It All Seemed So Simple ☆ A Papyton Fanfic

Mettaton and Papyrus' dates always go the same way and neither of them ever want that to change.
But one day, something goes wrong.


5. Oh. My. God.

     That was when Frisk woke up. They froze.

"O-oh my god, what h-happened!?"

Neither of us said anything.

"I'm gonna go get Sans, and Undyne," they turned to look at me, "a-and Alphys!"

Frisk rushed outside and came back with Sans after only a few seconds. The look of fear and sadness on his face was a look I'd never forget.

"B-Bro... W-what happened h-how did you..."

"Erm a lot of love and determination?" Papyrus answered.

"Ohmygod," Sans murmured, holding his head. He turned to Frisk, "Are they on their way?"

Frisk nodded and Sans turned to look at me, "Alphys... She can fix this... Right?"

"I... don't know."

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