talk to you, Dan."

Dan found that he loved the way Phil said his name.

Dear god, what next? Was he going to swoon?

"You too, Phil," Dan replied. They fell into silence for a few minutes as they studied each other through their screens.

Dan took this opportunity to examine Phil's face properly. Well, as well as the grainy webcam that Phil had would allow. And as he had established from Phil's profile picture on kik, he was absolutely gorgeous. He felt like he couldn't say it, or think it, enough.

Then he realised that he was probably staring at Phil like a creep. He smiled and looked down at his hands, which were clasped together on the desk.

"I'm sorry," he apologised. "I'm not very good with conversation."

"Hey, no worries," Phil said, and when Dan looked up he saw a cute and gentle little smile on the boy's face. "Like I've said, that's what I'm here for."

Dan smiled. "Thanks."

Phil's smile grew wider, and he started asking small questions, such as his favourite colour and what his middle name was. Just the small questions at first, before slowly moving onto bigger questions.

And before he knew it, Dan was completely absorbed in conversation, like he never had been before. He found himself completely happy talking to Phil, happy like he never had been before. The type of happy that made butterflies dance in his stomach and had him constantly grinning like a psychopath or something. The type of happy that nothing could ever ruin.

And he knew that.

Phil knew exactly how to calm him down, and how to help Dan feel comfortable talking to him. Dan felt like he could tell Phil anything and he would be able to trust the boy.

Yep, this had definitely not helped his crush on Phil. But he was perfectly fine with that.

Then they were arguing over what their favourite video games were, and which Super Smash Bros character was the best.

And then they were laughing at each other's awkward childhood stories.

And Dan felt truly at peace.

A couple of hours later, Dan excused himself to go to the bathroom as he wondered where the time went. He muted his mic and turned off his camera, but didn't hang up. He heard Phil start humming a cheerful little song as he walked away, and Dan smiled.

He was quick in the bathroom, but he paused to look at himself in the mirror hanging over the sink.
Even to himself, he looked happy. He sighed. His mother was right about him, and about Phil.

He was falling hard and fast for this boy, and there was no stopping it.

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