It All Seemed So Simple ☆ A Papyton Fanfic

Mettaton and Papyrus' dates always go the same way and neither of them ever want that to change.
But one day, something goes wrong.


2. Arahc


     Frisk came back with Sans. The both looked relieved that he was still alive. Sans grabbed his head from me and started asking Papyrus tons of questions. Frisk walked over and picked up the knife, suddenly their face went dark.

"Frisk, darling, you okay?" I asked.

"I'm not Frisk," said an unfamiliar voice.

"Then who are you?!" yelled Sans, in his 'protective brother' voice, that I know too well.

"They look like Frisk to me!" Papyrus said.

"He," the human said, "and my name is Arahc, I know who threw the knife."

"Who was it!?" Sans demanded, his eye flaming blue.

"It was Chara they-"

"I KNEW IT WAS THAT LITTLE B*TCH! SOMEBODY'S ABOUT TO HAVE A BAD TIME!" Sans yelled interrupting Arahc's answer.

He shoved Papyrus' head into my hands and ran outside.

"Um, as I was saying, the knife is red, a magic only Chara uses for instant death," he looked at Papyrus, "But somehow, you seemed determined enough to stay alive..."

Papyrus looked around awkwardly, it was obvious he didn't know why he had survived. "

I believe I know why you are so determined," Arahc continued, "You and your brother are the creations of W.D. Gaster, the royal scientist before Alphys."

"W-well if I'm determined, that's a good thing... Right?" Papyrus asked.

Arahc sighed, "I wish it were that simple, if it were I wouldn't be here to warn you, if you keep holding on to your life like this, your body won't be able to handle all that determination, it will melt and... It won't be fun... But if you let go, you will just turn to dust, peacefully. I'm not supposed to tell you too much but..." he looked at me, then looked back at Papyrus, "It's not very fun being an amalgamate..." 

"An a-amalgamate?" I stuttered, "th-those are those melty things I saw in the lab when I went to check on my body... Right?"

"Well, no, not exactly, those 'melty things' are monsters that were injected with, or already had too much determination when they died. An amalgamate is when two or more of those combine or..." he looked at me, "When a living monster combines with a dying one." Was he saying that I would... "I'm sorry..." he said as he faded away and Frisk's body fell to the ground.

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