Running with the wolves

"Hunter! Hunter!" I screamed

The woods were dark. I was running threw the trees and tripping over roots.

A scream rang through the forest. I ran from where it came. Yelling for Hunter as I went.

I found him laying on the ground groaning in pain I quickly sat down next to him taking him in my arms.

"Hunter, what wrong? Are you ok?" His moans only grew louder.

"Get away from me." He spat trying to push me away.

"No I won't leave u! We need to call for help." I was trembling as I dialed the numbers into my phone. I But I dropped it when He let out a roar like scream, nearly shaking the ground.

Tears started falling down my face as I searched the ground for my phone. I felt heat blowing on my face. When I looked up I met two bright, red, glowing eyes.I jumped back in fear.

Hunter had fang like teeth, claws for nails and hair sprouting all over his body. He was no longer the Hunter I knew.

"Run Thea! Run!" He roared And soon enough I was once agin sprinting through the trees.

I was crying hysterically and not looking where I was going. I tripped on root and fell hard to the ground. I tried to get up but I had a heaving force on me.

Drooling, razor sharp teeth where only inches from my face And claws dug deep into my skin. I knew this was it. I looked into the beasts eyes.

"Hunter!" I sobbed.


3. The Introduction

He stares at me and I look down at my hands trying to avoid his gaze. Kara talks to all her friends and I am left all alone. Maybe I should try to talk to him. What's the worst that could happen? I gain my confidence, looking up at him.

"Hi, I'm Thea." I say biting my lip. He looks surprised.

"Hunter..." He replies unsurely. Hunter? I like that.

"Does it rain a lot here?" I say gesturing to the window.He shrugs.

"Almost every week, Do like the rain?" I tilt my head to the side to pretend that I'm thinking.

"I'm not used to the rain." He shakes his head.

"You didn't answer the question." Kara pulls at my arm.

"Come on I want to show you something." She says rising from her seat.

I get up from the table but quickly turn back to Hunter.

"Yea, I like the rain." I follow Kara out of the cafeteria. I feel his eyes on me as I go.

"Where are you taking me?"I ask she doesn't answer me, but comes to a stop.

"Do you know what this is?" She asks. I look around and see lockers coving the walls. Its like any other hallway.

"Um a hallway." She laughs.

"Yes, It is a hallway. But this is a senior hallway and my boyfriend is a senior."She pulls me over to a window looking into a classroom. She points out a boy.

"That's him." I nod.

"He's... nice." I don't know what to say to her.

"Well he's mine."She snaps and I take a step back from her.

"Yea I get the picture." I give her a weak smile.

"Good. I'll see you later" She smiles and walks away from me. Maybe Kara isn't as nice as I thought.

The bell rings and soon enough the hall is flooded with people. I work my way through the crowd and some how get away. I run down the stairs and too my locker.Thankfully when I get to my locker Kara isn't there.

I make it to my class just in time. I realize that I don't even know what this class is. I look at my schedule. Old English. Sounds great...

The class is so boring. It feels like forever goes by before it ends. As I walk to my next class I see Kara who waves at me excitedly. I smile at her but keep walking. She seems a little mad. Whatever.

My last class is chemistry. I take a seat at a empty lab desk. I look down at my phone under the table. I quickly look up when someone sits down beside me.

"Hi Im Walk." He puts his bag down and I smile at him. He looks femilur. When he looks up I realize who he is. Kara's boyfriend.

"Are you gonna tell me you name?" He chuckles.

"Er sorry I'm Thea." Shit what do I do Kara's gonna kill me. No what her boyfriend chose to sit with me. If the girl has a problem she needs to take it up with her boyfriend.

"So your Kara's boyfrie...." I stop mid-sentence. OMFG Thea keep your mout shut.

"So I guess you met Kara." He laughs. And I nod embarrassed.

"Don't let her scare you. She's really not that bad." Me scared of her! Maybe at first but no I'm not scared of her.

"I am not scared of Kara." I hope I didn't offend him but never will I act scared of Kara.

"Good for you." He says opening his chem book. Class begins and ends in silence, for me and Walk. He leaves and so do I.

I walk out of the school and into the parking lot. I pull out my phone to call my dad.When he answers his phone he sounds frazzled.

"Hey sweetie what's up?"

"Dad where are you? I'm in the parking lot." I here take a sharp breathe like he stubbed his toe.

"Sorry Thea I completely forgot, can you get a ride with one of your friends." When I'm just about to tell him I don't have any friends because it's my first day, Hunter walks by. I know he lives close by.

"Okay dad I'll get a ride." I say and hang up.

"Hunter!" I call as I run over to him.

"Thea.." He says when I get close enough up to him.

"Hey, do you think you could give me a ride? My dad kinda left me stranded." His expression his hard to read.

"Come on don't bullshit me I know where you live." He cracks a smile.Im pretty sure it's the first time I've seen him smile.

"Do you now? Alright come on." He chuckles as he leads me through the parking lot. He walks up to a red truck, unlocking it. I climb into the passenger seat.He pulls out of the parking lot and onto the road.

"Tell me something." I say looking at him.

"What?" He looks confused.

"Well all I know about you so far is that we go to the same school and, that you like to scare people in the woods."I side eye him.

"Er yea... Well something about myself is that I live with my uncle." He looks uncomfortable, I guess he doesn't talk much about himself.

"Why do you live with your uncle?" I ask hopefully not to make him mad.

"My parents travel a lot." He says this more calm and I sigh looking at my hands.

"I'm sorry." I feel bad for him, Having parents that would rather travel the n be with him.

"Don't be, it was my choice. I didn't like moving around so much so I live with my uncle." I look at him and smile crocking my head to the side.

"Your turn, tell me something about you." Oh no, I really don't want to bring him down with the whole mom dying story.Think of something else.

"Well I moved here from Pennsylvania. My Dad is an amazing photographer. That's one of the reasons we moved out here." Good job Thea you dodged a bullet.

"Cool." He remarks as he pulls into my driveway.

"Wait how did you know where I live? I never gave you an address." He smirks.

"There's about 3 houses in this area and I picked the one that used to have the house for sale sign on it." I nod impressed

"Thanks for the ride Hunter." I say unbuckling my seat belt.

"See you at school Thea." He says and I wave as I walk into my house.

I look around. Boxes no longer fill the house. I guess dad finished unpacking. I plop down on the couch. What a day.

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