A Wolf's Demise

As Teddy Lupin and his two faithful friends embark on a rough journey through their sixth year, they have to cope with werewolves, animagi, metamorphogises, centaurs, and young love. But will they have the strength to defeat their newest enemy, that threatens to disrupt life in the forest as they know it?


12. Taurus's Son

 ---- Two days later------

    "I knew you would come," Said Taurus, his face illuminated by the ghostly half moon in the sky. "He is this way. My son. He doesn't have much time left. Please hurry!" He sprinted off into the woods, and I followed, in wolf form of course, carrying a flagon of potion in my mouth. We sped through the forest, the light growing darker and dark until we must have been miles from Hogwarts grounds. The only light visible was from the fires of the centaurs. The flickering flames illuminated the clearing, which was surrounded by tents. The tents completely enclosed the clearing in a perfect circle except for one entrance, which was an arch of flowered vines. The centaurs who were not staring intently at fires were separating berries and fruits in baskets and others still were polishing bows and crafting arrows, all of them shooting me dirty looks and puffing up their chests threateningly. There was a sickly sweet smell upon the air. In response to my wrinkled nose, Taurus said "It is the smell of mallow sweet and sage. My brothers are watching the sky."

      He lead me to a particularly large tent with several colorful markings on the outside and pulled the flap aside.  "My son is in here," he said, his eyes full of worry. "If you can heal him, you and your other animagus friends may roam our forest as you please. I shall await you out here." He then sat upon the ground (or squared or whatever it is centaurs do) and stared to the heavens holding his hands up and humming. I slipped through the flap in Taurus's tent, and almost lost my dinner upon the ground. The stench the awaited me was much worst than the one outside. The sickened centaur's illness seemed to be upon the air, its smell so vile I could hardly believe the others did not make him stay away from camp.

      This centaur looked about 14, with short dark brown hair. His torso was heavily muscled, as was his lower body. His horse portion was a chestnut brown, and his legs had the same color as his hair on his head. A long, flowing tail cascaded from his rump. It was braided and had 5 beautiful wooden beads on its stem, each a extremely detailed picture of a different animal. I though he would have been very handsome had he not been so sick. His chiseled face was pale, and his body was pouring sweat despite the cool night air. When I had entered he had stirred feebly, but now just laid limp upon the floor.

       Hurridly I morphed into my human form and dropped to his side, seizing a cold cloth from the water basin nearby and sponged his face. He opened his light brown eyes and stared at me in surprise. He tried to say something, but choked on the words.

    "No no, don't speak," I said, putting a finger to my lips, "Just rest. Can you open your mouth for me?" He opened his mouth slowly, his hands shaking with effort. "You are going to be all right. I have your medicine here. Then you will feel all better." I poured a couple drops of potion into his mouth. "We are going to start small. We don't want you throwing all this medicine up, now." He nodded, and this time he seemed to be able to do it faster, and he wasn't shaking any more. "Do you want any water?" I asked. "Yes please." He croaked, his voice rough and small. I morphed and galloped to to stream, rinsing the cloth I had mopped the young centaur's forehead with and filled it with clean,  cold stream water. Trotting back to Taurus's tent, I handed the cloth to Taurus's son, who sucked all the water from the rag rapidly. I gave him a full dose of potion, and his voice cleared and he seized sweating. "Wow!" he said, standing and stretching."I feel great! Thanks, wolf boy!" I laughed.

   "The names Teddy. What about you?"

   "Charlie." I laughed again.

   "I've never heard of a centaur named Charlie. Bit of a branch from tradition, isn't it?" He rolled his eyes.       

   "Its not my fault. Blame my mother."

   "Right. Well, I'll see you around then." I took a sip of the remaining amount of potion to make sure I wasn't infected, and exited the tent to talk to Taurus. 

     "He should be all better sir." I said, passing him my flagon. "Give everyone who has been in contact with his a sip of that to make sure they aren't going to catch it. If he gets sick again, call me." I turned to leave, but he stopped me, his hand on my shoulder.

   "Thank you, Teddy. I shall tell my tribe you and your friends descriptions so they will leave you in peace. But I must ask, what is your wolf name?"

    "My what?" I said, casting his a confused look over my shoulder.

    "Don't tell me you haven't got one!? It is essential to every wolf in the forest. It is what describes your personality, your pack, your life! It is what the heavens say about you. Every wolf is given a name by a centaur, according to what the stars say. A name is a wolfs pride." He said.

   "I guess I haven't got any pride, then."

    "My boy, we change that. Follow me." And he turned to the forest making his way into the even darker woods. I hesitated, thinking of Newt and Sky, but with a look to the centaur camp, I decided that my life in the forest needed a little help from Taurus.




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