Birth Of A Star

Time-Travel AU! Ginny Weasley has only ever seen the faces of those who took part in the Second Wizarding War in textbooks. Faced with the threat of the Enigma Rise, she is sent back in time to fix the past, leaving everything she knows behind. But now she wants everything she knows to be everything he knows. IMPORTANT: In this AU, Ron is the youngest of his family.

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1. Rude Awakening

A/N So this is a story I have started on ffn and I want to share it with you lovely, lovely Movellians <3 I hope you enjoy.

She was lying there in the common room on the couch, stretching as the first morning rays peeked through the gap of the curtains, illuminating all it came into contact with. A few strands of her hair got caught by the light, exaggerating the intensity of the red hues. She took a glance up at the clock and came to the conclusion that once again she had fallen asleep while studying for her History of Magic test Professor Picoult had decided to spring on them for that day less than twenty-four hours before hand. Today's topics were dealing with the Wizarding Wars as today was the centenary of the Second Wizarding War's end. And Ginny felt like she was the only student in her class that was actually pretty excited about the topic.

After the fall of Voldemort, the wizarding world had calmed down significantly. The tensions that had been enveloped into the daily lives of so many had disintegrated the second Voldemort's body fell against the stoned ground. Although many liked to argue the fact that the Dark Lord did not die as Voldemort, but instead, he died no more than as Tom Riddle. A mere mortal of a man. She had been given the same "pep talk", as her cousin Rose - who felt more like a grandma to her than a cousin due to the enormous age gap - liked to call it, that in your last moments you are either going the be the strongest you will ever be, or the weakest, and it all depends on the way you have lived your life. This was advice passed down from her mother, who apparently had been at the centre of the action with her husband.

Ginny took the opportunity since nobody was up to hop into the bathroom in an attempt to make herself somewhat presentable for the day. She liked to start off her day with a shower, never cold, never hot. She felt like it washed off the events of the previous day and that the present was a fresh start. Her friends sometimes gave out to her for her hippy-dippy, over-exaggerated positive ways but for Ginny it was the only way she could build up the courage to face the day. Begrudgingly pulling on her robes as she fought the tiredness being expressed by the forceful, involuntary shutting of her eyelids, she deemed herself ready to go and walked down to the Great Hall.

As she entered, she noted that the Hall was pretty barren, and then remembered that it was only eight in the morning and that most students should be downstairs within the half hour. She did not mind the solitude though. Well, it was not pure solitude. There was a scattering of different students from different houses around the room. She had been told stories by her grandparents and uncles that once-upon-a-time, students were required to sit only with their houses during meal times and school assemblies. She herself could not imagine a time when that was the case. Obviously people tended to sit with people in their own house at least at the beginning because they are the people that at those moments they would be most familiar and acquainted with. But as their time in Hogwarts progressed, many mingled with other students. Ginny always sat in the exact same place every day, a quarter of the way from the teachers' podium at the "Gryffindor" table, or what used to be the Gryffindor table.

About quarter-past the hour, she eyed a group of people heading her way. Her tiredness in the mornings always blurred her initial vision of things but her eyes soon cleared her lenses as her friends came into clear view. They took their regular positions around their table.

"Morning, Gin," the blonde at her side chirped up. Without even needing to glance at the girl you had know who she was by the perky voice. Amber Lee, a Ravenclaw girl in her year. Undoubtedly one of the smartest girls ever to step foot into the magnificent castle they resided in. At the same time, she was also undoubtedly one of the dumbest girls ever to step foot into the magnificent castle they resided in. Academically, she was fabulous, except in History of Magic - in that class she was just a walking tragedy -, but god forbid she ever stepped foot into a large social situation.

"Hey," Ginny replied. She rubbed her eyes and downed a glass of water. "I may not look it, but I'm actually super pumped for this test today."

"No, I definitely think you are the embodiment of enthusiasm right now, Gin. Nothing screams ready for the day like eye bags and toothpaste on the cheek," a slim boy who sat across from her said, laughing at her instead of with her.

A flush of pink spread across her features and she quickly moistened her thumb and tried to rub the dried substance from her face. "You really know how to charm a girl, don't you, Zach."

