Limerence (Ziall Horlik)

Zayn is stuck in a midlife crisis in a school with one of the biggest reputations to uphold.

Zayn always liked one boy. But he knew he didn't stand a chance for more than one reason.

He was getting desperate, his homophobic mates were getting suspicious

He had to do it, he had to forget about Niall. So, he got a girlfriend.

He just needed a cover up. Niall was never going to notice him anyway



4. 4

By the time the pizzas were back, the girls were all stripping out of their shirts. It confused the absolute shit out of me, but Niall looked one hundred percent comfortable around the shirtless girls

"Uh... Why are none of you wearing shirts?" I asked Perrie quietly

"Well you're dating me, so the girls don't care"

"Niall is still here"

"Niall is gay"

"What?" Hearing that made my heart palpitate

"He's gay, you're still okay with sharing a bed with him, right?"

"Yes, of course" I nodded

Niall is gay? Since when?

I just made myself comfortable, not really caring anymore about the half naked girls around me in shorts and bras

Perrie seemed pleased that I wasn't ogling her friends, but that was only because I had the absolute hots for who turned out to be her best friend

It was the best and worst thing I'd ever found out in my life.

I couldn't help but stare at Niall more than anybody else. I only got caught maybe 3 or 4 times, and he would just raise an eyebrow as if asking why I was staring

In all honesty I was staring for three reason.

1. He's gay
2. He's hot as hell
3. I'm head over heels for him

I wouldn't ever admit that to him. I needed to ask how Niall actually knew Perrie when I only ever saw him with Louis.

There was a Harry Potter marathon that night, and Perrie sat against me in just a black bra and shorts. Niall sat with the girls which was disappointing on my part, but I just had to remind myself that tonight I'd be sleeping with him

Around 1am, all the girls were asleep. I turned off the movie, and Niall asked me if I was ready to head upstairs.

I followed him up, checking out his cute bum on the stairs. Once we got upstairs, he began to take his clothes off. He offered me a small smile

"Do you want me to turn around?" He asked

"No, it's okay" I said honestly

He seemed grateful that I didn't mind him facing my direction while I undressed, which I could understand. To him, I was trusting him.

When I turned to face him my lips parted in shock.

Oh my god

He was slim, but not too slim. He was a little bulkier than me, but that didn't bother me. I felt my mouth watering



"You're staring" Niall mumbled awkwardly

"Oh I..."

Shit. I have a boner.

I awkwardly made my way to the big bed, and got under the covers

"You've got a lot of tattoos" Niall spoke quietly


"How come?"

"I just felt like getting them"

"You'll have to show me them all some time"

"Absolutely" I smiled "I like showing off my body art"

"I can see why" he smiled

I couldn't help but foolishly smile back, and my stupid grin made him laugh.

I felt a little embarrassed about looking like an idiot in front of him. But he made me so happy, it was hard not to smile so widely

"Perrie has very good taste" Niall smiled

"You think?" I felt flattered that he liked something about me

"I do" Niall nodded "you won't hurt her. I know you won't. You seem to really like her"

"I do" I lied

"She likes you a lot" Niall said "did you know that?"

I shook my head, my smile faltering

"Well she does, and I don't want that to go to waste"

"It won't" I said softly

It can't, because if I ever broke up with her everybody would know I was gay. I wouldn't lie to her and say I don't like her, I'd tell her the truth because that's what she deserves

"Night, Zayn"

"Goodnight, Niall"

"You're pretty cool" Niall said smiling again "we should hang out sometime"

"That'd be nice" I nodded, trying not to scream in excitement

He pulled his phone out of the charger and handed it to me

"Put your number in"

I looked at the small phone, smiling at the name 'Zee' that he'd put in. I put in my mobile number for him, and handed it back

"I'll text you sometime" Niall then plugged his phone in and turned to lay on his side, facing me

"I look forward to that, you're pretty cool"

"You know that I'm gay, right?"

"Perrie told me" I nodded

"Good" he smiled "I just wanted to make sure we established that, for your own comfort. It doesn't bother you?"

I shook my head "not at all. Just because you're gay doesn't mean you don't have standards"

"That's very observant of you, Zayn Malik"

"You know my last name?"

"Of course I do" Niall nodded

"Oh" knowing that just gave me butterflies

"Well, we should probably sleep"

"You can, if you'd like" Niall smiled "it's going to take a while for me to doze off"

"How come?"

"I forgot my bear" he said awkwardly

"I'll be your bear if you want?" I asked awkwardly

He laughed, but went serious once he realised I wasn't kidding

"You sure?"

"I don't mind" I nodded "I love cuddling anyway"

He smiled and instantly shuffled towards me, his body coming in contact with mine.

"Your heart is beating very fast" Niall said softly

"I'm just a little nervous"

"How come?"

"I don't want all the girls teasing us in the morning" I lied

"They won't tease us" Niall chuckled, pulling my arm around him "we'll be up before they are"

"Right" I nodded

Niall nuzzled into me, and I couldn't help but pull him even closer, savouring the feeling of his body against mine.

There was so much bare skin, I was definitely hard again. But I didn't really mind. Niall's skin was smooth, I quite liked it.

"Goodnight, Zayn" he yawned against my chest

"Goodnight, Niall"

Soon he relaxed, and all I could feel were soft breaths on my chest

I smiled, blushing a little, then closed my eyes and went to sleep.

Best. Party. Ever.

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