Waste the Night

Sam was reeling in her new environment and absolutely loving her new job as a publishing illustrator. The move from the US to Australia was a tough decision, but as things fell into place Sam couldn't help but to think how perfect everything was coming along, that is until a certain night of fate would be sure to change everything.


3. Wrong Turn

Sunday turns into a whole day of shopping for furniture. Nothing thrilling but definitely needed. I head into work Monday piled with another huge project.

"How ya holding up?" Harry chimes.
"Oh god, Harry! This is awful. I've been emailing the client all morning and every mock I send they dislike."
He nods his head. "Some can be stubborn. Just leave it and come back."

I rake my fingers through my hair and let my head hit the desk. I hear Harry's light chuckle as he sits down.

"Did you get home ok Saturday night?"
"Yes." I answer. "All was calm."
"Good." Our conversation dies down until I hit Harry with a question.
"Hey, do you think I can get out early tomorrow? A lot of my furniture is being delivered between 10-2."
He shrugs, eyes darting back and forth. "I can ask Jess for you."
"You the best." He laughs. "I'll go do that now. Keep up the nice work, rook."

Jessica OKs my early out, letting me know as Monday's work ends. I head home, first checking my mailbox for nonexistent mail before I venture in to make dinner. A quick meal and iPod jam later, I hit the bed anxious for tomorrow's furniture extravaganza.


That business stiff would not leave my mind and it was wreaking havoc on my job production. A pick up game of poker was turning hostile as I raise the pot.
"Come on Mikey." Calum groans. "Did you have to?"
"I can't help that your Mum won't give you your daily allowance." I cheese.
Calum shoots me the bird before placing his cards down on the table.

"You lads are just jealous Michael knows how to play the game." Estelle purrs.
"Or we just don't have a cheating broad behind us." Luke shoots back.
"Hey, fuck off Hemmings." I glare.

Estelle and I had been on and off for a good year. She knew I always would take her back which is why she gets away with everything she does. It doesn't bother me none, love is pointless anyway. Why stay committed when you could jump from one girl to another.

"Win this baby and tonight could be extremely fun." She teases.
I raise my eyebrows at her, stealing a quick kiss.

The game goes on a few more rounds before finally I am victorious. I take on my winnings and decide to leave the party a bit earlier, heading back to my junk apartment with Estelle.

"Get loose baby, because I'm about to rock your world." She smirks removing her.

I fight back my laughter at how fucking cheesy that was and go in stride of her advances. Estelle always was good for a nice fuck or quick blowjob but tonight I just wasn't feeling it.

"Michael." She groans. "Come on."
"Sorry Ess. I guess I'm just not in the mood?" I question myself.
She falls to my side, kicking the sheets over the both of us. "What's wrong?"
"Whoa, what are you doing?"
She smacks me gently. "I'm asking you what's wrong."
"We don't do feelings, remember?" I snarl.
"Whoa, take it easy. It just seems like you are here but not. You know what I mean?"

Yeah, I knew exactly what she meant.

"I'm good Ess." I hop up, straddling her. "My turn to use my mouth on you." I goof trying to get my mind off the looming issue. She giggles at me making herself comfortable. I lower myself on to her, body lost in the sheets but mind lost in that business stiff.


Checking out of work a little later than I expected, I catch the furniture delivery drivers just in. "So sorry." I apologize rushing to unlock the door.
"Is ok lass. We a bit early." The older gentleman smirks.

I help the men place my furniture and within a half hour I finally have a subtle and sit-able place.

"Thank you so much for all your help." I praise.
"No problem ma'am. Have a great day."

I look about the rooms, taking pictures of the new retro furniture before sending them off to my Mom. I plop down happily onto the brand new couch, excitedly putting on my television for the first time. Australian news floods my channels before I find Classic movies to bide my time.

Weeks go by as I settle into my new surroundings and jobs. Harry has been acting a bit strange but I pay no extra mind to it, keeping my nose deep within my work.

"Don't you ever take a break?" Louis interrupts.
I smile. "Yes, you'll be my break thank you very much."
"Don't mind if I am."
"And talk?" Louis finishes.
"You know me so well!" I cheese as we walk down to the break room.

"So, here's my question." I begin.
"Uh oh, here we go."
"No come on Lou, I'm just kinda, sorta worried about him." I continue.
"Who?" He acts generally dumbfounded.
"Oh Styles." He waves me off. "Just one of his moods he gets into. No big, he will be alright."

I nod, playing with the straw in my drink. Louis and I chat a little more before heading back to work. I pass by Harry's office seeing him in a heated discussion. I stay pretty distracted the rest of the work day finding myself surprised as I walk to the bar rather than home.

I spot Michael at the bar and decide a bit of reverse psychology. "Is this seat taken?" I ask. He lazily looks at me shaking his head.
"I haven't seen you in awhile." I say before ordering my drink.
"Didn't know you were keeping tabs on us." He huffs.
"I wasn't. It just seemed every time we would go out, you four would be there."
He kicks back his drink before harshly slamming the glass down. "Yeah well, maybe we've got better shit to do."
I shrug. "Maybe you do."
"What's it to you anyway?" He spits.
"It's nothing, just friendly conversation."

He doesn't say anything yet, instead rolls out a couple laughs. "Friendly banter is talking about your kids or what neighbor died back at home. Nothing of that sort came out of your mouth, so I don't call it friendly."
I raise my eyebrows. "What do you call it then?"
"Nosy. And you don't want to be nosy."

And before I can get another sentence in, Michael slams down his money and leaves the bar quite heated. I nod the tender a thank you, quickly making my way out of the building. I catch Michael pacing down the sidewalk as I decide to follow at a safe distance. He leads me down a uneasy alley that I decide not to further down.

"Hey stiff." I hear Luke's voice boom. "I think you made a wrong turn."

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