Opposite of Me (Ziall Horlik)

Zayn is 22, he's an artist in uni and the only thing he's ever cared about is his art.

Niall is 21, he's studying music and has always cared about everything

Zayn had a colder heart, not caring much for others or animals and was selfish. Niall's heart was warmer, he wanted to make the world happy, and was selfless.

When Zayn first met Niall his eyes recognized him as art, and that's what struck Zayn's interest.

When Niall first met Zayn his ears recognized Zayn's voice as music, and that's how Zayn became another person in his life

With the two so opposite, yet so fascinated and inspired by one another, what could happen?


7. 7

I had intended to spend a solid 30 minutes waiting outside of Niall's class. But one of the boys in my art class had decided to change my plans by picking a fight with me over I'm still not sure what.

My knuckles were bloody, but that was about it. It wasn't a hard fight. He tried to hit me once, he hit me in the shoulder and that's when I beat the living shit out of him.

I had my bag on my shoulder, the one that wasn't hurt. I made my way to Niall's class, seeing him stand there looking for me.

He checked his watch, and a disappointed look crossed his face

He began to walk away, but that's when I spoke up


He tensed up, and softly mumbled "you're late"

"I know"

"You said you would finish at 2"

"I did"

"It's 3"

"I got held up"

"With what?" He was trying to sound angry, but his voice was far too gentle to pull it off

"I'd rather not discuss it"

He turned around, looking at me with sad eyes. But they soon glanced at my one slouched shoulder

"Are you okay?" He was worried about me

"I'm fine, just sore"

"What happened?"

He moved towards me, his hand pulling my shirt off my shoulder

"Zayn, it looks bruised. Did someone hit you?"

"It doesn't matter"

He pressed on it, making me flinch and grab his wrist hard. It wasn't on purpose, it was out of instinct

A small whimper left his lips, and it instantly made me let go, and shrink back

"I... That was an accident"

"You were in a fight?"

I simply nodded, knowing he'd seen my knuckles

"Give me your keys"


"Your keys, I'm driving" he held out his hand

I grabbed them out my pocket, and placed them in his warm hand

"Let's go" he offered me a smile


"You owe me"

"Dinner tonight?" I offered

"Sounds perfect" he smiled kindly




Once we were at my studio I cleaned myself up. I concentrated on my knuckles, shirtless in the kitchen while I ran hot soapy water over them.

Niall was standing nearby, just watching me.

"Here" he handed me the tube I'd asked him to collect

I wasn't going to lie, using the bruise cream was difficult with my hands so stiff

"Can you help me?" I asked out

He hesitated, giving me an expectant look



"Please can you help me?"

"Don't you have hands?" He teased lightly

"They hurt"

"Then don't get into fights" he smiled cutely

I just rolled my eyes, and he took the tube from my hand, unscrewing the lid and rubbing it deep into my skin

"Thank you" I said to him

He smiled "you're most welcome, Zayn"

"About dinner" I reminded him "what do you want? Home cooked or take out?"

"I think home cooked, as punishment for you being late" he smiled up at me

"You got it, love" I agreed just like that

I set up the TV and let Niall chill out there. Niall watched TV, and I sat there sketching him to occupy myself seeing as I wasn't such a television person

At 7 I went to make dinner. It was nothing hard, just a simple spaghetti and mince. I used lasagne flavouring mixed with spaghetti bolognese flavouring. I chucked in some sweet basil and mixed herbs, then served it up in a plate.

We sat in my studio at the only table in my house. The table was small, but there was enough space for both of us

"This is really good" Niall spoke

"Thank you, I did try"

"Looks like your hands aren't so busted after all" he giggled

"You have no idea how difficult it was to cook" I said truthfully

"You could have asked me to help"

"It was punishment for being late" I reminded him

"That's true"

After we finished, I took his plate as well as mine. We washed the dishes together which Niall had happily done by picking up a drying cloth without my asking.

It was done quickly, and by then Niall seemed tired

"You ready to go home?" I asked

"Not yet" he smiled "I like it here with you"

"You can stay the night if you'd like?"

"Do you have a spare room?" He asked

"You can take my bed" I suggested "I'll sleep on the couch"

"Or we can share your bed?" He smiled cheekily

"Sounds good to me" I chuckled

"Let's go then"

"Right now?" I was surprised by how quickly he'd decided to sleep

"Don't you want to cuddle?"


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