A Wolf's Demise

As Teddy Lupin and his two faithful friends embark on a rough journey through their sixth year, they have to cope with werewolves, animagi, metamorphogises, centaurs, and young love. But will they have the strength to defeat their newest enemy, that threatens to disrupt life in the forest as they know it?


18. A Voice in the Shadows

      "Do you reckon we should turn around?" Asked Newt.

It was the night before the full moon. We were wandering the forest, but had come to a spot we didn't recognize. The trees were dark and spindly, and a fog had befallen us. The smell in this section of the woods was different, more muggy somehow, and the occasional scream of an animal would befall us. There was no bird song. 

    "Nah..." I said, sniffing the air. "I need to explore this place. I'm an Alpha, I need to know the forest like the back of my tail."

   "But there might be dementors!" Whimpered Sky, her eyes flashing nervously.

   "We all know how to do patronuses, we will be ok Sky." I soothed. We walked on, but much slower, and my friends fell behind me, their tails (Or in Newt's case, stump) tucked between their legs. I heard a stick crack in the distance, and I froze, holding my tail aloft to show my friends to be cautious. We regrouped into a circle began to inch our ways to the edge of the fog, ears pricked and eyes searching. We had almost reached the end of the dark woods when a voice spoke from the dark. 

     "Well well well... Fresh meat, boys." The voice had sounded from the trees over our heads. It was cold, menacing , and scratchy as though the speaker had not spoken for a long time. Suddenly, eyes glinted in the trees above us. 5 wolves dropped in a perfect circle around us, but the voice we had heard continued to sound from above.

     "I believe you are in our part of the forest."  

  The wolves that had dropped around us were slowly creeping towards us, snapping their teeth and snarling. All of them smelled terrible, like the carcass of a long dead animal, and their pelts were knotted and filled with detached pieces of bracken. Me Newt and Sky pressed our rumps tightly together, while our captors slowly closed in. I could hear Newts quick breathing behind me, and Sky was quivering on my side. I silently cursed myself. What if I got us all killed?

     Then, when only a couple feet remained between me and my closest enemy, a huge wolf dropped right in front of me. He was bigger than me, with jet black hair, somehow darker than mine, except for the small grey stripe on his nose. He pulled his lips back in an evil grin and spoke yet again, his voice colder than ever.

     "I don't think I can permit you to leave, now that you wander so willingly into our grasps... Shall we take them to the pit, boys?" He turned his eyes to the wolves in the circle, and they all yowled and nodded in excitement. I took advantage of the big wolf's temporary turn and activated my earring for the first time. Acting quick, I stunned the wolves in the circle and casted the full body bind curse upon the leader.

        "Im afraid we don't plan on attending this party of yours," I growled, showing my teeth to him. "We intent to walk on our right now."

      "Oh, so we have an alpha in our midst. I would bow if I could, I assure you," He said, his voice full of mocking. "The name is Pitch. I can assure you we will meet again. Now take your friends and leave this place."

     "No.. I don't think we will," I gloated. "I think we will go and find your cave. I see you are not an alpha, so I think you must be rogues. I hope you have some valuables... what a waste this trip would have been."

    "Ted... Ted can't we just go hope?" Sky pleaded, casting fearful looks at the unconscious wolves.

    "C'mon Sky. Ill take you home later."

   "Ted, really, this is a bad idea!" Said Newt. "We are gonna get killed!"

   "Fine, you guys go home. Follow our scent trail. Ill be right behind you." I growled, turning and trotting off into the trees, sniffing at Pitch's scent and following it. I had walked for about an hour, but now I was in his cave, overturning nests and shuffling through rocks, but there was nothing but a couple old pieces of prey. About to turn and set off to find my friends, the voice sounded again.

    "Really, now. Don't you ever learn? I told you to stay out of our forest. Now you absolutely must go to the pit!"

I whirled around. Of course, Pitch had returned. It really was just my luck.

   "Don't you have anything better to do?" I snarled, as his cronies filed in behind him, blocking my only exit.

   "Not really," He said in an offhandish voice, sharpening his claws on a rock. "But you are probably wondering what the Pit is. You see, the rogue community is a lot larger than you would think. Since we are not accepted why your so called 'Gaurdian of the forest' we have created our own method of judicial system. Care to join?" His two largest cronies, a muddled brown and a dull grey seized my scruff and pushed me onto the ground.  "Careful now boys, you don't want to scuff him up too much before the Pit. Nobody would bet on him!"

     "Let me go, Pitch. I couldn't care less about your stupid Pit. Let. Me. Go." I tried to put as much menace in my voice as possible, but he saw right through it.

   "Awww, don't be scared little alpha. I'll let you go... for a price," When I didn't speak, he continued. "You see, the White Wolf won't let any of us have packs or be Alphas, because he thinks we don't uphold rules. Which is definitely wrong. You see, won't just don't want to follow his rules. We don't mind the ones we make. So, since we don't get to have alphas, none of us get any of those fancy earrings of yours. We want one of them... that is to say, yours." 

    It all happened at once. The rogue pack pounced at me in a cloud of fangs and claws, but I was quick too. I morphed, my back and earring concealing themselves in my tattoo. I drew my wand and disapperated out of there. Of course, you can't apperate in hogwarts grounds, so I appeared in Hogsmede. Pulling my cloak out of my bag, I slipped into the cellar of Honeydukes and was in the Ravenclaw common room 15 minutes later, recounting my story to a panicking Newt. Sky, of course, was asleep. 

     "Ted, you gotta stay away from there. Im serious. Tomorrow, when we go to the woods during your transformation, we are staying far away from there."


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