my name is Sarah and I've been an orphan for over 2 years, when they found me I was living off scraps and have been on the street for 8 years, and my dad is the HARRY STYLES but I think he forgot about me but I haven't forgotten about him.


4. chapter 3


Harry's POV

"AHHHHHHHH" I hear a scream come from the hallway and footsteps fading so I go out to the hall and see Sarah bleeding on the floor backed out

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" i shout as i rush to Sarah's side as she is bleeding on the floor i start to pick her up "I don't know wh... what happened?" says Mrs Amber as she was out and see's Sarah bleeding "PAUL CALL A DOCTOR, NOW!!!" I hear paul on the phone as I pick up Sarah but then i hear laughing so I motion to Louis and he nods and goes over to listen in, he reaches behind the wall and pulls out to girls one of them is Megan and the other I don't know but is holding a blood covered knife, "WHAT IS GOING ON MEGAN AND ASHLEY?" screamed Mrs Amber

"Well Megan made me do it" Ashley smirks when she says it "no she didn't" "OMG ITS ONE DIRECTION!!! AHHHHHHH, CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPHS PLEASE?" "not after you tried to kill my daughter" I hear the ambulance outside so I rush outside still holding Sarah, I put her on the hospitable bed and climb in as I block out Paul saying that we leave on tour in a month and we can't bring her

we start driving when the machine she is hooked up to starts beeping really fast "Whats happening?" "she is going into cardiac arrest" "what does that mean?" "she will die if we don't hurry" "WELL STEP ON IT"


----- 1 hour later -----

"we need a operating room prepped, what happened?" "well I don't know, all I know is that she screamed and blacked out" a nurse runs up to us and puts a oxigine  

"she has a stab wound to the stomach and has lost half of her blood so we need to hurry, who are you?" "the dad"

"well follow us" we rush into the operating room and i put on some scrubs but when i get back over to Sarah i see that she is awake 

"Dad?" "hey its alright, just relax and go back to sleep, okay?" she just nods and goes back to sleep


----- 6 hours later -----

I was told to leave the operating room 5 hours ago because Sarah kept waking up so now I'm sitting in the waiting room as the boys and Mrs amber come rushing in, i stand up as the boys and Mrs Amber come in for a group hug 

I sit down and start crying until Louis says, "How long has it been?" "6 hours" i put my head in my hands until i hear the door

"Mr Styles?" i stand up quickly and face the doctor "yes?" "well the operating was a success but she has a 20/80% chance of survival" "can i see her?" he nods and tells me the room number so i run

i open the door slowly and see sarah looking very pale and sweaty on the hospital bed so i walk over and sit down and talk hold of her hand

"come on sweetie, wake up please, please wake up" i start to cry and my tears fall onto her hand, "squeeze my hand if you can her me, please?"






sorry i haven't updated in a while, do you think Sarah will survive or not, will Harry leave to go on tour or stay with Sarah, let me now in the comments BYE 


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