Zach just laughed his usual deep chuckle. Whenever he laughed he looked like he was in one of those advertisements that claimed to make your hair so seductively beautiful that no witch or wizard would be able to keep their hands off. His black hair fell gracefully behind him as he cocked his head backwards with laughter. If it was anybody else, Ginny would have made the comment about his hair looking like awful bed-head, but for some reason, neatness just clashed horribly with Zach. The same could be said for the rest of the female population in the school. Zach's rugged, boyish charm managed to sneak its way into the good books of everybody.

"I do try," he said, shrugging.

"How can you even be excited for this test, Ginny. I can't for the life of me remember the significance of anything to do with this war, or anything about the people involved. How am I supposed to get three parchments full of this crap. I'm up to my eyes with information, I'm about to explode."

Ginny cocked her head to Sam. Sam was always worrying about something. How she got into Gryffindor troubled almost everybody. Ginny piped up, "So long as you don't explode over the walls of the classroom. Picoult would kill you otherwise."

"Gee thanks for the confidence boost, Gin," Sam laughed.

"Sure, she's great at boosting confidence. Just last week she spent about two hours correcting almost everything about me. Didn't make me feel like a fool at all," Jonathon remarked, giving a friendly wink to Ginny.

"I'm just talented at it, what can I say?" Ginny laughed.

The group stayed chatting away, piling plates of food into their mouths, and cramming (well some of them) for the upcoming test until five to nine. This test was to be the decider of what their overall score was going to be for History of Magic. The one test that mattered for her summer report. A mutual decision was made to leave the Great Hall and head to the classroom. On arrival, they assumed their regular seats and saw the parchment lying on the tables.

Everybody else groaned and moaned as soon as Picoult announced the objectives of the test. Three pages of parchment on the events of the Second Wizarding War with reference to two of the following in detail: Voldemort and the rise of the Death Eaters, the preparations of the Order and Dumbledore's Army, the key figures Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, and Severus Snape. Ginny's heart fluttered. She knew she had this in the bag. The Second Wizarding War was a story that was being passed down in her family now over the generations. From what she gathered, she had family at the heart of the battle, and nothing filled her with more glee to know that. She felt like she had somewhat of an advantage over some of the other kids, the muggleborns in particular, but she knew that some of the other sixth years in the room were in the same position as her also.

Ginny breezed through the exam and handed it up with twenty minutes to spare. Good, she thought to herself, at least I know that if the rest of the day gets screwed up that I have something good under my sleeve. She leaned back on her stool and eyed the rest of the people in the room. Amber, she noticed, was freaking out. Her face was going purple. Ginny assumed it was because she was forgetting to breathe again. Whenever Amber was stressed out about a situation, all her thought went into the situation. So much so that her body even forgets to take part in involuntary actions. Zach and Jonathon were sat at the same table. They took sly glances at the other one's paper every few minutes. And Sam was sat in front of those two. She was definitely her competition for securing the highest grade in the class. If she wanted to finish the class with distinction she had to get the overall highest mark in this test.

There was a loud knocking at the door and it opened. Without even taking a glance back she knew who it was because their enormous shadow was creeping its way across the ground.

"Headmaster," began Picoult, "To what do we owe the honour?"

Professor Misiano peeked his head into the room slightly. "I'm looking for a student. Is Ginevra Weasley in here?"

Picoult motioned to her and Ginny stood.

"May I take her for the remainder of the class?"

Ginny gathered her things and left the room. At least I managed to finish my exam, she thought. She followed Misiano up the many, many flights of stairs contained within the castle until they reached a podium with a golden bird. Misiano muttered a few words and the podium began to turn around 180 degrees and they both stepped inside. They were elevated into the large room where Professor Misiano spent most of his time. There was portraits of previous headmasters of Hogwarts plastered around the room, in order of their reign. One in particular caught her eye; the one of Albus Dumbledore locked eyes with her and gave her a smirk. She waved back and proceeded to the chair opposite Misiano's desk that the headmaster was gesturing to.

"Please, Miss Weasley, take a seat."

She sat.

"As you know, today marks the centenary of the Second Wizarding War, correct?" He didn't wait to see if she knew the information or not as he just continued anyway. "Today we should be celebrating the independence of our people. But I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Today is quite possibly one of the most dangerous days of our time. Today is the day that the Enigmas are planning their rise."

