invisible // muke

"You've made me feel so much happiness and I don't want to ever leave that happiness." It's March 22, 2013; our one month. A moment I'll cherish forever and a moment I'll never forget.

There are mentions of self harm, suicide, abuse, and depression. If you have any of these problems and just need someone to talk to, my inbox is always open ❤️


28. save today // seether

I wake up with my face on the edge of Michael's seat next to me. Originally, my head was on Michael's shoulder. I rub my eyes, stretching a little bit. I see Michael on his phone next to me, changing his lock screen. I furrow my eyebrows to see that he had taken a picture of me sleeping just a minute ago. I frown at him. "Really?" I frown.
"Good morning sunshine." Michael chuckles. "But what? It's cute." He smiles, kissing my forehead. I smile.
"Are we almost home?" I ask, almost groaning.
"We have about a half an hour." He frowns. I sigh, leaning my head on his shoulder again. "Are you excited?" He asks.
"To go home and sleep in my own bed? Yes." I groan, shutting my eyes again.
"No, I meant about little Zelda." Michael says, kissing my hair.
"Her name is Madison, Michael."
"I know, let me live." He chuckles and I crack a smile.
"Next week, Michael. She comes next week." Michael says, sounding like a high school kid excited about spring break. 
"I don't know, she might come early." I say, opening my eyes and facing him in my seat. His eyes move to mine and he smiles at me.
"Like how early do you think?" He grins, trying to basically make a bet with me.
"Hm. Maybe in two or three days." I smirk.
"Like my birthday?!" He says, his face lighting up at the thought of it.
"Maybe." I smile. "I've been talking to Casey and she said that she can tell by her instincts that little Madi is going to be coming sooner than her due date." I grin. Michael has a huge smile on his face. He is so ready to be a dad.

"Uh, Casey, that's my hand that you're almost breaking." I say warily as she squeezes my hand tightly.
"Luke. I do not have time for your bullshit comments." She says angrily. Man, she really is bad when she's pregnant. When we were in school, she'd always say how she'd be one of those mothers who was really angry and yelling when she was giving birth. She called the shots because that's exactly what she's doing now. Even though Michael is the biological father of this baby, they'd only let one of us in here until after. Michael said that I could go in since I knew Casey more than he did. Which is true. I've known her since year 4 and he's only known her since before we left for our first tour. "Lucas Robert Hemmings, I fucking hate you for this." She tries not to scream. "Even thought it was Michael's sperm to create this baby." She huffs as the doctor tells her to push one more time and the next thing I know, I hear crying. I immediately let out a sigh of relief. I was always really worried that something would have gone wrong. They take her away to get cleaned up before they had any of us hold her. But they let me cut the umbilical cord and that just makes me so happy.

"You're definitely her godmother, Casey." I grin as she holds Madi. Michael and I had already signed the birth certificate. 
"Good, I didn't carry around this little troublemaker for 9 months to get nothing out of it." She laughs, smiling. "She's so cute." She smiles more. "Here, you can take her now. She's yours, not mine." Casey grins. I take Madi from her carefully, holding her in my arms. I smile down at our sleeping baby in my arms.
"Michael, she is a spitting image of you." I smile as he looks over my shoulder at her.
"Good." He smiles, kissing my cheek.
"You guys are going to be good parents." Casey smiles at us both. "I'm glad that I was your surrogate because I get to see the best couple on the planet earth be amazing parents right in front of me." She pauses, just smiling at us. "Let's just say, Mark wasn't all too thrilled about me doing this for you guys." She laughs.
"What do you mean by that?" I chuckle.
"He had to go through me being pregnant again. For the second time." She laughs. "And it wasn't even his kid this time." We all laugh.
"Well tell him I said sorry." I laugh as Mark walks in, sitting next to Casey's bed where she was, resting. Those two are the best couple ever. They've been married since they were 20 and they immediately had kids. They have twins right now. They decided to wait a little bit until they had more kids, but then she became our surrogate mother. Casey is now 22 and Mark is 23. Casey and I were in the same year in school, just a year by age apart.
"Let me see that little girl who made my wife such moody person for nine months." Mark chuckles, walking over to us. We all laugh when he made the remark. "She really does look a lot like you, Michael." He smiles. "Congrats you two." He smiles at us. He goes back to where he was, next to Casey.
"Can I hold her now, Luke?" Michael asks. I nod, handing her over. He holds her as she is still sleeping. He smiles down at her, kissing her forehead. "Hi little Zelda." He smiles. I chuckle a little, cracking a smile. His fatherly instincts have kicked in. It's so adorable. "You're the best birthday present I've gotten all day. Daddy hasn't gotten me anything. Tell Daddy that he's slacking." Michael whispers to the sleeping child in his arms. I shake my head laughing. Today is Michael's 22 birthday and she came this morning. I find it ironic that they have the same birthday now. I smile as Michael is just looking down at our daughter in awe. I kiss his cheek, smiling. God, I love him so much.

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