Bleeding Red

All Riley wanted was to have one last night with her friends. It was supposed to be a normal camping trip, but they are thrown into the real world when their country is attacked. The military can't help them, death surrounds them and they have nowhere to go. Can they stand together and live through the new war? Or will this be too much and break them.


1. A Night To Remember

Riley sat on her cheap black cushioned rolling chair, that looked as if it was attacked by a wild animal, leaning back and watching her laptop as the video slowly processed. Her chin resting on her palm, she didn't realize she was dozing off until her phone rang and sent her forward a bit. She rubbed her eyes with her knuckles and looked at the large screen of her smart phone.


She sighed as she ran one of her hands through her short cropped bleach blonde hair and answered the phone with her free hand.

"Hey mom." She said with a pep in her tone, but her mom saw right through her.

"Honey, I'm sorry if I upset you."

Typical. The blonde thought, She always blames herself. "No mom, it's not your fault. I'm sorry I yelled at you. I overreacted."

"Well, I think that's an understatement." After a few awkward minutes, her mom tried her best to change the subject. "So... Are you excited to finally graduate?"

Riley let out a breath she didn't know she was holding and smiled at her moms attempt. "Yeah, I just want finals to come and go so I can get out of here."

"How's Alex?"

"She's doing okay. Although I think she's silently cursing herself for majoring in science. I told her to go for art, but you know her, she's stubborn."

"Yeah just like you." They both laughed. "I'm glad you got to enjoy your college years with your best friends. How's um..."

Riley could imagine her moms facial expression when she's trying to remember something. It always looks like she's giving people the stink eye. She smiled at the mental picture. "Tes?"

"Yeah! Are you two... Okay?"

"Yeah? Why wouldn't we be?"

"Well, you never talk about her so I just worry is all."

'Yeah, because every time we talk its all about you. She thought, but she didn't dare say it. "We're fine, great actually." She checked her watch for no particular reason. "Look mom, I really have to finish editing and get at least a few hours of sleep. I'm not even a quater of the way done." She lied, she was done, it's just the stupid program that's slowing her down.

She could hear her mom sigh on the other end of the line. "Okay. I guess I'll talk to you later." Right before the blonde hung up, she heard an "I love you." But her thumb moved faster than her brain and she hung up. I'm gonna get shit for that later. She thought.

She threw her phone onto her bed and sat forward. Her elbows resting on her knees and her face in her warm hands.

"What's up ass." A girl's voice echoed thought the small room as the door shut.

Riley smiled and did a 180 to face her roommate who had just plopped on the bed, throwing books to the other side of the small bed. Her medium brown curly hair was tied back and her brown eyes soon closed as she fell back on the bed. "Hey douche, how was class?"

She gave a loud groan before holding up a thick packet. "Ms. Wilson is trying to kill me with this shit!"

"I told you Alex, you should've gone for that art major."

"Shut the hell up!"

Riley turned back to her laptop and saw that her video had stopped running. "FUCK!"

"What is it?" Alex asked while forcing herself up and towards the blonde who was practically in tears and her face was red.

"It's 2020! How can schools set us up with editing programs that are ten years old, but brand new camera's!?"

"Didn't you buy your own camera?"

"That's not the point Alex!" She pronounced the brunette's name a little more aggravated.

"Sorry nerdo..."

Riley let out a deep breath of defeat. "It's cool weirdo. So what's the plan tonight?"

Alex looked the blonde up and down, taking in what she was wearing. "Okay, now I know you stayed in today..." She said before pointing at the blondes purple gym shorts and gray Mizzou hoodie, "But that is always unexceptional."

Riley laughed at this. Alex wasn't like this when they met in middle school. She didn't care what she wore, as long as she was comfy. It was until a year into college until she actually tried. And Riley would never admit this, otherwise the brunette would never shut up, but she is really good with fashion. "And what is wrong with what I'm wearing? I think it's hella stylish. I'm sure Tes wouldn't mind."

"Are you kidding? She would rip your clothes off! And not for sex either." She suddenly looked serious. "How are you two anyway? I heard the screaming from outside."

"We just don't know what we are going to do after college when it comes to well... Us."

"But you're okay now right?"

The blonde looked at her hands that were now intertwined. "Yeah actually. We, well she decided it would be best if we don't talke about it. Especially with finals and everything going on."

Alex nodded then quickly put on a smile. "Come on, at least get out of the hoodie and put a shirt on. Then we can pick your outfit for tonight."

"And what's tonight?" She asked before being pulled out of the chair and forced to take her favorite hoodie off.

"It's Saturday, none of us have class til Monday, so we're going out. Duh." Alex said before throwing the blonde a plain white shirt. She went to their small bathroom and started brushing her teeth.

She came out and saw that clothes had already been layed out on her bed. She looked over and saw Alex with her head in a book and earphones in. Before she could sit, she heard a little knock on the door and went to go answer it. The door knob gave her a little shock, like it seemed to do every time, she jumped a bit while opening the door to a slightly shorter girl with light blue hair that made her eyes that much sweeter to look at.

