san francisco: sequel to invisible

"You will meet someone one day and you're going to fall in love with them for their eyes, just like I did and just like your father did."

"You're going to fall in love with the bright blue eyes similar to those of the man you'll always love the most. Your father. You'll fall in love with someone's eyes who are so much brighter than yours and you're going to find all the hope in the the world in their eyes...That's how I found Luke. His eyes were always so much brighter than my green ones and in them I saw hope."

All I know is that I can never keep my eyes out of hers. I'm always getting lost in them as she tells me about who she is and what she loves doing. It seems that her blue eyes are always so bright, as bright as her smile.


14. you and i // pvris

I stop running, slowing my pace to the spot we met to see her standing there, leaning against the fence. Out of breath from running, I stop so I don't scare her to death. After I catch my breath, I walk up to her and try not to scare her when I stand next to her. She notices me quickly, looking at me. She then looks back at the bridge.
"How'd you know I'd be here?" She asks, sniffing and moving her hand to wipe her cheeks. I turn to her, confused.
"Are you alright?" I ask. She shakes her head. I pull her into me, holding her close and tightly. She cries into my shoulder, seeming to cling to me. I don't know why she's crying, but whatever it is, it messed her up pretty bad. By time she stopped crying, it was almost dead outside. There were no cars driving by and there were no people out walking home. 
"I just feel sad, just so sad. I don't know why though." She sniffs. I make her look at me and I wipe her tears for her with my thumbs. At this point, I don't know how I'm going to tell her that I'm leaving for Sydney tomorrow morning. It's going to crush her. 
"It's okay. Sometimes you don't have to have a reason for being sad." I say, trying my best to comfort her. She just nods.
"I'm kinda glad you're here though. I wanted to talk to you know." She says, making it obvious that it was about last night. We decide to sit on the pavement where we were, facing each other.
"Yeah, I did too." I say, hoping that we have the same feelings about what happened.
"I'm sorry you had to hear all of that. I'm so stupid."
"Why are you stupid? I don't think you're stupid." I frown. She just shakes her head.
"You don't get it. I fucking confessed all my feelings for you last night. Yes, surprisingly I remembered the whole thing. And we kissed and I-" I cut off her rambling by kissing her softly, both of us sober now, we will figure out if this is what we are actually feeling, if this is what I'm actually feeling. I never thought that I'd ever like a girl like this. I thought that I was only attracted to men. After meeting Jess, that changed everything. Everything in my life changed. My life revolved around this girl. This girl with the prettiest blue eyes. The blue eyes that make me feel okay. I'm starting to think back to what my dad and Michael have said and I think this is what they meant by falling in love with the brightest blue eyes. Once you come into contact with them, you're hooked and you can't let go. After we had pulled away, her voice is what snapped me out of my thoughts.
"Madi...I..." She says shocked.
"I'm sorry, Jess." I say, freaking out and standing back up, getting ready to leave. I swear my reaction might have been the quickest way to get Jess to stand up, pull me back and plant another kiss onto my lips. This one held so much more. It held trust and love. It showed that she really cares. It shows that she wasn't shocked in a bad way. We pull apart again and I can't keep my eyes out of hers.
"Please stay." She begs. I sigh, bringing myself to tears, forgetting that I have to tell her that I have to catch a flight back to Sydney in the morning. 
"I-I can't." I choke on my tears. "I really w-want to, Jess. I really really do. But my dad is so worried about me right now a-and wants me back home in Sydney for a week and I leave tomorrow." I stutter out, tears pouring down my cheeks. Jess clings to me for life as I do the same. "I just want to stay with you. I don't want to leave you." I sob into her shoulder.
"I know, Madi. Go see your dad. He probably hasn't seen you in months. I'll be right here when you get back. I promise. Just please come back." She coos, soothing my sobbing. 
"I-I p-promise." I say, pulling back from her. She wipes my tears, trying to help a little. I smile a little bit at her efforts. She then gives me a quick kiss while holding my face.
"Go ahead and go home, okay? You have a flight to catch in the morning." She whispers, just holding my face and wiping my tears.
"Come with me? I don't want to sleep alone." I sniff. She nods, taking my hand as we head back to my small rental home.

"Don't you want to finish packing?" She asks. I shake my head, climbing into bed.
"I'll just do it in the morning." I sniff, still sort of congested from crying.
"Don't you want to change out of your jeans though?" She asks, concerned why I'm just wanting to forget about everything and go to bed. I sigh, realizing that I was still wearing my jeans and they were very uncomfortable to sleep in. I climb right back out of bed. "I can leave if you want me to while you change."
"I mean, if it doesn't bother you to see me without a bra on for a few seconds then you don't really have to." I say. She shrugs, pulling her bra out from under her t-shirt and setting it on the desk chair. I continue to change out of my jeans and my t-shirt and bra. I put on Michael's flannel that has now become my comfort clothing. All of his flannels that I kept have, but this is the one of Michael's that has idiot on the back.
"Do you have any athletic shorts or a long t-shirt that I could wear for the night?" She asks. I nod, pulling out another flannel that I had of Michael's out of my suit case. She puts it on and I smile at how cute and small she looked in the flannel. She's about the same size as me so we probably fit in it the same way. She smiles, climbing into bed after I do. I take a deep breath, letting it out. She's laying so close to me and it's so comforting. Even in the dark she's so pretty. I kiss her forehead with a small smile on my face.
"Goodnight." I smile. She smiles back.

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