"You cant tell anyone about this, am i clear?"

"Yes boss"

"Eh eh eh, its Mr.Styles to you."


3. weakness

"Please make sure you put the correct measurement for her torso. I dont want to start over. The sooner were done the sooner we get to relax. Her height is 5'10, waist is 25inches, and hips 34." Ashley explained showing me how to measure the girl. I scribbled the numbers down on the paper.

"Do you think that for my first week or so i could just watch you and just write down all the measurements so i can just learn more?" I asked holding my breath for the answer. Her face dropped some and she paused at the answer.

"I uh....i feel like you can try on your own. You'll get the hang of it." She weakly smiled and walked away. I exhaled leaning against the printer.

"Tough second day huh?" Mr. Styles said said coming up to me. I rolled my eyes.

"Not really im just not used to doing all the work." I said.

"Actually shouldn't you be working and not trying to talk to me? I still remember your stupid comment from yesterday." I snarled. He slightly grinned. He lifted up a couple of papers waving them a little.

"I am working. Now move. Actually while you're at it go downstairs to the main floor and get Racks, the coffee machine in my office is jammed." He said not taking his eyes off the papers printing. I stood there for a moment to see if he was gonna say "GOTCHA" or "KIDDING" but he didnt. He stopped shuffling through the papers and looked at me.

"Shoo." He cooed with a hand movement to make me go. Hot but rude. Them two characteristics dont mix.


I knocked on a silky white door at the end of the hallway on the main floor. Next to it had a name "Racks" plastered on it.

"Come in." A southern accent called from the other side. I pushed open the door expecting to see a old man with long grey/white hair with most his teeth missing be revealed but it was a girl and she looked quite nice. She had red hair and freckles too, but way more than me, and she had deep green eyes.

"You're Racks right?" I asked. She simply nodded.

"Well uhm Mr.Styles needs you. He said his coffee machine is jammed in his office." I informed her. She chuckled.

"Hun you do know that we dont have coffee machines here. Well we do only in the waiting area, but someone from each floor usually does a round of coffee for everyone at Ben's coffee shop every couple hours." She explained still chuckling.

"I see he's playing games with you." She added.

"Ive known Harry since we were in junior high. Dont worry though. You're probably not the only one he's toying with baby girl. Also im not the maintenance lady, she's across the hall, im pretty sure he sent tou to me because he knew id tell you the truth." She finished.

I didnt even know what to do so i just stormed out quickly going to the elevator. When it opened on floor 11 everyone was around ashley getting coffee that they had ordered. When Harry seen me he laughed a little too hard that some of his coffee spilled out.

He cleared his throat, "oh im sorry jaiden i forgot to ask you what you wanted before you left. But did you talk to Racks?" He said chuckling a bit again.

"You Harry, are probably thee most childish boss ive ever had." I spat grabbing my bag from my station and going in the elevator heading out.


"Hes a total freaking jerk!" I yelled pacing back and forth in front of veta.

"Why am i the only girl he has to pick on? What did i ever do? I did nothing? Maybe its because i didnt throw myself onto him the first day he showed up like all the other girls did. Maybe he craves attention." I said pacing faster.

"Chill jai. They always give the newbie a hard time. Nun of the girls are giving him a hard time cause he's totally hot." Veta explained.

"'Maybe to get your mind off things we should go out? Like old times!" She said so enthusiastically.

"You know what. You're right. You are!" I said smacking my hands together.


"Welcome ladies to Racks." The bouncer said yelling over the music. Racks? Like the workers name at work? I shrugged it off following veta to the bar counter. We sat down on the cushioned seats.

"What can i have for you ladies?" The bartender asked. He had tattoos covered over his arms and a few going up his neck. But he didnt look intimidating at all. He was actually very cute.

"Uhh we'll both take shots of tequila with lime and keep them coming." Veta said winking at the bartender. He gave a little smirk making our drinks. He coated the bottom with some blue syrup type stuff then filled the rest with tequila sliding them to us along with a tint bowl full of sliced limes.

"Whats this blue stuff?!" I shouted over the music.

"Dont worry its good!" He shouted back.

Veta and him started talking and i listened a little not really paying attention much since the alcohol was really kicking in. All I remember is his name starts with a Z or something. I got up off my chair and went to the center of the dance floor grinding on who ever body i felt behind me. Whoever it was wrapped their arms around my waist yanking me to them my back smacking the front of their chest.

"Are you always this wild?" They growled in my ear. Even though i was more than drunk that accent rang through my ears over and over. I pulled off of him turning around.

"Harry what are you doing?" I asked swaying a bit. He grabbed my hand and took me to the back of the place where they had curtains to block off people. He payed a guy and they let us in.

"You want me to stop being mean to you?" He whispered in my ear. He threw me down on the bed and climbed on top of me. He hovered above me and with every breath he put out i smelled the strong alcohol he had consumed and i could tell it was alot.

"You know i thought you were so beautiful the first day i layed my eyes on you." He whispered again grazing his teeth over my left earlobe. He put his lips in the crook of my neck but he didnt dare let his lips touch any of my skin.

He grabbed both my hands and pinned them to the bed above my head and held them in one of his hands. I felt completely useless. The alcohol not helping, but i didnt even want him to stop i wanted him to keep going. He grabbed my face and stuck his index finger in my mouth and i slowly started sucking on his finger keeping our eyes locked on eachother. His tongue slid out over his plump lips and beads of sweat started forming on his forehead.

He spread my legs open getting inbetween them and folded my legs around him bringing his lips right in front of mine. Was this a test? If I kissed him did i lose? Why is he doing this?

He lightly and i mean lightly grazed his lips over mine then started stroking my face.

"You're very easy to take advantage of." He whispered rubbing my cheek. He trailed his index finger over a soft spot on my neck and i closed my eyes.

"Now i know your weak spot too." He whispered one last time and got up and left. I layed there for a momet and hurried up and ran out from behind the curtains and all i seen was the door close behind him. I found veta and the crowd and she looked at me in awe with her jaw dropped.

All i did was shrug and ran my fingers through my hair. I let him get to me that easily.

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