"May I ask, who are the Enigmas?"

"The Enigmas are admirers of the policies and actions of the Death Eaters of the 1900's. Obviously unhappy with the fall of Voldemort, they're planning retaliation. Tonight."

"With all due respect, Headmaster, what has this got to do with me?"

"It's your ancestors that anger them. The family of Molly and Arthur Weasley. They had a son called Ron, I believe. It was his friend Harry Potter that conducted the death of Voldemort. The rage the Enigmas are feeling is primarily from the fact that their Lord was defeated by nothing more than a teenager. They've made a vow to wipe out the family. And that's where it involves you. You are part of the package deal. You're in grave danger."

Ginny could not mask the confusion. She didn't understand what was going on, even with her knowledge of all the events. "And so, I must die?"

"Not must. Not must at all, my dear. You're the Chosen One of our generation. My Chosen One." Misiano smiled. He stood up and held a golden necklace in his hand. "This device is called a Time Turner. It turns time. It will transport you to any time period your heart desires."

"What must I do?"

"I'm sending you back to the year 1997, with a note for the headmaster, which you must hand in on arrival. You'll start in the academic year with the seventh years. There's no point in repeating now, is there."

Ginny stared at the man dumbfounded. "Are you being serious?"

"Deadly so."

Ginny arose. "What is it that I have to do when I'm in 1997?"

"You have to ensure that Voldemort does not die because of Harry Potter. Potter must not be the one to cause the death of the Dark Lord." Misiano stated this very bluntly.

Ginny thought this to be a pretty easy task. She could not imagine how stopping somebody from killing somebody else would be a difficult thing to do. "I'll do it."

"You don't really have a choice, Miss Weasley." Misiano smirked. He wrapped the necklace around her neck and twisted it a for what seemed to be an entire century.

"When you arrive, hide this Time Turner. It's your only way of getting back to your own time. Be sensible, not reckless. Don't be bashful. Blend in. And under no circumstances are you to alter history more than this. This is bad enough, but it will be a complete disaster if more than this is changed. Your existence could be compromised," he warned, as she disappeared from his view. "Good luck, Ginevra. You'll find that your bags will be in your room on arrival."

The world around Ginny was a real blur this time, due to the quick rewinding of time instead of the intense fatigue she was feeling a couple of hours ago. As she passed through time, many different people passed her. She didn't know how they didn't see her but she assumed since she was just glued to the spot and travelling at such a fast pace that there'd be no chance of anybody ever spotting her. After a couple of minutes she found that the world had stopped being a blur and she had somehow found herself at the doors of the Great Hall.

Everything looked the exact same. She heard a booming voice coming from the Great Hall welcoming the students to the school, and she heard the date September 1st 1997 mentioned. She looked around her. There was absolutely nothing to indicate that she was now over one hundred years in the past. And then he remembered the letter crumpled up into the hand given to her only a few minutes ago by Professor Misiano and she ran towards the booming voice, opening the doors to the Great Hall with such force that a tremendous echo bounced through the room as all eyes became planted on her. She quickly regretted her quick movements.

She glanced at the teachers first and saw several faces she had only ever seen in textbooks. The Carrows were of the first she noticed and she felt a chill being sent up her spine. And then she locked eyes with the man up on the main podium. Professor Severus Snape. She moved her way up the middle of the room, gripping the note in hand. She squirmed past the crowd of first years who were stood tensely before the teachers and student body. When she reached the podium she handed it over to him.

"For your eyes only," she whispered, making sure nobody else heard her.

After reading the note, he looked up at her in awe. "Very well," he spoke. "We'll deal with you first then."

She gulped as she was instructed to turn around.

"Miss Ginevra Weasley, everybody, has transferred to our school for her last academic year. She will reside in House Slytherin."

Nobody cheered. People just stared at her. She was not quite sure what to do next. Snape directed her to the table on the far left and she took the only free seat at that moment. She caught sight of silver in the corner of her eye and then directed her attention to the podium, the teachers, the speech, and the meal, until they were all directed to head to their respective common rooms. It was at that moment that she knew that she had gotten herself into a mess.

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