My life as a youtuber

Ariana and her best friend decide to move to the UK who will she meet and what will happen?


1. Moving to the U.K

Kayla and I finally arrived at our perfect house in London. The trip was exhausting I'm so tired. I really should start unpacking, after all we have work to do. I head to my dull, empty looking room and I sit on the only thing I have: a bed. It was especially hard to move because of our camera equipment for YouTube. There are other YouTubers around here, but I haven't met most of them just Dan, Phil, Marcus, and Zoe. I can barely keep my eyes open now. This is a really big change from L.A and I hope it's worth it. It will be harder to visit my hometown in Mexico and Kayla's in Costa Rica. "Do you want some coffee, I'm going out to get some?" I shout at Kayla. She responds with a quiet "sure" I guess I'm not the only one who's tired. I put on my jacket, grab my camera and head out, I really need to film another vlog even if I look like death. I'm sure I'll get lost so it will have to be a short one, I can film later anyways. I pull out my phone for the directions to the nearest coffee shop. After what seems like forever, I finally make it and there's a humongous line. As I'm falling asleep again someone steps out and I realize I'm next, finally! Now I'm in a hurry because if we're not packed by today, we can't film tomorrow and meet a couple YouTubers. I check my watch, it's only 11:34. Before I knew it my coffee went flying and my face to the ground. Soaked in coffee, I realize I wasn't watching where I was going and I tripped, soaking someone else as well.

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