Be My Escape {Dylan O'Brien Fanfiction}

Audrey Quinn, a sixteen year old living with her abusive father after a fatal car accident killed her mother. When a new neighbor moves in who’s around the same age will they be friends or become something more? or will her father keep her from doing the things she wants.


1. The Accident


It was me, my dad and mom we were heading back home from New York City after visiting my family. We were turning into our street when a drunk driver hit us on the drivers side of our car which my mom was driving and me and my dad were both on the passenger side causing my mother severe injuries and my dad with a broken cracked rib and left me with just a fractured arm. We were rushed to the hospital my dad and I fine but my mother rushed into surgery, for us to later be told she died after she went into a coma and kept excessively bleeding and too much head trauma. Being in shock and not believing it I run to my mom in the surgery room and I was mortified from what i saw. Still crying the doctors drag me out into the lobby, my heart aching in pain then to make matters worse my head throbbing. After everything was done at the hospital we were walking out the door filled with anger and pain I couldn't stop screaming

"Mom why'd it have to be you?!"

my dad telling me to stop and that everything would be okay when in reality we both knew it wouldn't and nothing would be the same, we went home and I sprinted upstairs still sobbing i begin to have a panic attack, before letting it get worse I started to just focus on the good times me and my mom had and how much i loved her i couldn't bare living without her.

*beep* *beep* *beep*

My phone blowing up with messages and missed calls from my best friend Scarlett asking if everything was okay and that she heard about the crash but didn't know for sure if it was me. I replied and told her that me and my dad were fine but that my mom had suffered terrible injuries and that she passed while in surgery, she didn't know what to say other than how sorry she was and how bad she felt.




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