"I'm Calum."
He looked me right in the eyes and smirked.


1. Chapter 1

The school doors were painted a faded blue, as was the rest of the exterior. The paint was cracked and peeling.

When I opened the door the sickening smell of perfume and sweat overwhelmed me. I knew I had to go to the office to get a class schedule, but I didn't know where the office was. I was clueless, and I guess some people passing by could tell as well.

"Hey, you look lost." I turned around to see a tall blonde boy with ocean blue eyes smiling down at me.

"Uhh... yeah I'm looking for the office."  He motioned for me to follow. He led me through halls that reeked of disappointment and false hope.

"Here you go." He pointed to a metal door that had the words 'Main Office' etched across the top in white lettering.

I stepped inside hoping to see kind looking teachers and an even kinder looking principle, but of course we can't have everything. The air conditioner was making a rattling noise, and the copy machine shook so hard it looked as if it might explode. The woman sitting at the front desk looked irritated and tired as her fingers pecked at the dirty keyboard in front of her. 

"Hi, I'm new and I need a class schedule." I said, my fingers tapped against my black jeans.

"Name." She only glanced at me.

"Calum Hood." She pulled a tan folder from the bucket behind her and passed it to me.

"Thanks" I sighed. Her eyes rolled as she returned to tapping away at her keyboard.

I walked out and saw the blonde boy from a few minutes ago leaning against the door.

"I figured you'd need a little help finding your classes" He smiled


"Well, we've got some time before first period so how about I show you around?" He asked. I nodded.

He led me through hallway after hallway of metal doors and dented blue lockers.


"Well that's pretty much it, any questions?"

"Could you help me find my locker?" I asked  adjusting the heavy straps of my backpack.

"Yeah, sure." He pulled the schedule from my hands and stared at it.

"This way."

He brought me down a hallway that looked identical to all of the others.

"Here you are." He pointed to a blue locker next a hundred other blue lockers just like it.


"Hey Luke, who's your friend?" I heard someone behind me shout.

"Ignore him, he's an ass." Luke rolled his eyes. I heard footsteps approaching behind me.

"I said. Luke, who's your friend?" The voice said. I turned around, and saw a guy, a bit taller than me with green eyes, pale skin, and bleach blonde hair.

"I'm Calum." I said my cheeks turning red from embarrassment. He looked me straight in the eyes and smirked.

"Michael." He laughed.

Luke grabbed my arm and tried to pull me away, but Michael stopped him.

"Not so fast."

"Michael what do you want." Luke sighed, freeing me from Michael's grasp.

"The pretty boy."

"Fuck off" Luke said shoving Michael's arm.

"I'm sorry, but I simply cannot control myself around attractive people." He fluttered his eyes sarcastically.

Luke's mouth opened as if he was about to say something but then stopped. The school bell rang cutting the tension between the two.

"See you around Mikey." Luke said pulling me away from him.

"I know I'll definitely be seeing you." He smirked at me as I turned around.

"Is he always like that?" I asked, Luke just rolled his eyes. 



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