san francisco: sequel to invisible

"You will meet someone one day and you're going to fall in love with them for their eyes, just like I did and just like your father did."

"You're going to fall in love with the bright blue eyes similar to those of the man you'll always love the most. Your father. You'll fall in love with someone's eyes who are so much brighter than yours and you're going to find all the hope in the the world in their eyes...That's how I found Luke. His eyes were always so much brighter than my green ones and in them I saw hope."

All I know is that I can never keep my eyes out of hers. I'm always getting lost in them as she tells me about who she is and what she loves doing. It seems that her blue eyes are always so bright, as bright as her smile.


12. waste the night // 5 seconds of summer

I run around the sand with sparklers in both of my hands, making shapes in the air with them. I look over at Jess and she's doing the same thing. She looks at me smiling. 
"Isn't it cool?!" She says excitedly. I nod, smiling wide. 
"I love sparklers so much." I almost mumble, but I'm sure she catches what I say. As soon as my sparklers go out I frown. "Aw man!" Her sparklers go out a few seconds after mine do. She frowns and sits down in the sand.
"Those were the last ones." She frowns. I walk over, sitting next to her. We may or may not be drunk. Just slightly. It's my first 4th of July since I moved back to Sydney and this time I'm allowed to have the alcohol. Her parents are sitting by a fire with a few family friends that were invited. I met Jess's older sister for the first time. She seemed pretty nice. My thoughts about tonight are interrupted by Jess slurring out her words. "Sssoo, what iff humanss were actually part...uhm...mermaid?!" She then hiccups and we both giggle. It may be a good thing I'm not as drunk as she is.
"I don't know. Then we would have tails?" I say with a questioning tone. Jess then gets up, taking my hand to pull me up. She then drags me to the water.
"Well we can just find out!" She yells out. We go back into the water after being out of it for a half an hour or so. Next thing I know, I'm being splashed with the cold water.
"Jess!" I practically squeal. I just hear giggling coming from her as I splash her back. At this point we are just splashing each other and giggling. As soon as I stop splashing, she does and she yawns. 
"Wanna go change and sit in the back of the truck?" She asks, sounding completely sober. The things alcohol does to you. I just nod in response. We go back and I make sure we individually change out of our swim suits in between the car doors of the truck with a towel held up between the doors. She is wasted compared to me, but I am still drunk and will do some stupid things without realizing it. After we both changed, we grabbed our blankets and pillows that we brought just in case we went to go camp out somewhere before leaving the beach. Turns out we didn't since it was now almost 11 at night and we haven't left since we got here. We open the back of the truck, laying a blanket in the bed of the truck and then we sit on the blanket with our pillows behind us for comfort as we lean against the truck. "Sooo I have to tell yooouu something" She says, dragging out the 'o' sounds. I laugh a little bit and nod.
"What is it?" I ask. She just smiles and puts her finger over her lips.
"Shhh you can't tell anybody." She giggles.
"I won't! Just tell meee" 
"Okay. So I like this one girl. She has the prettiessst green eyes. She doesn't know it yet though." She smiles. "But what makes me sad is that her pretty green eyes are so dull and grey-isshhh." She frowns. I can feel my cheeks get hot as I look at her. She just looks amazing, even when she is wasted. Maybe that's a bad thing to think, but she's still perfect.
"You know what?" I smile.
"I like a girl tooo." I giggle.
"Tell me about herrr! I wanna knowww" She giggles more.
"Well, she has these blue eyes. They are as blue as the oceans back in Sydney. They are so beautiful and bright just like her. And they make me feel happy." I say, flustered and smiling.
"What's her nameee?" She asks, starting to sway back and forth a little bit.
"Nooope. You have to tell me first." I say with a grin on my face.
"Okay. Come here and I'll tell you!" She says, waving for me to move closer to her. As I lean in towards her, thinking she would whisper in my ear, she kisses me. Her lips are so soft and smooth, even if they are laced with alcohol. Even if both of our lips were laced with alcohol. The feeling of this kiss was so powerful that it just overwhelms me. I can't tell if this is lust or love, but the feeling of pure bliss and happiness rushes through my body as I kiss her back. When we pull away, her face lights up and a huge grin is slapped across her face. At this point I couldn't stop smiling.
"Why are you smiling?" I ask. She grins more.
"Those pretty green eyes are so bright now and they are so beautiful." She smiles. "By the way, her name is Madi."
"Well do you wanna know the name of the girl I like now?" I ask. She nods without hesitating. "Well her name is Jess." I giggle and she joins in. We both decide to lay down now as it was getting late and we didn't know when we were going home. Jess curls up next to me, putting her forehead on my shoulder as she faces me. I smile, wrapping my arm around her, pulling her closer to me. Tonight has been the best night of my life and it has been so amazing.

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