invisible // muke

"You've made me feel so much happiness and I don't want to ever leave that happiness." It's March 22, 2013; our one month. A moment I'll cherish forever and a moment I'll never forget.

There are mentions of self harm, suicide, abuse, and depression. If you have any of these problems and just need someone to talk to, my inbox is always open ❤️


33. author's note.

It's over and I already cried. Okay. I literally can't. I'm writing this from way ahead of publishing it (3/19/2016). (Comment from the future aye. No it took me an entire month to publish this whole story. Honestly I have friends yelling at me right now through text as I type this) (comment from even more future! I just found this site and the app for it so I decided to transfer this story here so maybe it'll get more reads? idk)

I bet all of you hate me now. I'm sorry.

No, but seriously. This was my favorite story to write. I thought of it in my script analysis class because my teacher said something that had given me the wonderful idea of this story. This story has also been a release for me. Whenever I felt like shit, I let it out through writing and it prevented my self harm. Stuff like this goes through my mind all the time (not the suicide; the depression, anxiety, self harm, and self loathing) and that's why my stories are always like this (you all don't know about my older stories, but I've been writing on Wattpad for a while and I have unpublished stories that are about this stuff).

The whole story was from Luke's memories. None of the story was in "present time" until the last chapter. As the story moved along, it skipped ahead a few months and even years at a time, displaying how you would only remember the best or the worst memories of your past. The first few chapters happen all in consecutive weeks/days because those memories will never leave Luke's mind. Those were his first memories of Michael. And as the story went on, the memories got more spread out and some were close together. Towards the end, the memories got shorter because they were recent, but enough to where he only could remember the main part of the memory. Especially chapter 29 because that was his last memory of Michael. That chapter is meant to show how fast it all went by, while at the end he thinks it all happened so slow as if time were stopping in it's tracks.

Anyways, I hope you liked the story! I love all of you who read it even if you do hate me. <3

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