A Wolf's Demise

As Teddy Lupin and his two faithful friends embark on a rough journey through their sixth year, they have to cope with werewolves, animagi, metamorphogises, centaurs, and young love. But will they have the strength to defeat their newest enemy, that threatens to disrupt life in the forest as they know it?


25. The Lair of the Enemy



   I had no idea how long I had slept.


   Pitch's face loomed in front of mine, a smirk on his face. He grinned a wolfish grin as I regained consciousness. I saw that my earring was already in his ear.

    "Welcome," He said, motioning to my cell as though it was a pleasurable place. "Welcome to my Pitt. I hope you find that your stay will be enjoyable- for me." He cackled, and he turned and exited through a hole in the wall. 

     My cell was not astounding. It was a small cave among others that was attached to a large cave. There was nothing in the cell exempt for my and a small torch surrounded by a strong, iron cage. The tunnel were Pitch had exited had a gate on the end. A guard stood outside of it. Once my eyes had adjusted to the light, I released the extend of Pitch's evil.

     He had prisoners. Hundred upon hundreds of prisoners, each in a cell identical to mine. Each gate came out into the main cave, the cliff face filled with them, like perfectly lined freckles. The main cave was monstrous, with huge torches on either end, each the size on a large bonfire. The cave was perfectly rectangle (save for the cliff at the far side), and the walls were smooth. The cave corners were perfect ninety degree angles. I couldn't understand how a pack of wolves could have chiseled the cave so perfectly, at least until I saw who was stocking the torches with wood and oil.




At least a hundred of them, all with rusty shackles on their feet. They were oil coated and grubby, obviously food deprived and depressed. A wolf stood guard over them as they walked back and forth from the carts filled with coal and the torches. Some were even pushing the carts out of a mineshaft, a pickaxe on their back. As the dwarves walked, they made no noise except the screeching of their shackles dragging on the ground. One of the dwarves was pulling a cart filled with old, moldy bones. Most of the bones had minuscule chunks of meat on them, and the dwarf pushed the cart to the middle of the prison cave.

 "FOOD FOR THE PRISONERS!" He yelled, and each of the guards walked down to the cart, gripping as many bones as they could in their mouths. As my guard walked back to me, he slipped the bone through the chink in the gate. 

   "Eat up." He sneered, and he turned back to the center of the cave, just in time to catch the dwarf in the act. The poor dwarf looked sleep deprived, and he was even skinnier than the rest of the dwarves. He had slowly reached toward the cart and grabbed one of the bones, and slipped it into his pocket.

   "THEIF!" One of the guards screamed, and all the guards ran to the center of the cave, swarming around the dwarf. There was a scream, and the guards turned in unison and walked away. The dwarf lay upon the floor, unmoving.


It wassnt until much later that something eventful happened. 3 more guards pranced in through the tunnel where the dwarves were working. Between them they carried a small, iron cage. They set it in the middle of the floor. Smiling, one of them called: 
  "Who is going to the pitt today?" The guards cackled, and started banging their paws against the ground in unison, a sound that echoed eerily and announced even more death and bloodshed. The two of the guards carrying the cage began to pace the space between the two prison walls. Each of them inspected some of the cells more closely, and after a while they both pulled a screaming prisoner from their cells, and tossed them with ease into the cage.  

"Yesssss.... They will do nicely for the pit," snarled a voice. Pitch slunk from the shadows. "I wish they had a bit more muscle, but the Gamblers will take what they can get. Take them away." He flicked his tail, and the three guards picked up the cage on their shoulders and walked towards the cliff on the far side and exited through a large crack in the wall.



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