Limerence (Ziall Horlik)

Zayn is stuck in a midlife crisis in a school with one of the biggest reputations to uphold.

Zayn always liked one boy. But he knew he didn't stand a chance for more than one reason.

He was getting desperate, his homophobic mates were getting suspicious

He had to do it, he had to forget about Niall. So, he got a girlfriend.

He just needed a cover up. Niall was never going to notice him anyway



3. 3

"He was definitely hitting on me" Perrie said "and I told him I'm in a relationship and he just gave me this cheeky smile and- Zayn?"

"Huh?" I asked

"Did you hear anything I just said?" She asked

"No, sorry I was thinking"

"Oh, that's okay" she smiled "what about?"

"Nothing important" I lied

"Danielle said she saw you talking to Niall today, I didn't know you were friends?" Perrie seemed excited

"We're not" I admitted "he just sits behind me, today was the first time he's ever talked to me"

"Oh, well she says you guys really hit it off"

"What does that mean?" I frowned

"As in you guys got along really well" Perrie said "I thought you guys wouldn't have gotten along which is why I never introduced you two"

"Wait, you guys are friends?" I asked shocked

"Yeah, Niall is basically my best friend" she beamed

"Why didn't you tell me that?"

"Well I didn't think it mattered" she trailed off

"No, it doesn't" I played it cool "I just figured you would've told me who your best friends are"

"Oh" Perrie smiled "well anyways, the girls and I are going to do a sleepover on Friday. Niall is going to come, but seeing as you guys get along, I'm sure you can join us"

"That sounds great, Pez"

"Then you just have to come to mine" she beamed "you don't have tinting pyjamas, but I can't promise that the girls won't all drool over you"

I simply laughed "they can drool all they want to"


It was Friday night. Niall hadn't spoken to me again at all. I was probably so awkward that he didn't want to ever attempt to speak to me again.

I parked my bike on the side of the road, feeling my heart race and the head of blond with the familiar blue backpack

"Hey" I called

"Zayn" he smiled kindly "hi"

"Want a ride?"

"I dunno, you won't kidnap me will you?" He joked

"Maybe, but I'm taking you where you need to be so its not exactly an inconvenience"

He grinned and moved towards me, getting on behind me

"I didn't know you had a license" Niall smiled at me

"It's my first year, I'm on my restricted"

"Then why are you carrying a passenger?"

"Because I want to" I shrugged

"Badass" he teased

"Not always" I admitted

"More like never"

"So do you know what the sleeping arrangements are for tonight?" I asked

"Girls in one room, boys in the other"

"Oh, really?" I asked, feeling my cheeks heat

"I don't know if we're sleeping in beds or just on a mattress though" Niall frowned "I hope it's beds, her floor isn't very comfortable"

"I don't mind either way" I admitted

"We'll just have to wait and see" Niall smiled, playing with his fingers

We made small talk the rest of the way, and I soon pulled up into Perrie's driveway.

Niall and I walked to the already open door and went inside

"Zayn!" Perrie exclaimed

I hugged her tight, giving her a small hello. There weren't as many girls as I were expecting, probably only 4 including Perrie

"You two are early, we were just about to go out and pick up the pizza" Perrie said "I'll show you two where to sleep, and can you stay here?"

"Sure" I nodded

"You too, Niall"

"Okay" Niall smiled

We both followed Perrie upstairs, and she lead us to a small room with a double bed. Niall and I looked at each other awkwardly

"Is this okay?"

"It's fine" we both said in sync

"Cool, you two set yourselves up and we'll be back"

She soon disappeared

"I hope you don't mind" Niall blushed "I don't exactly sleep in pyjamas"

"Oh?" I raised an eyebrow

"Just my boxers" he said sheepishly

"That's fine, if it makes you feel better I do the same"

"Really?" He seemed relieved to hear that

"Yeah, so we'll be matching tonight"

"Thank god, I was so worried" he smiled

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