A Wolf's Demise

As Teddy Lupin and his two faithful friends embark on a rough journey through their sixth year, they have to cope with werewolves, animagi, metamorphogises, centaurs, and young love. But will they have the strength to defeat their newest enemy, that threatens to disrupt life in the forest as they know it?


16. A Storm of Questions

       "Ted!" the little fox whispered. "Are you sure we are going to right way?"  I turned to her my ears folding back as a particularly cold breath of wind stroked me, Newt and Sky's fur.

       "Positive. My nose hasn't yet failed me. We may need to take shelter though. I can smell a storm approaching. Perhaps Silva Costodi will allow us to shelter in one of the caves near the altar." I trudged forward, leaping over logs and streams, stopping every once in a while to pull my friends over the tougher terrain. After about two hours, Sky slumped against the ground. Newt nudged her with his nose, but she did not stir. 

       "Ted, I think she has passed out." Said Newt weakly, stifling a shiver. He sniffed her gingerly. "Yeah, she is breathing. She is cold as ice though. Her pelt isn't as thick as ours." I nodded, and Newt helped me pull her onto my back. I grasped her scruff firmly in my teeth as we ran on, and the storm grew louder as it began to rain.

     By the time we reached the Altar, Newt was nearly frozen. I had pulled him up and over the boulders and dragged them both into the clearing. Raising my nose to the sky, I howled loudly: "Silva Custodi? Gaurdian of the Forest!? Please, I need to speak to you!!"

      Nothing but the roaring of the wind greeted my words. I shook my head and grasped Sky, flinger her over my back, and, seizing Newt firmly by the scruff, I brought my friends to the cave I had seen the White Wolf emerge from. Morphing quickly I tugged my wand from my backpack and cast its light around the cave. It was pretty roomy, with a large shelves of rock all in a row in its back right corner for some elevated beds, while in the other corner there was a spring that made a gently trickling sound. The ceiling was dotted with glowing mushrooms, like the stars in the sky, and the walls were so smooth they could have been sculpted by an artist. The floor was cushioned by a thick layer of a pleasant green moss, and a fire pit was in the middle of the cave. I tugged some logs from the outside that were reasonably dry and muttered a fire to life underneath them.

     "Ted?" Sky croaked. I had pulled my friends towards the fire to warm up. They were both stirring now, but sky had sat up first. "Where are we?"

     "We are in the white wolf's cave. I am hoping he will return soon. Ive got water and food in my bag." As she devidided up the food between herself and Newt, I stoked the fire. As soon as they finished, I put my backpack back on and tucked my wand carefully in my jacket pocket, then we all morphed back for extra warmth.

       "I knew you would return." Said a deep but comforting voice. I turned, and a big white wolf trotted into the cave. "I see you have made yourself quite at home," He said, a twinkle in his eyes. "But it is quite all right! I haven't had visitors in many years. I am sure you must have questions for me. And I presume these are your friends?" I nodded and pointed my nose to both of them in turn.

      "These are my friends Newton Galilei (He goes by Newt) and Skylar Vulpez (She goes by Sky)," I sat down and they sat next to me. "And yes, sir, I have many questions."  The white wolf curled up by the fire, wrapping his tail around his nose and nodded to me. "Fire away my boy, fire away."

       "Well  sir, I was just wondering why was chosen to be alpha. I'm not qualified. I barley even know the ways of a wolf! Heck, I'm not even a full wolf! " He chuckled.

      "The heavens have many things decided before the time we are even born! Every tiny thing effects us, like the scurrying of ants or the buzzing of flies, yet the heavens have mapped out everything in every situation! This, my boy, is your destiny, even had you never entered this forest, you would have been an alpha anyway! You were born to lead. As for not being full wolf, it is the heart that matters, and your heart is as wolfish as can be." He smiled. I felt reassured, despite having the answer. I decided to move on to my next question.

     "Why do I suddenly have this odd tattoo on my ankle?"

    "Oh, of course, I forgot! I was supposed to give these to you when you were declared alpha." He shoved something small onto the ground before me. It was a tiny silver pouch with long drawstrings that could be slung around my neck, along with a small brown paper bag. "It is an infinity bag. Wizards do not know what they are, as they are of my own creation. Each alpha is given one. They can hold as many things as you wish, without over expanding or gaining weight at all. It also morphs into your skin so you can't feel it and can't see it at all. To access it, you need what is in the bag." I morphed and reached my hand into the paper bag, pulling out a small silver earring that perfectly matched my tattoo. What was more, the little blue flames were actual flames, except they gave off no heat. I looked at him in wonder, then placed the earring gently on the cave floor and morphed back.

     "Wow!! Thank you so much! But how will I access the bag with an earring?"

    "The earring is magic, of course. Since you have no thumbs when you are in wolf form, you can channel your magic through it, like a wand, except your spell will go wherever your mind chooses, so you don't have to be good at aiming. With it, you can think the spell and lift things in and out of your bag. To reveal your bag, just use the spell infinitum revelio! And to hide it again, just the spell infinitum celaverimus. Inside it already is an everlasting notepad (Infinite paper) and an everlasting pen (It will never run out of ink). I ask that you record all that you learn of wolf culture in it, along with maps of territory, instructions, and messages. All that you write in it will show up in my own notepad in my infinity bag. When you morph, both things will shrink an conceal themselves in your tattoo, to be reopened when you return to wolf form." I sat there, happiness filling me. Then I asked my final question.

     "Sir... where do you come from? How long have you been here?" He gave me a long searching look. Then he took a deep breath and spoke.

     "Shadow, you are the first being in 3 millennia that has asked me that. So, I suppose you deserve an answer. I only ask that all three of you swear to keep this among yourselves." He looked at us expectedly.

     "We promise!!" We all shouted eagerly. He laughed.

    "Alright then. So I guess I'll start with my name. It isn't really Silva Custodi. That means 'forest guardian' in latin. It was the name is was christened with by the stars 6 millennia ago, the day I became a wolf. I, too, am an animagi, for my father was a skilled warlock and inserted a mandrake leaf  into my mouth the day I was born, along with my identical twin brother. We were a secret, see," He said, replying to our confused expressions. "My father wasn't supposed to have any descendants. He was sure that the juggles of the time would try to use our powers the way they used my father's. He wanted us to be free men. So he told everyone that he had never found love, never married, and never had children, when really he had been hiding us in his back yard all along. Eventually, when I reached the age 16, he brought us here. He knew one of the founders of the school very well, and he knew that she would ensure my safety. With her help, he built this altar, and left us here.  My brother and I argued, and he left me for another pack. But since he was not alpha, and refused to be a forest guardian alongside me, he died many years ago. I haven't seen him since he left me after our argument. I was not allowed to attend his funeral. All I know is that he died while fighting another pack over a particularly nice cave. There was no body to be buried. After a couple years, my mother died, and, being the last of the hogwarts founders to die, left all her riches to my sister."  We stared at him. His eyes widened, after he realized what he had let slip.

   "But- but sir...does that mean that Rowena Ravenclaw was... your mother?" Asked Newt, his whiskers twitching in excitement. The white wolf sighed.

    "Yes. When she lived, Rowena Ravenclaw was my mother. My father was a great warlock, one of the greatest in history. He foretold many prophesies, including one about a king born in Tintagel." Me and Newt exchanged confused looks, but Skylar gasped, her mouth opening and closing before she found speech.

    "But, sir... Your dad wasn't... He wasn't... Merlin?"




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