Why Twilight Is Better Than Harry Potter - The Counterclaim

While I agree "Harry Potter" is much better than "Twilight," a counterclaim is made here.


4. Harry Potter vs. Edward Cullen

Both are good duelists and have their strengths, but consider the following:


HARRY: "I got hit with a stick Voldemort was hitting me with from far away after going to a forest I'm not allowed to enter."

EDWARD: "I'm immortal. SUCKA!!!"


HARRY: "I have a stick with a few hairs inside and a lot of luck."

EDWARD: "I have incredible vampire abilities and help from my friends and family. Not to mention Bella and Jacob, who are underrated in my eyes."


HARRY: "I followed a giant and left my family, and Lily--I mean, Mom's--sacrifical protection after the giant told me magic exists and I actually believed him. Then I swung a stick for the next seven years. When I'm not doing that, I'm playing with my food and putting it into a pot."

EDWARD: "I moved into a rainy town and fell in love with a girl who no one else likes. I see the inner qualities that not even Potterheads understand and she feels the same way. I am also somewhat accepting of Jacob Black even though the latter wants Bella for himself. I am also incredible on the warfield, which you guys don't really see enough of."

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