Opposite of Me (Ziall Horlik)

Zayn is 22, he's an artist in uni and the only thing he's ever cared about is his art.

Niall is 21, he's studying music and has always cared about everything

Zayn had a colder heart, not caring much for others or animals and was selfish. Niall's heart was warmer, he wanted to make the world happy, and was selfless.

When Zayn first met Niall his eyes recognized him as art, and that's what struck Zayn's interest.

When Niall first met Zayn his ears recognized Zayn's voice as music, and that's how Zayn became another person in his life

With the two so opposite, yet so fascinated and inspired by one another, what could happen?


6. 6

Zayn's POV

"So what about you?" I asked, both of us walking into Uni together "have you been with anyone?"

"Not really" Niall admitted "I've never really had a boyfriend or girlfriend. I've mainly just had friends"

"Really?" I was more than surprised "I would've thought you had people falling at your feet"

"Why would you think that?" He blushed

"Well... You're beautiful" I admitted "and you're a decent person, isn't that alone the standard everyone is looking for?"

"I guess so" he shrugged

"So you're fresh to everything relationship related?" I was still surprised by him never being with anyone

"Uh... I guess so" he shrugged "more or less"

"Well if it makes you feel any better, I like that"


"It gives me the chance to teach you I guess"

"What?" He laughed "are you implying that you want to be with me?"


"No, I'm simply stating that you being new to relationships gives me the opportunity to teach you how they work for when you want to be in a relationship with someone"

"Oh, thank you" he laughed "I appreciate that Zayn"

"You're most welcome"

"Mind walking me to my class?" He questioned "I know yours is before mine-"

"Not at all" I smiled "it would be a pleasure"

He blushed, and we began to walk to his lecture room

"Enjoy yourself"

"What time do you finish?" He asked me


"I finish at 2:30" Niall told me "is there a chance that we could meet up afterwards?"


We exchanged numbers, he texted me to double check it was right

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