Skylynn Craske and Luke Brooks

After her year long relationship with Perri. Skylynn Craske is finally single and ready to have fun. When Diversity flies to L.A for a performance they happened to bump into the Janoskians. Skylynn and Luke began to have feelings for eachother. Will Skylynn be able to be in another relationship? Can she handle a long distance relationship?


14. Chapter 14

* next day* 

Luke pov: I was in bed this morning looking through my phone when Jai came in 

Jai: bro come on get ready

Luke: for what 

Jai: we're supposed to be meeting Skylynn in an hour lets go *leaves* 

I sat up debating on whether or not i should go. I decided to go and just talk things out with her and be the big person. I got up and got dressed. I put my black lip ring on knowing Skylynn likes it. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs where Jai was waiting. We then drove off to where we would be meeting Skylynn. We arrived at a small resturant and we sat down and waited for her, when no later than 5 mins she walked in. When my eyes landed on her i couldn't stop the smile forming on my face. I looked down quickly when i saw her walk towards the table and sit down, i noticed how she wore my white hat that i gave to her before she left. It was an akward silence before Jai spoke

Jai: ok so how should we start Skylynn i'm glad you came 

Skylynn: no problem 

Jai: so um i know you two got a lot of questions that need to be answered so who's gonna start...Luke *looks at Luke* 

I smirked knowing he would pick me first 

Luke: why did you break up with me *looks at Skylynn*

Skylynn: i told you the distance 

Luke: *looks down* 

Skylynn: Luke..i'm sorry for breaking up with you and hurting you i didn't want for that to happen, its just you are the first guy i ever been in a long distance relationship and i was scared. 

Luke: scared of what 

Skylynn: losing you, look my brother was in the same situation we are in, he was with his ex for two years when they couldn't take being away from each other so they ended it. My brother was heartbroken for 4 months. He told me that the distance was soon gonna get to one of us and i was scared of that. Luke you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

Luke: Sky i don't care about the distance i care about you. I'm fighting and you wasn't because of the distance. You are never gonna lose me. If you care about me and this relationship then you gotta have faith and believe in it. No matter how far apart we are we'll always see each other. 

After talking for a bit Jai then turned to us 

Jai: so last question there still a relationship or not

I looked up to Skylynn and saw her smile, i got up and kissed her. I missed her so much. 

Luke: *pulls away and whispers* i love you 

Skylynn: *smiles* i love you to Lukey Bear 

Luke: ugh you said you wasn't gonna use that nicknaeme anymore 

Skylynn: too bad *smiles*


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