"That excited to see me huh?" She asked with a playful smirk before lightly grabbing the blondes shirt and pulling her in for a short kiss.

"Hey Tes." the blonde said after her girlfriend released her shirt and went under Riley's arm to get through the door. Riley straightened out her slightly wrinkled shirt and shut the door. "What's up?"

"Ms. Wilson, you know the meanest teacher in the entire university, actually gave me no homework!" She said excitingly while jumping onto the blondes bed and shouting a "hello!" to the brunette in the seat, who in return just waved, not looking away from her packet.

"Wow, that woman must really have it out for Alex."


"She gave Alex a packet thicker than your science book."

"Oh shit." She laughed a little. "She's still coming out tonight right?" She asked while patting the empty space next to her.

Riley happily sat beside the girl and intertwined there fingers. "Of course she is, she's Alex. She fucking planned it."

The girl suddenly got very serious and faced the blonde, now criss crossed, hand still in hand, just in an awkward position. "Riley?"

Light, emerald green eyes met icey blue ones. "Yeah babe?"

"Are you okay? I mean, you and your mom, that was pretty intense. Plus last night, I shouldn't have... I mean... If I knew..."

Riley gave a weak smile, "I'll be fine. It'll just take time wih that woman. And about us, I mean... I'm sure we will figure it out. We always do."

Tes's eyes lite up like it was Christmas morning. "I know what I could do to take your mind off it..."

"And what's that." It was more then a statement than a question.

"Well, my rooms empty and well... We haven't done... Well... You know... In awhile... And..." She trailed off, suddenly becoming a little nervous.

The blonde smirked and got off the bed and helped the brunette up and walked towards the door.

Alex heard the door slam and turned around to see a now empty room. She couldn't help, but smirk. She was glad Riley found a nice girl. Especially with all the assholes in the past. And the fact that Tes and herself got along was a bonus. Alex and Riley had been best friends since Riley transferred from Canada in middle school. They were inseparable ever since. She looked at the time and she still had 4 hours til she had to get ready, so she turned back to her books and continued her work.

"John get out here! We gotta go!" Vick said, while looking in the full body mirror that hung on the door of their dorm. He was in blue jeans and a black button up. He fixed his short black hair as his roommate John came out wearing dark gray skinny jeans and a black shirt that showed his toned form.

"Really dude? You're always looking in that mirror, and I'm the one that makes us late?" John said while running a hand through his wavy brown locks and grabbing his keys. Do you know who's driving?"

"I think Riley." They made sure they had everything before they headed out to where they saw three girls by a black jeep. Alex was on black skinnies and a loose white button up shirt and a beanie.

Tes had leggings, a loose shirt, greenish jacket and a scarf and had her long straight blue hair down, cascading over her shoulders.

Then you had Riley who looked like a teenage boy. Light blue jeans, a white v neck and black snap back worn backwards. Leaning forward against Tes who was on the hood of the car.

"We ready?" Vick asked in a deep voice.

This startled Riley and she backed away from where she was leaning and cause the Tes to slid off, but caught herself.

They crammed into the jeep and headed towards their favorite bar.

"To Pulse!" John shouted.

Tes put her hand on Riley's thigh and gave a sweet smile. Riley cleared her throat, smiled, then looked at Vick. He just smiled and nodded. She rolled her eyes and focused back on the road.

She turned on the radio and as soon as the radio was brought to life, their favorite DJ came on.

"Hello, this is your favorite broadcaster LQ coming to you with the advice all young adults need to survive. Bringing the music, news and celebrity gossip to young reckless kids like you! Here is Pull The Trigger by Russ!"

'Pull the trigger
ain't nobody gonna do it for you
pull the trigger
maybe, you should pull the fucking trigger.'

The song continued to play as Riley rapped the lyrics with John and Vick, or at least attempted. She really only liked the beginning. After the song was over, the host came back on. "An intense song to get all of your minds off the crippling anxiety that is finals. Every one above the age of twenty four knows that feeling am I right? In other related news of the world congress erupted into a lot of chatter with the representative of Russia getting into a heated debate with a US representative. It looks like those two are the embodiment of my girl Taylor Swift with her new song Bad Blood.

"I fucking love this song!" Riley shouted.

"Calm down their tiger." Alex laughed.

They arrived at Pulse, It was more packed than usual. They all went to the bar and ordered shot after shot. Taking them at the same time. "I'm going to the dance floor!" Riley shouted.

"I'm right behind you!" Tes shouted. They moved to the floor and started to dance.  Riley felt the alcohol start to take over her body after they went back for more drinks. Her and her four friends all sitting around the table for the last time. Vick was moving to Japan after college to pursue his dream career. John was going to New York to be with family and make a name for himself. Alex wanted to go home to Colorado and spend time with her family before they went back to Mexico. Riley wanted to stay here in Missouri. Her family and life was here. Tes on the other had wanted to move to California to do music. Come to think about it, her and Tes haven't really talked about their future together. Or if there even is one. All they did was argue. But Riley didn't want to think too much of it, she wanted to enjoy this night. Tonight was the night to remember.

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