A Wolf's Demise

As Teddy Lupin and his two faithful friends embark on a rough journey through their sixth year, they have to cope with werewolves, animagi, metamorphogises, centaurs, and young love. But will they have the strength to defeat their newest enemy, that threatens to disrupt life in the forest as they know it?


2. Back to the Common Room

 I had watched James's sorting eagerly, but I knew we wouldn't be in the same house. James was Gryffindor all the way. But I was more brainy than brawny (which was really saying something!) so I was Ravenclaw. I watched Skylar and Newton get sorted, too. Of course, they weren't first years, but they were new to Hogwarts, and just because they were in sixth year like me didn't mean they couldn't have a house. To my surprise and pleasure, they were both Ravenclaw as well!

   *********2 MONTHS LATER**********

   I have learned a lot about my new friends. For example, Newton, who preferred to be called Newt, was a complete nerd, and definitely the brains of the our trio. He couldn't play quidditch to save his life, but he loved to watch. Skylar, or Sky as me and Newt called her, is the rational thinker. She is the one who keeps us out of trouble. She is also great at quidditch. She was a natural seeker. I had, of course- being captain of the Ravenclaw team, as chaser- drafted her immediately. I guess I was the protector. I was the one who defended Newt from bullies and Sky from gossiping girls. They referred to me jokingly as "Alpha" sometimes.

   They, however, did not know my secret. Not yet. I did not want to scare my newly found friends away. I had written to Harry about them, and he was ecstatic that I had finally found friends. He encouraged me to tell them what I was. But I could not. They were too precious to me, and I did not want to lose the only friends I had after finally finding them.

   I was glad to learn that Newt and Sky both wanted to be an Auror, just like me. That meant that we would remain at Hogwarts together for an additional 3 years after graduation for Auror training.


"Hey Ted," said a voice behind me. I was sitting at my desk near my four poster in the boys dormitory, staring at the nearly full moon in the sky, dreading the night to come. I turned. Newt was standing there, with Sky trailing behind him. 

"Whats up?" I said, registering their grim expressions at once. 

"It's almost full moon. What do you want use to tell the others about why you're gone?" said Sky. I stared.

"How...How did you know?" My voice had cracked on the last word, showing them how panicked I really was.

"C'mon mate," Said Newt. "How could we not know!? We are only best friends. I only wish I could come with you without being danger as well." His eyes were sympathetic, and I knew he was telling the truth.

    "You still... you still want to be my friend?" I yelped.

"Of course I do, you pratt! You think one little problem will ruin our friendship?" Relief flooded me, and I collapsed on my bed

"Cmon Ted, where else would you get those muscles?" said Skylar jokingly. I rolled my eyes. But on the inside, I was bursting with happiness. I had the two best friends in the entire world, and it would stay that way.


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